BYO ipad Checklist
BYO ipad Checklist
Now that you have returned the consent form and are part of the BYO program iPad, please see the
checklist below to help ensure you are set up for success.
Have you:
Contacted your insurance company about the iPad?
An appropriate case to protect the iPad?
Downloaded the free Apple apps (like iMovie, iBooks, Pages, etc) if you have purchased
a new iPad?
Some insurance companies require you to list the iPad on your policy, not just
assume it’s covered under ‘portables’ cover.
We recommend something like the Survivor or Super Shell.
Those who already have an iPad, and can’t get these apps free, will receive these
apps at school. We have a list of these students already. When the student leaves
WPPS the apps are pulled back off of the device, ready for another student to use.
Discussed your own family expectations for using the iPad in the home environment?
Visited and read the iPad user guide?
Plugged the iPad into a computer and synced it to iTunes?
Set up ‘find my iPad’?
Discussed the establishment of good routines such as charging the iPad overnight, ready
for school in the morning?
Downloaded the free apps we would like?
We recommend that you know your child’s logins and passwords for everything
they do. Here is a sample home agreement, which are good for all technologies in
the home.
Regular back ups are recommended to protect your child’s work.
This list is included in this pack, there is no hurry for these and some may be
more useful than others for students.
Our students are one of our best resources! They are able to quickly develop their skills and
understandings about this technology. This empowerment is an important part of their
learning as they manage their device. This will be a life-long skill in being able to adapt to the
As always please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help!
Was this manual useful for you? yes no
Thank you for your participation!

* Your assessment is very important for improving the work of artificial intelligence, which forms the content of this project

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