Room Booker User Guide

Room Booker User Guide
Timetabling & Student Systems
CELCAT Live Room Booker
January 2016
1. Logging into CELCAT Room Booker
2. Setting your Room Booker preferences
3. Room Booking Wizard
Booking a room
4. Viewing and cancelling your booking requests
Viewing your booking requests
Cancelling a booking request
1. Logging into CELCAT Room Booker
IMPORTANT: The Web Application is supported in the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox,
and Google Chrome browsers.
Open your web browser and go to
Select the timetable for the current academic year and double click.
The screen below will be opened, please login using your usual University username and password.
For most staff, the default role will be Room Booker Role General, which is the role needed to book all
general teaching and meeting rooms within the University.
For staff members that have other access rights (i.e. timetabling rights) you will need to click on the Role dropdown menu, select Room Booker Role General and then click OK.
NOTE: if you want to change Role after you have logged in, you can do this by clicking on your Role in the top righthand corner of the screen and clicking on the Role that you want to swap to.
2. Setting your Room Booker Preferences
The first time you use Room Booker, you may wish to take the time to set-up your Room Booker preferences.
1. In the User ribbon click on the Preferences drop-down menu and select Room Booker.
2. You will now see the My Preferences screen below:
3. To set your Department so that you do not need to set this every time you make a booking, click on the
green door icon on the toolbar on the left-hand side of your screen.
This will open up a list of all the Departments. Select your Department on the list then drag and drop the
Department into Event Department field.
4. Click on the green tick icon in the top right hand corner of the screen to save the changes you have made.
3. Room Booking Wizard
1. To use the Room Booking Wizard, select the Room Booker tab at the
top of the welcome page.
2. Select Room Booking Wizard.
You will be taken to the following screen:
The Room Booking Wizard has three different modes of operation, these are shown below:
I need to find a room - This operation allows you to process a room booking request for a specified time and
find an available room.
I know the room I want, but need to find a time - This operation allows you to process a booking request
for a specified room and find an available time.
I know both the time and room I want - This operation allows you to process a room booking request for a
specified time and room.
The one that most people will find useful is the first of the three and this is the one we will
concentrate on in these guidance notes
Booking a room
Select – I need to find a room… - click Next.
Select the date the room is required by clicking on the calendar icon in the start date field. Then select the
start and finish times required.
NOTE: Please note that if you require room set-up from Central Stores, you will need to ensure that you factor both
set-up and re-set time into your booking. Rooms must be left as they are found ready for their next use.
Room set-up can be requested by contacting the Facilities Helpdesk.
Select room capacity by clicking on the arrows in the Capacity field.
Select required building by clicking on the map icon next to the Site field and selecting the building from the
pop up screen. Click OK
Selecting a Department will limit your search to only rooms belonging to that Department, so in most cases you
should leave this field blank.
NOTE: to widen your search leave both the Site and Department fields empty.
In the Category field please select which type of room it is that you require: the only categories that most
people will use are Meeting Room, Classroom, Computer Lab or Lecture Theatre.
NOTE: If the category of room you have searched for has brought up no results, click on the Back button to return to
the previous screen and search for another category.
The screen below will show you all available rooms that match your requirements. Select the room you
would like and click Next.
Complete the booking request fields marked with an asterisk [*], these are mandatory fields – then click
In the Booking Request Title field, please put what the room is to be used for and the expected number of
attendees, i.e. meeting with externals x 12.
You can also add individuals to the Participants field – this will send them an email inviting them to add the event to
their Outlook Calendar.
Complete the Department field by clicking on the green icon and selecting your Department from the list –
this is a mandatory field. Click Next.
To review your booking click on the Show button.
Review your booking details – if everything is ok, click Finish, or if you need to make any changes, use the
Back button to return to the previous screens.
After clicking the Finish button, the box below will pop-up detailing your booking reference number. You
will also receive an email confirming your request.
As soon as your booking has been authorised you will receive a confirmation email.
NOTE: by selecting the email attachment highlighted above, you can add this event into your Outlook Calendar.
4. Viewing and Cancelling Your Booking Requests
Viewing your booking requests
The status of your room requests and confirmed bookings can be viewed using the Room Bookings icon on your
Room Booker ribbon.
Once you have selected the Room Bookings icon, the Booking Request pane will open. To ensure that you are seeing
all of your booking requests, select Show on the Room Booker ribbon and check that both My Booking Requests and
Past Requests are selected.
To filter your booking requests, select States on the Room Booker ribbon and select the bookings that you wish to
In the Booking Requests pane, you can see your booking reference number, the title of your event, the date/time
requested, the room requested, the room allocated and the status of your booking.
Cancelling a booking request
Click to highlight the booking you need to cancel in your room bookings list.
In the Room Booker ribbon, click on Changed State.
Select either Cancel or Cancel with Notes. If you select Cancel with Notes, a pop-up window will appear:
in the Notes field, please enter the reason why you are cancelling your booking. Click OK.
The Event Treatment window below will appear. Please leave the option as Retain Events.
As soon as your cancellation has been authorised, you will receive an email confirming that your booking
has been cancelled.
NOTE: if you had previously used Room Booker to put the event in your Outlook Calendar, you can remove this by
clicking the email attachment highlighted above.
ANY QUESTIONS: contact Timetabling & Student Records or dial extension 3326.
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