COUNCIL VENUES Terms & Conditions

COUNCIL VENUES Terms & Conditions
Terms & Conditions
As at September 2015
The following terms and conditions apply to the following facilities for hire:
Payneham Community Centre
374 Payneham Rd, PAYNEHAM SA 5070
Payneham Library and Community Facilities Complex (Tirkandi)
2 Turner St, FELIXSTOW SA 5070
St Peters Youth Centre
Cornish St, STEPNEY SA 5069
St Peters Town Hall Complex
101 Payneham Rd, St PETERS SA 5069
All venues operate as community facilities. This means they are accessed by a broad range of groups
and individuals for a variety of needs and functions. Your cooperation in accommodating the needs of
others is much appreciated. It will also ensure your group is able to hire the venue again.
The Council reserves the right to decline a request for the hire of any of its venues.
This applies to all Council venues that are required for Council functions, events or activities that occur
during the year. Council business and events are given priority over other group or hire activities. All
steps will be taken to notify hirers of the dates and times of these events in advance and assistance
will be provided to relocate hirers during these times.
Hirers and lessees of Council’s buildings and facilities are requested to consider ways to
minimise environmental impacts through water conservation, careful energy usage and
appropriate waste minimisation and recycling practices. For further information please contact
the Council on 8366 4555.
1. Booking of Venue
All enquiries and bookings relating to the hire of the venues listed above are to be made through
the Payneham Community Centre. A hire agreement can only be entered into by a person over
the age of 18 years and is not transferable under any circumstances.
Inspections of venue facilities can be arranged upon request. To make an appointment please
Payneham Community Centre
Monday to Friday during business hours
Telephone: 8366 4640
Email: [email protected]
Tentative bookings will be held for seven (7) days. An application form and payment of a $60.00
deposit must be made, or the booking will be forfeited.
Confirmation of a booking occurs when the centre receives the completed Application form,
signed Declaration page from the Terms & Conditions booklet and the Australia-wide Certificate
of Currency (evidence of Public Liability Insurance). If these documents are not provided the
booking/s will be void and cancelled.
Sub-letting of the Council venue, or a part thereof, is not allowed under any circumstances.
2. Payment
Payment in full must be made at least one (1) month prior to the date of hire. Payment of venue
hire fees, including the bond, can be made in person at Payneham Community Centre,
374 Payneham Rd, Payneham or Customer Service counter at the City of Norwood Payneham
& St Peters, 175 The Parade Norwood. Payments may also be mailed to the City of Norwood
Payneham & St Peters, PO Box 204 Kent Town SA 5071.
See the attached Schedule of Charges for current hiring fees.
Bookings that are cancelled with more than 30 days’ notice from the hire date will have all fees
fully refunded. Bookings cancelled with less than 30 days’ notice from the hire date, will forfeit all
venue hire fees, including the deposit. The hall bond will however, be fully refunded.
The Council may cancel the booking without notice in the event of an emergency or if the facility
is deemed unsafe and will:
Refund any amounts paid by the hirer in relation to the booking if the hirer is without fault
Not be liable for any loss or damage suffered as a consequence of exercising its right to
cancel the booking.
3. Key Collection and Responsibility
Keys can be collected from the Payneham Community Centre between the hours of 9.00am and
4.00pm, Monday to Friday. Keys can be collected by the hirer on the last working day prior to
the date of hire. Key collection does not give access to the venue outside the hours of hire.
Proof of identity must be provided and a Key Register Form will need to be completed and
signed by the person responsible for the key. It is strictly the responsibility of the Hirer to collect
the key during the hours stated, including informing persons collecting keys on behalf of the
Hirer, of key collection times. Once the key is collected hirers assume full responsibility
and liability for the key location, use and safe return.
