FM FACTS Room Booking System User Guide

FM FACTS Room Booking System User Guide
Room Booking System
User Guide
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Customer Intranet User Guide
The FM Facts Room Booking System will allow you to book rooms and other resources and to register
visitors with your Facilities team.
Requests raised via the intranet are sent directly to the Facilities team and progress can be checked
on the intranet page, reducing the need to phone/email for an update.
Getting Started
As long as you have a WDC/SCDC or SCC computer login you should be automatically registered to
use the system. If, the first time that you visit the room booking system, you have difficulties
connecting then please contact EFMS Central Bookings ([email protected]) for
them to register you.
You will need to provide your name, your computer login, email address, contact number, job title,
department and building.
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Customer Intranet User Guide
The welcome page of the intranet is referred to as the In-tray and introduces you to
the main facilities which are available to you.
Figure 2: In-tray
The In-tray allows you to do the following:
Bookings: The Bookings section is used to book rooms and other
resources. Depending on how your system is configured, you can also
book catering, equipment and other services for your bookings.
Guests: Guests or visitors to your company can be pre-registered via the
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Customer Intranet User Guide
Booking a Room
The intranet can be used to book rooms and other resources for meetings,
presentations, interviews, etc.
The bookings section of the In-tray shows any bookings which you have made, and
also bookings which have been made on your behalf with your name as the host.
There are 3 main ways that a resource can be booked:
New booking: making a new booking depending upon which rooms are
available and suitable
Booking a specific room
Advanced search: using certain criteria to search for a room which meets
your needs.
Making a New Booking
1) On your In-tray, go to the bookings section and click on the new booking
button to go to the “ create new booking” page.
2) Fill in the drop-down fields at the top of the screen as follows:
Building: select the building you want to book the resource in
Location Type: select the type of resource you wish to book. An
example might be “Meeting Rooms” or “Pool Cars”. Select “All” if you wish
to see all available resources.
Number of delegates: the number of attendees at the meeting. This
is necessary as different rooms have different capacities.
Date: enter the date that the room is to be booked on
Click “Display”.
3) Click the search button and a list of available rooms and times appears in a
calendar grid.
Note: To see who has made any of the e x i s t i n g bookings which you
see on the calendar grid, click on the room name on the left of the grid.
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Customer Intranet User Guide
Figure 4: Calendar Grid
4) When you have decided which resource you wish to book, go to that
resource’s row in the calendar grid and click and drag your mouse across
the time you wish to make the booking for. The time you have selected will
appear in a blocked out colour.
5) If you look at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, below the booking
calendar grid, you will see a confirmation of the date and time you are
booking the room for.
Figure 5: Calendar Grid
6) If the information is correct, click the book button. This will take you to the
booking details page, where you can enter the full details of your booking.
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Customer Intranet User Guide
Figure 6: Booking Details screen
7) Use the top part of the screen to enter the necessary details:
Meeting Title: e.g. Weekly Team Meeting
Room Layout: if you require a specific layout in the room a n d i t i s
a v a i l a b l e (e.g. horseshoe style or theatre style) then select the
appropriate layout here
Meeting Organiser: the meeting organiser (or Host’s) name will default to
the name of the person who is logged into the intranet making the booking.
Note: If someone else is hosting the meeting and this name needs to be
changed, click on the lookup button to search for that person’s name.
8) Click on the make booking button to make the booking.
9) You will be returned to your In-tray where you will see the details of your booking,
including its booking reference number.
10) You can use the actions buttons on the right of the screen to view or amend the
details of the booking.
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Customer Intranet User Guide
Figure 6: Action options
Additional Booking Requirements
When making a room booking, you may have additional requirements such as
catering or equipment. You might need to do this if, for example, you are having an allday meeting and require lunch for you and your guess or you might need to ensure
that you have some flip-charts and pens on hand for a brain-storming meeting.
These additional requirements can be organised at the same time as making your
booking, using the appropriate option at the bottom of the booking details window.
Figure 7: Additional Requirements screen
When looking at equipment requirements for a room booking, bear in mind that this
equipment may either be fixed equipment for that particular room (for example a
ceiling- mounted projector which cannot be removed from the room), or it may be a
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Customer Intranet User Guide
bookable piece of equipment which you can book and which will be supplied to you
for your room booking.
If the room you are booking has any fixed pieces of equipment, then you will see this
in the fixed equipment section of the booking details window.
