User Guide to Orleans County Data Search Web Application

User Guide to Orleans County Data Search Web Application
User Guide to Orleans County Data Search Web Application
Q: The map looks crowded, how do I turn layers on and off to see only what I need?
A: This can be done by pulling up the “Layer List” and toggling layers on and off as needed. To do this, simply press the layer icon (see
below) and uncheck/check layers as needed.
Use the layer icon to display the layer list window which allows you to toggle layers on
and off based on your specific needs.
Q: How do I search for a parcel using either the tax parcel id # (S-B-L) or property address?
A: Searching by property address can be done in one of two ways. The first way yields a simple result showing you the parcel boundaries but
little other information; to do this, type in the full address (number, street, and zip) in the search box. For a more comprehensive search
yielding information such as total assessed value, property class, and area of the parcel you must perform a query. To do this, select the
query icon to pull up the query dialog box. Once the query dialog box has appeared choose from one of two options, “search by tax parcel id
#” or “search by address”. Then simply type in the appropriate search term and press apply. All available data regarding the property will
appear in the dialog box in addition to zooming to a highlighted image of the parcel.
Search Box
Use the search box for a simple search. Use the query icon to pull up a more
informative search window and see parcel attributes such as assessed value and
property class.
Search Options
Q: I can’t find my property or I don’t know my tax parcel id #.
A: Some parcels do not have an address associated with them (e.g.: vacant land) and must be searched for using the tax parcel ID option. If
you do not know this, an easy way to find out is to visit the Orleans County Real Property Tax Services web page and searching there. The
Real Property Database allows you to search by owner’s last name, street name, and municipality among other options. Once you have found
the correct tax parcel ID, then you can proceed to search the Orleans County Data Search database.
Link to Real Property Database
Q: Where is the map legend? How do I determine what the symbols on the map mean?
A: The map legend can be made visible by activating the map legend symbol. To do this, click the symbol and the legend will appear. Note
that only layers that have been turned on will be visible in the legend.
Click the legend icon to pull up the map legend.
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