4. Bond Refund Conditions
A key and hall bond is required for all venue hire and will only be refunded after the following
conditions have been met (see attached Schedule of Charges for bond fees):
premises, furniture, fittings and all other equipment have been returned undamaged and
clean to designated storage places,
premises, including hall(s), foyer, toilets, entrance, kitchen, and walkways, have been left
in a clean and tidy condition, (refer to the recommended Cleaning Guide in Section 8)
key/s have been returned on time and in full working order; and
all other terms and conditions otherwise stated herein have been met.
If fees are incurred for the following issues the cost will be deducted from the bond:
Call outs for activation of security and fire alarms where you have not followed our
after hours call out of Council staff, unless the call out is due to a malfunction of Council
reinstating the stage, if its setup has been compromised.
If cost of damages exceed the bond the hirer will be liable for any extra costs incurred.
5. Public Liability Insurance
A copy of the Hirers’ Public Liability Insurance needs to be provided at the time the application
for venue hire is submitted and prior to the hire time.
Family Hirers in paying the hire fee will be covered by the Council's General
Public Products Liability Insurance Policy.
Please note: If a hirer’s activity is deemed high risk, they will be required to provide a Certificate
of Currency as per the Terms & Conditions for “all other hirer” outlined below.
All other hirers will be required to provide their own Public Liability Insurance to the value
of $10 million cover, Australia – wide to be noted on the certificate. In order for the
insurance to be valid, the policy name and hirer’s name must be the same.
6. Type of Function
Full details of the type of function/event being held and the equipment being used, must be
advised at the time of booking by completing the Venue Hire Application Form.
At time of booking, the Hirer is required to advise the Council of the purpose for the hirer. Hirers
shall conduct and manage their function in an orderly and lawful manner at all times.
The Council reserves the right to refuse or cancel any booking believed to be an inappropriate
use of Council premises.
If the venue is used for a purpose or function other than that specified in the Venue Hire
Application Form, the bond will be forfeited.
Buck’s Night and Hen’s Night,” 16 and 18 birthday parties and like functions are not
permitted at any of the Council’s Venues for Hire.
7. Venue Access and Hours of Operation
The following conditions apply to venue access and hours of operation:
• Access to the venue can only commence between the hired hours.
• Setting up, packing up and cleaning of the venue is the responsibility of the hirer and the
time to undertake these activities must be included within the span of the hired hours.
• Delivery and collection of goods must occur during the booked and prepaid hours of hire.
• Council Staff will not assume responsibility for any delivery or collection of Hirer’s, goods.
• Table and chairs and any other equipment must be returned as instructed at hired venue
• In recognition that all facilities are located in residential areas, all functions must end at
12.00am and all guests must exit the venue by no later than 1.00am.
• To allow time for cleaning and pack up of Hirer’s goods the venue can be booked till 2am.
• More than one group may be sharing the facilities during your period of hire. Please
cooperate with other hirers and ensure your activities do not negatively impact on them.
• Children should be supervised at all times.
8. Alcohol
The hirer is responsible for securing a liquor licence and displaying it at the function. Contact
the Office of Liquor and Gambling on 131 882, or visit
Security Guards are required to be present at any event where alcohol is being served, and will
be organised by Council staff at the hirer's expense as a part of the hire process. Further
conditions may apply. This is to ensure the safety of property, guests and the public attending
events in a Council venue for hire.
No alcohol is to be consumed or taken outside of the premises during the event. This includes
car parks, laneways, roads or parklands surrounding the premises.
9. Venue Care and Cleaning
Cleaning of all areas of the venue is the responsibility of the Hirer. The premises, including toilet
facilities, furniture, fittings and all other equipment, are to be left/returned cleaned and
undamaged to their designated storage place/s as instructed in the user guide provided. Hirers
are not to move or dismantle any semi-permanent infrastructure installed in the venue, including
the stage.
The hirer will need to supply all cleaning products and cleaning equipment (eg. cloths, mop,
detergents, garbage bags, vacuum cleaner, etc.)
Spills are to be cleaned immediately, in order to prevent damage to facilities. The Council should
be advised of any breakages or problems with equipment, experienced by the hirer, on the next
business day following the date of hire.
