3 Pump Spa Touch Quick Start Guide

3 Pump Spa Touch Quick Start Guide
Spa Quick Start Guide
Balboa BP2000 System for Spa Touch Topside Control
For Use with Four Winds Spas Typhoon and XL Swim Spa Series
Initial Start Up
Your spa enters Priming Mode for 4-5 minutes when
energized to purge jets of air. During Priming Mode,
are displayed. Turn on all Jets to facilitate
priming. Priming Mode can be manually exited
anytime. Afterwards, the Main Screen is displayed. A
minute later, current temperature appears and if
needed, the heater begins. At this point, it is important
to set the Time Of Day and Filter Cycles.
Basic Operation
1. The Main Screen contains basic information and
controls. Change the Set Temperature on the left of the
screen. Messages may appear and be dismissed at the
bottom of the screen. White text items proceed to
additional controls. The menu screens time out after 30
seconds. After 3-5 minutes the display goes into sleep
mode. Touch anywhere to wake the screen up.
Setting Temperature: Select temperature display (eg:
102*F) and press Up/Down to set. Press Back to save.
2. The Spa Screen controls pumps, lights, and invert.
Jet Buttons turn pump on/off and shift between
low/high-speeds. If left running, pumps turn off after a
timeout period. If Pump 1 turns on automatically, it
cannot be deactivated, but high speed can be activated.
Light Button turns lights on/off and proceeds
through lighting options.
Invert Button reverses the orientation of the screen
and allows easier control from inside the spa.
3. The Scenes Screen programs jet & lighting patterns.
With the spa in desired settings, hold your finger over a
Scene selection for 5 seconds until “Scene Stored”
appears on the bottom of the screen. The scene will be
programed into the spa and can be accessed here.
4. The Settings Screen controls additional features and
options. When an item is selected, it will toggle
between two settings. Menu items with a right arrow
lead to another control level.
Dual Temperature Ranges: This system incorporates
two temperature ranges with independent set
temperatures. When a range is chosen, the spa will heat
to the temperature set in that range. High Range is for
standard use and set between 80* F and 104* F. Low
Range is for periods of low use and set between 50*F
and 99*F. Freeze Protection is always active.
Heat Modes:
Ready Mode: Pump 1 circulates water every 1/2 hour to
maintain set temperature, heat as needed, and refresh
temperature display. This is known as “polling”.
Rest Mode: Spa heats only during programmed filter
cycles. Polling does not occur, so the temperature
display may not be current until the filtration pump has
run for a minute or two.
Ready-in-Rest Mode appears if the spa is in Rest Mode
and Pump 1 is activated. When the heater pump comes
on automatically (ex: for heating) you can switch
between low and high speed but cannot turn the heater
pump off. After 1 hour, system reverts to Rest Mode.
Setting the Time: determines filtration and other
features. In Settings Screen, select Time-Of-Day. Then
select Hour, Minutes, and 12/24 Hour segments. Use
Up and Down Buttons to change.
Filtration: It is important to set a filter pattern. We
recommend two, 2-hour cycles programmed 12 hours
apart at 7am/7pm (avoid hours between 10am-5pm). In
Setting Screen, program start time and duration. End
time is then calculated. Filter Cycle 2 is OFF by default
and displayed as No. When it is ON, Yes is displayed.
Press Yes or No to toggle Filter Cycles ON or OFF.
Lock: Spa control can be locked to prevent unwanted
use. To lock, select “Settings” or “Panels” and press
“Save.” Locking Settings prevents adjusting Set
Temperature and programmed settings, but allows use
of jets and display controls. (Filter Cycles, Invert,
Information and Fault Log can be seen, but not edited.)
Locking Panel prevents use of all controls, but
maintains automatic functions.
Unlocking: To unlock controls, select
Settings (if it says “On”) or Panel (if
it says “On”), then hold the middle of
the screen for at least 5 seconds until
“On” turns to “Off.” Follow the QR
link* to the left for more info.
5. Exiting Screens
When you see both of these buttons, they
always mean Save and Cancel. If the screen
times out due to no activity, it acts as
Cancel. When you see only the Save button,
it means Back or Exit and appears on
editing screens before you have changed
any value and on all other screens.
General Messages
---*F ---*C
Water Temperature is Unknown
After the pump has been running for 1 minute, the
temperature will be displayed.
Possible Freezing Condition
A potential freeze condition has been detected, or the
Aux Freeze Switch has closed. All water devices are
activated. In some cases, pumps may turn on and off
and the heater may operate during Freeze Protection.
This is an operational message, not an error indication.
The water is too hot - MO29 *
The system has detected a spa water temp of 110*F
(43.3*C) or more and spa functions are disabled.
System will auto reset when the spa water temp is
below 108*F (42.2*C). Check for extended pump
operation or high ambient temp.
The water flow is low - MO16*
There may not be enough water flow through the heater
to carry the heat away from the heating element. Heater
start up will begin again after about 1 min. See “Flow
Related Checks”
The water flow has failed - MO17*
There is not enough water flow through the heater to
carry the heat away from the heating element and the
heater has been disabled. See “Flow Related Checks”
After the problem has been resolved, press the “right
arrow” to reset the message.
The heater may be dry - MO28*
Possible dry heater, or not enough water in the heater to
start it. The spa is shut down. After the problem has
been resolved, press the “right arrow” to rest the
message. See “Flow Related Checks”
The heater is dry - MO27*
There is not enough water in the heater to start it. The
spa is shut down. After the problem has been resolved,
press the “right arrow” to reset the message. See “Flow
Related Checks”
The heater is too hot - MO30*
One of the water temp sensors has detected
118*F(47.8*C) in the heater and the spa had shut down.
Press the “right arrow” and the end of the message to
reset it when the water is below 108*F (42.2*C). See
“Flow Related Checks” below.
Flow Related Checks
Check for low water level, suction flow restrictions,
closed valves, trapped air, too many closed jets, and
pump prime. On some systems, even when spa is shut
down by an error condition, some equipment may
occasionally turn on to continue monitoring
temperature or freeze protection could be activated.
The GFCI test failed - MO36*
System could not test GFCI (North America Only).
May indicate an unsafe installation. Contact your dealer
or service organization.
A pump may be stuck on - MO34*
Water may be overheated. POWER DOWN THE SPA.
DO NOT ENTER THE WATER. Contact your dealer or
service organization.
Hot Fault - MO35*
A pump appears to be stuck On when spa was last
ENTER THE WATER. Contact your dealer or service
*MOXX is a Message Code. Codes like this will be
seen in the Fault Log
Some messages can be reset from the panel. Messages
that can be reset will appear with a “right arrow” at the
end of the message. Press the message text to reset the
General Maintenance helps
Reminder messages can be suppressed by using the
Preferences Menu. Reminder messages may be
displayed entirely, or there may be a limited number of
reminders on a specific model. Each reminder may
appear on a regular schedule (ie: weekly) and the
frequency of each reminder can be specified by the
Check pH
Check pH with a test kit and adjust pH with the
appropriate chemicals.
Check the sanitizer
Check sanitizer level and other water chemistry with a
test kit and adjust with the appropriate chemicals.
Clean the filter
Clean the filter media as instructed by manufacturer.
Test the GFCI
The GFCI or RCD is an important safety device and
must be tested on a regular basis to verify its reliability.
Every user should be trained to safely test the GFCI or
RCD, each will have a TEST and RESET button to
verify proper function.
Download the complete Spa Touch User Guide at balboawatergroup.com/topside-spa-panels
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