Figure 8: Fixed Equipment screen
If you need to book any other equipment for your booking:
1) Go to the booked items section of the window and click the add button.
2) On the equipment details window, you will see any equipment available to you.
Figure 9: Change Equipment screen
3) Enter the quantity of equipment you require into the qty box and click add.
Repeat this process for each separate item required.
4) When you have selected all of the equipment you require, click ok to return to the
booking details screen where your equipment requirements will now be listed.
Miscellaneous Booking functionality
Booking a Specific Room
If you wish to make a booking for a particular room, you can narrow your search down
to look at just that room.
1) In the bookings section of your In-tray, select the book specific room option.
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Customer Intranet User Guide
2) This will bring you to the book specific room screen. This screen is very similar to
the standard create new booking screen, however you will notice that it has an
additional field which allows you to specify the particular room you wish to book.
Figure 10: Book specific room
3) When you fill in your search criteria and click the search button, the calendar
grid will show you the availability of that room across the dates you have
4) To make a booking from this point, follow the same steps as with making a
standard booking, i.e. clicking and dragging your mouse on the calendar to
select the times of your booking, then clicking on the book button at the bottom of
the screen to take you on to the booking details window. From here you can
confirm the remaining details about the booking.
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Customer Intranet User Guide
Advanced Search
In the previous 2 sections (making a new booking, and booking a specific room) we
searched for availability of a room/resource by using date & time requirements, and
also by searching for a particular room. The advanced search option allows you to
search for an available resource under more specific criteria.
1) Select the advanced search option in the bookings section of the In-tray.
2) The advanced search screen which appears will allow you to specify multiple
criteria which you wish to use in your search for an available room.
Figure 11: Advanced Search
3) In the example above, we have specified that we want a Training Room (which
has an overhead projector and flip chart) which can seat 6 people, for 4 hours,
any time between 10:00 and 17:00 on either 9th, 10th, or 11th Oct.
4) Click the search now button and the system will search for availability for you
using those criteria. Any matches that are found will be displayed in a list such
as the following:
Figure 12: Search results
6) When you have decided which option best suits your requirements, tick that
option in the select column, and click book.
7) You will be taken to the standard booking details window, at which point you
can continue with the booking as normal.
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Customer Intranet User Guide
8) If you wish to select multiple options from the booking results list, select those
options (using the tick boxes in the select column) and click the book multiple
rooms option.
8) This will bring you to the booking details window as normal, however you will see a
separate section on the left-hand side of the screen for each booking you have
specified. Follow the standard room booking steps to finish the booking.
Registering Guests
Internal & External Guests
Pre-registration of guests helps to improve the service provided to visitors, by
ensuring that reception is aware of guests who are due to arrive on site. Additionally
it means that visitor passes can be prepared in advance if necessary. The names
of internal and/or external delegates who are expected to attend a meeting can be
added to the system at the booking stage.
Use the internal delegates section of the booking details window to add the names of
any colleagues who are invited to the meeting. They will then be sent an email
notification of the meeting.
Figure 19: Internal Delegates section
Use the guests section on your booking details window to attach the names of any
external visitors you are expecting for your meeting. This will notify the reception team
of their expected arrival and removes the need for you to pre-register guests
To register a single guest
1) Go to the guests section of your In-tray and click the register guest button.
Figure 20: Guests section
1) The register a visitor screen opens. Fill in the fields as appropriate (essentially
this information is the name of the visitor, which building they are visiting, and
what time they are expected to be on site).
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Customer Intranet User Guide
Figure 21: Register a visitor screen
2) Click on the register visitor button on the bottom right of the screen. You will be
returned to the In-tray and you will see your guest’s details in the guests
Figure 22: Guest entry
3) You can use the view/amend details button to the right of the guest’s record
to view the details.
Figure 23: Action options
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Customer Intranet User Guide
To register multiple guests
1) Go to the guests section of your In-tray and click the register guest button as
you would if you were registering a single guest.
2) At the top of the screen you will see a number of guests drop-down field. In this
field, select the number of guests you want to register.
Figure 24: Action options
3) Click on the add guests button to the right of the screen and the window will
update to give you a section for each of the guests you want to register.
4) Once you have filled in the details of your guests, click the register visitor
button at the bottom of the screen. You will be returned to the In-tray and
each of the guests you have registered will be listed in the guests section of
the window.
If you need any more assistance please contact EFMS Central Bookings:
[email protected]
01473 264000
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