10. Rubbish Removal
Hirers are to remove and independently dispose of all rubbish which is in excess of the supplied
kitchen bins at each venue. Failure to do so will result in the cost of excess waste removal being
deducted from the hirer’s Bond.
If the cleaning of the venue hired is not to the Council’s satisfaction or any damage has
resulted from the Hirer’s cleaning, the Hirer will become liable for any additional costs
incurred to restore or repair damage, and the bond will be forfeited.
11. General Conditions
a. The control of all Community facilities/halls is vested with the Chief Executive Officer, or his
nominee, who shall have access at all times.
b. Hirers, at all times, are subject to the direction of authorised personnel of the City of
Norwood Payneham & St Peter’s.
c. Hirers shall conduct and manage their function at all times in an orderly and lawful manner.
d. Hirers are personally responsible for ensuring that NO breach of the Music Broadcasting
Copyright Act takes place on Council property.
e. The hirer must comply with and give all notices required by any Act of Parliament,
Ordinance, Regulation or By-law relating to an activity.
Hirers are required to provide all their own resources, including catering, stationery, signage
and any other resources associated with the successful management of the function or
g. Confetti, adhesive tape, nails, tacks, sparklers or other equipment which may cause damage
to the facility, are not permitted inside or outside any Council venue for hire.
h. Please be aware that smoke machines may not be used or any fires lit inside the buildings
as these actions set off the smoke alarms. In the event that the smoke alarms are activated
onsite and the Metropolitan Fire Service is in attendance, hirers will be billed for the
associated fee.
Any electrical equipment used on Council premises must be tested and tagged by a licensed
Electrical installations in the facilities/halls are not to be interfered with under any
circumstances. Should a power failure occur, a Hirer must contact the after-hours phone
number provided in section 14 in the Terms & Conditions.
k. The hirer shall agree to accept all responsibility for any damage occurring to the premises
(including furniture and equipment) during the term of hire and shall agree to accept full
costs to reinstate such damaged items, at the Council’s discretion. The Hirer shall further
agree that in the event of any third party sustaining bodily injury or damage to property
during the currency of the term of hire, arising out of the activities subject to the hire
agreement, the hirer shall accept full responsibility and discharge their claim in full.
l. The Council accepts no responsibility for loss or damage, which may occur to Hirers’ goods
or equipment left on Council premises prior, during, or after the period of hire.
m. Smoking is not permitted inside any part of the Council venue (including the toilets).
14. Emergencies
In case of an emergency follow the emergency procedures supplied and displayed on site.
Hires must be aware of fire exits and emergency evacuation procedures prior to commencement
of their function/event and must inform their guests of these procedures. Please also observe
the locations of, and the instructions on, extinguishers and fire blankets, prior to a function or
Emergency Exit Doors must be kept clear and remain accessible at all times throughout the
15. Security of the Venue
It is the Hirer’s responsibility, at all times, to ensure that the premises remain secure throughout
the period of hire, particularly when leaving the venue, even for a short period. Hirers are not
therefore, permitted to leave the doors to a venue unlocked and unattended at any time
throughout the period of hire. Rooms/buildings are to be correctly locked / armed before any
16. After Hours Contact
The after-hours contact number for the Council is 8366 4599. Hirers will be charged a call out
fee, unless the call out is due to a malfunction of Council equipment and infrastructure.
Breaches of any of these conditions may result in forfeiture of the security bond or
termination of use of the venue.
The Hirer agrees to indemnify and keep indemnified the Council, its servants and agents and
each of them from and against all actions, costs, claims, damages or charges and expenses
which may be brought or made or claimed against us arising out of or in any way relating to this
Name of Hirer or Organisation:
Name of Person representing the Hirer or Organisation:
I have read and understand the enclosed Terms and Conditions of hire
(as at September 2015 ) and I agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.
I understand that a breach of any of these conditions may result in the forfeit of the security
bond or termination of use of the venue.
Please raise any concerns you may have regarding the hire with Council staff, prior to signing
the declaration.
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