AHA®-1540 Family - Support

AHA®-1540 Family - Support
AHA -1540 Family
Connect any SCSI peripheral to any PC
For compatibility and ease of use, the
AHA-1540 family of ISA-to-Fast SCSI
host adapters is the ideal connection
for the widest choice in SCSI peripherals. Rigorously tested with more
than 300 systems and peripherals
from major manufacturers, these
adapters are the recognized standard
for SCSI compatibility.
Fully Windows® 95 and SCSI Plugand-Play capable, the AHA-1540/1542
host adapters also set the standard
for ease of use. Configuration of the
adapters is automatic in any Plugand-Play system.
• Tested for compatibility with hundreds
of systems and SCSI peripherals
• Compatible with all major operating
• Easy Plug-and-Play installation
• Bus master architecture for improved
system performance
• The industry standard ISA-to-Fast SCSI
host adapter
Key Benefits
Unmatched compatibility
The AHA-1540/1542 host adapters
connect up to seven SCSI devices to
any PC. Designed for computers with
standard ISA or EISA expansion slots,
they are compatible with virtually
any peripheral that complies with
the SCSI-2 standard. Plus, they
support all major operating systems
— Windows 95, Windows NT™,
DOS/Windows®, OS/2, UnixWare,
and NetWare.
Easy Plug-and-Play installation
Installation of the AHA-1540/1542
host adapters and SCSI devices is
quick and easy. Simply plug in the
board, and resources are automatically
assigned to ensure compatibility. Used
with SCSI Plug-and-Play peripherals
and cables, the AHA-1540 family
adapters quickly locate all connected
SCSI devices, instantly resolve any
SCSI resource conflicts, and properly
terminate the SCSI bus.
With Adaptec EZ-SCSI® software for
DOS and Windows, SCSI devices can
be installed in minutes following
simple menu-driven instructions.
Configuration settings can be quickly
modified from the keyboard using the
Adaptec SCSISelect ® optimization utility.
Designed for multitasking
AHA-1540/1542 host adapters make
multitasking truly efficient. A multithreading, 10 MByte/sec Fast SCSI
interface to the ISA bus enables
seamless concurrent I/O operations.
And bus master DMA takes over
I/O processing and frees the CPU
for other tasks.
Quality and reliability
As with all Adaptec products, AHA1540/1542 host adapters have gone
through thousands of hours of rigorous
functional and environmental tests.
Trusted for quality and reliability,
Adaptec products are incorporated
into the products of virtually all major
system and peripheral manufacturers
around the world.
The complete kit
The AHA-1542 kit provides everything
necessary to add high-performance
Plug-and-Play SCSI devices to PCs.
It features the AHA-1542CP host
adapter board with a floppy drive
controller, complete user documentation, and Adaptec EZ-SCSI software
on CD. Adaptec EZ-SCSI software
applications enable users to create
their own CDs, play audio and view
photo CDs, perform tape backups,
benchmark SCSI peripheral devices,
and more.
• AHA-1542CP bus master host adapter board with floppy controller
• Drivers for Windows 95, Windows NT, Windows 3.1, OS/2 2.x and 3.x, and NetWare 3.x and 4.x
• Adaptec EZ-SCSI software applications for DOS, Windows, Windows NT,
Windows 95, and Windows for Workgroups
– Includes applications such as: SCSI Backup™ * (Backup Basics),
QuickScan, CD Player, Photo CD viewer (Magic Lantern™), Advanced
Power Management, SCSI Interrogator™, SCSI Disk Partitioner,
SCSITutor™, SCSIBench™
– Provides device support for hard disks, scanners, removable disks, and
MO, CD-ROM, CD-Recordable, and tape drives
• Standard 3-position internal SCSI ribbon cable
• Complete user documentation
*Windows 95 only
Computer Bus:
Interface Protocol:
Bus master DMA
Host Bus Burst Data Rate:
10 MByte/sec
Peripheral Bus:
8-bit SCSI
SCSI Synchronous Data Rate:
10 MByte/sec
SCSI Asynchronous Data Rate: 3 MByte/sec
Device Protocol:
Advanced SCSI Features:
-Advanced SCSI Programming Interface (ASPI) compliant
-Multithreaded I/O
-SCSI plug and play
-Synchronous and asynchronous data transfer
External Connector:
50-pin, high density
SCSI Termination:
Single-ended, active, programmable via SCSISelect
Hard Disk Capacity:
Up to 8 GBytes per disk
Device Support:
Up to 7 devices under DOS 5.0 and above
Operating Environment:
Microsoft® Windows 95, Windows 3.1, Windows NT,
Windows for Workgroups, DOS, IBM OS/2 2.x and 3.x, Novell
NetWare 3.12 and 4.x, SCO Unix 3.2.x, UnixWare 1.x and 2.x,
Banyan Vines, and Sunsoft Solaris
Floppy Drive Support:
AHA-1542 adapter only; supports two floppy drives
(3.5 in. and 5.25 in.)
6.3 inches (16.5 cm)
4.5 inches (11.4 cm)
Operating Temperature:
0° C to 55° C
Storage Temperature:
-55° C to 85° C
Humidity (operating):
10% to 90%, non condensing
MTBF (AHA-1540):
376,130 hours (Bellcore TR-NWT-000332, Method I, QL-I)
Power Requirements:
+5.0 ± 0.25 volts at 0.51 amps, excluding terminator power
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