If you are new to oodle Navigating the Course

If you are new to oodle Navigating the Course
If you are new to
For some people, using Moodle for the first time can be an anxiety-provoking experience.
Fortunately, Moodle is a fairly intuitive platform and within a very brief time you undoubtedly
will be navigating Moodle like you’ve been using it your whole life.
To get started, first read this document—and bear in mind that if you ever need help
Castleton has plenty of people and resources that can assist you. (The last section of this
document tells you how to seek help.)
Navigating the Course
Your Moodle screen is divided into 3 main regions:
• Down the center, which is organized by weeks or topics, is where the main activity of your
course takes place. This is where you will access your course’s lectures, readings,
assignments, etc.
• Across the top there are 4 permanent pull-down menus:
-Go to “Help” if you need assistance with Moodle or other tech-related issues.
-Go to “Resources” for links to the Portal, Outlook, the Library, the Academic Support
Center, and other important campus resources.
-Go to the “Dashboard“ to quickly access course resources such as your Profile, Calendar,
Messages, Badges, as well as to log out.
-Go to “Courses” to access the Moodle sites of your other courses.
• Down the right side there are a number of blocks:
-Go to the “administration” block (green) to check your grades and edit the settings for your
profile, portfolios, blogs, etc.
-Go to the “latest news” block to see your professor’s most recent posts.
-Go to the “professor” block for information about your instructor, including chat hours and
contact numbers.
-Go to the “people” block to see profiles of the other students in your course.
-Go to the “castleton library” block for links to library resources (including the “Ask a
Librarian” chat line).
-Your professor may have added other blocks; they will inform you about these when the
course begins.
To return to a previous screen in Moodle, use the ç button on the top left of the page, or
click on any of the “Breadcrumbs” at the top of the page:
1 Getting Started
The document you are reading now is posted in the space known as “Week 0.” Below this
document are five other resources you need to read before starting your course:
• Netiquette for Spartans is a brief overview of how to communicate in an online
• The Oath of Academic Honesty requires you to read—and agree to abide by—our
Academic Honesty Policy.
• Click on Introduce Yourself to give your professor and classmates a brief biography of
• Course News is where your professor posts announcements.
• Be sure to download the course Syllabus as it contains crucial information for succeeding
in this course.
Editing Your Profile
Go to the Administration block on the right. Click on My Profile Settings and then Edit
Profile. Make the changes you desire and click Update Profile at the bottom of the page.
(Be aware that you cannot change your last name or email address in Moodle.)
Submitting an Assignment
Click on the title of the assignment. Click on Add submission. Drag your file from your
computer into the Drag and Drop box. Click Save Changes.
-ORClick on the title of the assignment. Click on the Add button:
Click Browse. Locate
your file and click Open. Click Upload this file. Click Save Changes.
You can replace the submitted file by clicking on Edit Submission.
You can re-upload the file until the due date for the assignment or until your instructor grades
the assignment, whichever occurs first.
2 Participating in Forums (online discussions)
Click on the appropriate forum. If the instructor has configured the forum for Separate
Groups, you are automatically in the appropriate group. If the instructor has configured it for
Visible Groups, you have to select the appropriate group from the drop-down menu.
To add a post to the forum, click on Add a new discussion topic. The new topic screen
appears with fields in which you write the subject and message of your post. When you are
finished, click on Post to forum. Note: you have one hour to edit your post after you create
To read someone else’s post, click on it in the Discussion column. You can reply to the post
by clicking Reply at the bottom of the box.
Taking a Quiz
Click on the name of the quiz and click on Attempt quiz now. (If the quiz is timed you will
receive a notice that it is timed; confirm that you want to start the quiz by clicking Start
Your instructor may set the quiz to display only one question per page or you may have
multiple quiz pages. It is a good idea to save without submitting before you move to
another page.
In the bottom left of the window you will see the timer counting down. If you leave the quiz
and return the timer will continue to count down during your absence. The clock begins to
change from pink to red the closer you get to the time limit.
When you finish, click on Submit all and finish. (If you do not submit by the time limit, the
quiz will automatically submit your responses at the end of the time limit.) Check with your
instructor if your results do not display.
Docking Blocks
To unclutter your screen, you can dock the blocks located on the right side of the screen by
clicking on the arrow icon
(located in the upper right corner of each block). The
docked blocks will be relocated to tabs on the left side of the screen.
To undock a block, click on the tab and click on the right arrow.
Sending Messages to Other Users
Moodle has an internal messaging system that allows students and faculty to communicate
with each other. To send a message to a classmate, go to the “people” block (on the right
side of the screen) and click on Participants. Click the name of the user you want to
contact. Click on Send a message. Type your message. Click on Send message.
3 Getting Help
Go to the “Help” pull-down menu at the top of your course:
• To troubleshoot an issue in real time, select “Moodle Medic” and an expert on our staff will
chat with you. (Medics can also call you if your prefer to speak over the phone.) Medics
are available Mon.-Thurs., 9 am to 7 pm. There are reduced hours during the Summer.
• To view video tutorials on how to use Moodle, select “How-Tos” and click on Moodle docs
for students.
-ORContact Educational Technology Services at 802-468-1361 or [email protected]
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