Learning Portal – User Guide

Learning Portal – User Guide
Learning Portal – User Guide
Signing in to the Learning Portal
To go to your class in the Learning Portal, go to http://coaching4todaysleaders.edu20.com/, and click on
the “Log in” button in the upper right-hand corner of the page:
2. Enter your login credentials. You should have received an email with your login information. If you do
not know or have misplaced your login information, click on “Log in” and then click “Forgot
3. You can then enter the email address you used to sign up for classes, and click “Send password
instructions”, and you will receive an email with a link to reset your password. When you click on the
link, your user ID will also be listed on the page:
Finding Your Classes and Resources
1. Once you are logged in, you will be directed to your dashboard, which looks like this:
This shows the classes that you are currently enrolled in. To view that classes that you have completed,
click on the word “Completed” at the top of the page. To go to the specific class, click on the name of
the class. (You will have access to information and resources for both “Enrolled” and “Completed”
2. When you click on the name of the class, it take you to the Welcome page for the class, where you will
find the information you need to enter the GoToMeetings classroom:
3. On the left side of the page, there is a menu. There you will see “Resources”. Click there to go to the
resource area for your class:
(Note: Resources are located in the “Resources” section for each class, not under “Resources” on your
Dashboard page.)
4. You will find important information for your class in the resource area. Just click on the name of the
file to open it or download it to your computer:
5. Once you have left your Dashboard, you can navigate through the system, using the Navigation menu,
which you can find by hovering your cursor over the three bars in the upper left-hand corner of the page:
Joining the Student Group
1. It is also important that you join the Student Group for your program in the Learning Portal. You can
find the access code for your program on the Welcome pages for classes. (Please Note: There is a
different access code depending on the program in which you are enrolled. Be sure to look on the
Welcome pages for your classes for the appropriate access code.)
2. There are additional resources available for you in the Student Group. To join, hover your cursor over
“Groups” in the menu bar to the left in your Dashboard, and click join:
3. Enter this access code in the box , and then click “Join”:
4. You are now a member of the Student Group. In the future, when you click on “Groups” in the menu
bar to the left or at the top of your Dashboard, you will be able to select your Student Group, and it will
take you to the Welcome page for the group. Click on “Resources” to go to the resource area:
You will find resources that will provide you with the information that you will need during your time
as a student in our program:
Using the Learning Portal Messaging System
1. All of the messages you receive concerning your classes will be forwarded to your email address, but
you can also check your messages in the learning portal message center by clicking on the envelope in
the upper right corner of the orange menu bar:
2. Through the Learning Portal, it is possible to send a group email to your classmates. To do this, go to
your class, and click on “Students” in the menu bar to the left:
3. You can then check the box next to “Student” to select all the students, and then click “Message” to
compose the email.
If you need to send an attachment to your classmates, you must send the email directly through the
learning portal messaging system. If you attempt to send an attachment through your personal email
account, the attachment will be lost. To send an attachment, once you are on the “Send Message” page,
click on the “Upload file” icon in the menu at the top, and upload your file:
5. The file will appear in the body of the email wherever you choose to place it. It looks different than a
typical email attachment:
Editing Your Profile
1. To edit your profile, click on your name in the upper right-hand corner of the page:
If you have any questions, please email the Office Manager, Wendy Hastings, at
[email protected]
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