Backing up and Restoring your Moodle course 2014/15

Backing up and Restoring your Moodle course 2014/15
A Guide to Moodle
Backing up and Restoring your Moodle
course 2014/15
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Backup and restore
If you previously delivered a Moodle course, which has not changed significantly for the coming academic
year, you may wish to backup your course and restore it into next year’s Moodle. Backing up and restoring
a course is a fairly straight forward procedure.
Whilst you are logged into Moodle open up the course you wish to backup and select the 'Backup' option
from the course 'Administration' block.
Navigate to Moodle
course, then select
When backing up a course for use in a future academic year, you do not need to save any 'user'
information. To simplify the process we have set the default backup options to only backup course content,
therefore, to backup your course you only need to select the 'Next' option on the first two pages and
'Perform backup' on the third page. The first three screens of the process are shown below:
Backup page One
Select next
Backup page Two
Select next
Backup page Three
Perform backup
The amount of time it takes to complete your backup will depend on the size and number of
resources contained within it. If you have a very large course you may have to wait several
minutes for the backup to complete. When the backup has successfully completed you will see
the message 'The backup file was successfully created' under which will be a 'Continue'
Backup complete page
After clicking on the continue button you will be presented with a page through which you can
access your backup files. To restore the backup into a new instance of Moodle you will need to
download the backup to your local drive or to a removable storage device such as a USB
memory stick.
To restore your course into the following academic years Moodle you will need to browse to MoodleNAY stands for: Moodle Next Academic Year
NOTE: Around the beginning of September MoodleNAY will become and the current
years Moodle will become available via the archive link on your Moodle homepage.
Once you have logged into locate your new empty course and select the 'Restore'
option from the course 'Settings' block.
Navigate to your
Moodle page and
click restore
Import a backup file page
On the 'Import a backup file' page you will be able to 'drag and drop' or 'browse' to the Moodle backup file
on your local drive or USB device
Upload backup
Once your backup file has uploaded to Moodle click on the 'Restore' button. The following
page will provide an overview of the contents of the course you are about to restore. Scroll to
the bottom of the page and click on 'Continue'.
On the next page within 'Restore into this course'. Keep the default option 'Merge the
backup course into this course' and click on 'Continue'.
Leave this option
The following screen provides another brief overview of the backup process. Click 'Next'.
The next screen will provide an overview of the course settings. DO NOT CHANGE any of the
fields on this screen. Scroll to bottom of screen and click on 'Next'.
Scroll to the bottom of the following and final 'Review' screen and click 'Perform restore'.
After your backup has restored into your new course you will get one final message saying
'The course was restored successfully, clicking the continue button below will take
you to view the course you restored'.
Finally click the continue button to view your course.
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