Online Driver Training User Guide

Online Driver Training User Guide
Online Driver Training
User Guide
1. Login:
Click the email state link or type the following url link:
The login page looks like this:
Type the user id and password, then click the “Login” button. If you forget the
password, type the user id and email address, then click the “Reset Password” button,
the temporary password will be email to you.
2. For the first login or use temporary password login:
You need to change your password in order to take the online training course.
Type new password and re-type password, then click the “Update” button.
3. Take a lesson from the assigned course:
Click the “Assigned Course” button.
Click the plus sign to see the lesson assigned with this course.
4. Take a Lesson: Click “Take Lesson” button on above screen. You will see a video or slide
presentation show like one of following screen:
You can click the arrow buttons to stop, go previous, go next at anytime during the
5. Take a quiz: You can click the “Quiz” button after the show.
The question would be one of following type:
Sequence Alignment:
Use mouse to drag the blue tab with text to align the right order from top to buttom.
Multiple Drop Down:
Select the correct each drop value.
Multiple Match:
Use mouse to drag the blue tab with text to position on the right align of green tab with
Multiple Choice:
Select only one radio box that is correct answer.
You will be able to review your answer after you finished all the question for this lesson.
6. The result of quiz: The result of quiz either pass or not pass.
You can click the “Review Quiz” button to review your answer to those quiz that you
have been taken.
7. The Certificate:
Once you passed all the lesson (mostly need 80% score to pass each lesson), you will see
the “View Certificate” button on the “Assigned Course” screen by click the refresh
button or simple press the “F5” button on your keyboard.
Click the “View Certificate” button to view you certificate of this training course, it will
looks like the following:
You can either print or save this certificate by click the printer or save as icon on that
view certificate screen.
8. If you have any questions please contact your manager or call 201-267-8900 for help or
click the “?” icon on the top right corner of each screen to have view the help file.
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