Ethernet-Enabled Single-Board Computer
Models BL2600, BL2610
The BL2600 Wolf single-board computer provides embedded systems engineers a complete and expandable performance package. Two standard
models—one with 10/100 Ethernet, one without—feature the Rabbit 3000® microprocessor at 44.2 and 29.4 MHz respectively, with at least 512K
Flash and 512K SRAM (standard).
The BL2600 is an advanced single-board computer that incorporates the powerful Rabbit 3000 microprocessor, Flash memory, SRAM, digital I/O
ports, A/D converter inputs, D/A converter outputs, RS-232/RS-485 serial ports, and a 10/100Base-T Ethernet port. Optional RabbitNet Expansion
and serial Flash cards are available. The BL2600 Wolf can be connected via two mechanisms: Dual entry IDC through-hole sockets which allow
header mounting on either side of the board and polarized locking industry-standard friction-lock connectors that enable rapid assembly with wire
harnesses. These connectors provide dependable cable harness connectivity to I/O. RabbitNet™ expansion boards are available (including A/D,
D/A, digital I/O, and keypad/display interface cards) to interface via the two multiplexed SPI RS-422 ports.
Programming the BL2600
Programs are developed and debugged using Z-World’s industry-proven Dynamic C® software, which runs on a Windows PC. The programming
device is connected via a serial cable, a USB cable, or Ethernet. Comprehensive debugging support includes break points, watch expressions and
many other extensive features oriented toward real-time embedded systems programming. An extensive library of drivers and sample programs is
provided, including a royalty-free TCP/IP stack for network and Internet communications. Full source code is provided for most library routines.
BL2600 Features
Rabbit 3000® microprocessor @ 44.2 MHz
10/100Base-T Ethernet Connectivity
512K Flash and 512K SRAM standard
I/O can be connected via IDC headers or friction lock
Can be installed using mounting holes, or positioned on top of a
mother board with IDC headers
36 digital I/O: 16 protected inputs, 20 sinking/sourcing software
configurable (4 high-current digital outputs, 16 I/O individually
12 analog channels: eight 11-bit A/D, four 12-bit D/A buffered
5 serial ports
RabbitNet expansion capability
950 mA⋅h backup battery for RTC (time/date clock) and SRAM
1 Power LED and 3 Ethernet status LEDs (BL2600 only)
Additional options: 10Base-T Ethernet & Lower Memory
Tool Kit
The BL2600 Tool Kit contains software and hardware tools needed to begin design including a demo board, Dynamic C software and documentation
on CD-ROM, User’s Manual with schematics, serial cable for programming and debugging, AC adapter (US/Canada only), wiring assembly and
friction-lock crimp pins & housings (standard crimping tool sold separately).
Dynamic C is a registered trademark of Z-World, Inc. Rabbit & Rabbit 3000 are trademarks of Rabbit Semiconductor, Inc.
BL2600 Specifications & Features
Ethernet Port
Flash Memory
Backup Battery
Rabbit 3000 at 44.2 MHz
10/100Base-T, 3 LEDs
Rabbit 3000 at 29.4 MHz
Configurable I/O
Digital Inputs
High-Current Digital
Analog Inputs
Analog Outputs
Serial Ports
Serial Rate
Real-Time Clock
Operating Temperature
Board Size
Pricing (qty. 1/100)
Part Number
Tool Kit
Part Number
512K (standard)
512K Program Execution, 256K Data
512K (standard)
Panasonic CR2477 or equivalent 3 V lithium coin type, 950 mAh, socket mounted
16: Individually software configurable digital inputs @ ±36 V DC, 1.5 V switching threshold,
or sinking digital outputs up to 40 V, 200 mA each
16: Hardware-configurable pull-up or pull-down, ±36 V DC, switching threshold 1.4 V typ.
4: Individually software configurable, +40 V DC, 2 A max. per channel, sinking or sourcing
8 channels with 11-bit resolution, software selectable ranges
Unipolar: 1, 2, 2.5, 5, 10, 20 V DC; Bipolar: + 1, + 2, + 5, + 10 V DC;
Four of the eight channels maybe hardware-configured for 4 – 20 mA, 12 kHz update rate
4 channels, 12-bit resolution, buffered (0 – 10 V DC, + 10 V DC), 4 – 20 mA, 12 kHz update rate
Compatible Expansion Cards: Digital I/O, A/D, D/A, Relay, Keypad Display Interface
Up to 5 serial ports:
1 RS-485 or 1 RS-232
2 RS-232 or one RS-232 (with CTS/RTS)
1 clocked serial port multiplexed to 2 RS-422 SPI master ports
1 CMOS compatible serial port for programming/debug
Max. async = CLK/8, Max. sync = CLK/2
Ten 8-bit timers (6 cascadable from the first) and one 10-bit timer with 2 match registers
9 – 36 V DC, 25 W max. (includes power to RabbitNet expansion boards)
–40° to +70°C (–40° to +85°C without battery)
5 – 95%, noncondensing
One Ethernet and two Rabbitnet™ RJ-45 connectors
Two polarized, 9-position with 0.1” pitch friction-lock connectors
Three 4-position power terminals with 0.156” pitch friction-lock connectors
Two 20-position terminals with 0.1” pitch ( and 2 x 20 IDC headers) friction-lock connectors
One 13-position terminal with 0.1” pitch (and 2 x 13 IDC header) friction-lock connector
One 10-position terminal with 0.1” pitch (and 2 x 7 IDC header) friction-lock connector
One 2 x 5 IDC, 1.27 mm pitch (BL2600) programming port
One 2 x 5 IDC, 2 mm pitch (BL2610) programming port
4.85" × 4.96" × 1.00" (123 × 126 × 25 mm)
$289 / 237
$269 / 221
U.S. 101-0626
Int’l 101-0627
BL2600 with 10Base-T (qty. 1/100)
Rabbit 3000™ @ 29.4 MHz
Part Number
BL2600 with 10Base-T (qty. 1/100)
256K Flash, 128K SRAM
Rabbit 3000™ @ 29.4 MHz
Part Number
BL2610 with 256K Flash / 128K
SRAM (qty 1/100)
Part Number
$279 / 229
$269 / 221
$249 / 204
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