SHRA Procedures Checklist - Appalachian State University

SHRA Procedures Checklist - Appalachian State University
Procedures & Quick Checklist for Recruitment & Selection
1. Application Information
All applications will be pre-screened by HR to ensure that the State’s minimum qualifications for your
position are met. Upon the Search Chair’s request, HR will screen and refer applicants who are Among the
Most Qualified for the specific posting. For example, HR may refer the top 15-20 candidates and hold
others in reserve. When posting deadlines, it is removed from the website on the closing date by midnight.
During the posting period, HR will periodically screen applications and refer qualified applicants to the
Search Chair. The Search Chair will receive an email within two (2) business days after the closing date
notifying that all of the qualified applicants are referred and now available to the Search Chair. No
applicants should be contacted until you have received and reviewed ALL of the qualified applications.
2. AsU Learn Merit Based Recruitment & Selection Workshop
All Search Chairs and Hiring Managers (if terms are interchangeable, the term Hiring Authority will be used)
for SHRA positions are required to take or have completed the online AsU Learn courses on Merit Based
Recruitment & Selection. These courses assist in the SHRA recruitment & selection process and contain
essential information. Please note all applications in your applicant pool will not be released until HR has
confirmed the Search Chair and Hiring Manager have completed both courses and completed the quiz
successfully (9 out of 12 correct).
3. Search Committee
Search Committees are not required for SHRA searches but are highly recommended. Please log in to your
posting in AppState Jobs ( and update your Search Committee Member names to
give them instant access to view applications. They will log in using their regular ASU credentials. HR will
then assign each Search Committee Member a “student” role in the AsU Learn Merit Based Recruitment &
Selection Course & Quiz. All Search Committee members should read through the course (only the Hiring
Managers and Search Chairs are required to pass the quiz). All Search Committee members are required to
complete the Confidentiality Statement.
4. Guest Users
If you will have “guest users” who do not currently have access to view the applications, the Search Chair
will assign access to Guest Users from the Posting by clicking Edit, Guest User, Create Guest User
Account, which will allow Guest Users to view the applications. The system will automatically generate a
Guest Username and Password (which can be updated). Enter email addresses of all Search Committee
Members and click Update Guest User Recipient List. The Search Chair will notify each Search
Committee Member of the Guest Username and Password.
5. Find Your Posting and View Applications
Go to the AppState Jobs Hiring Site and log in. Access the Posting via the Watch List, Inbox, Home page
or Postings  SHRA, and select the desired Posting. On the far right of the desired Posting, click
Actions and then click View Applicants.
6. Viewing Applications
You can then view each application or document(s) separately by clicking on Actions and then View
Application or click on the specific applicant name. To view multiple applications in one window, select
the checkboxes on the far left that correspond to those applicants. If you would like to see all of the
applications, click on the top checkbox and it will select all boxes for you. Then click on the top Actions
button and then either Export Results (which will open an Excel file) or Download Applicants as PDF
and select the document type(s) to use, or choose another command.
7. Change Applicant Status (Hiring Authority-Special Attention)
Revised 10/2015
After screening the applications, you can sort, organize, and prioritize the applicants by changing the
applicant statuses. Click on the Applicant you would like to view, and then click Take Action On Job
Application. Select the desired Workflow Action. In order to change multiple applicants to the same
status, (i.e. Not Among Most Qualified-Step 1 or Not Selected for Interview -Step 2) check the appropriate
boxes to the left of each applicant or select the top checkbox to select all. Hover over the Actions button
and select Move in Workflow. Select a New State for each applicant and list a Reason, if required.
Certain statuses will move the applicant from the Active List to the Inactive List. Applicants in the Inactive
List are still retrievable by clicking More search options and clicking Inactive and then Search. You may
then change applicant statuses by repeating the steps above. Changing applicant statuses is a required
ongoing process and should be utilized to assist you in the phases of the screening process.
Applicants do not see these status changes.
8. ***Important Note Regarding Priority Consideration Candidates (Hiring Authority-Special Attention)
The system will indicate which applicants receive special considerations to include Internal with
Priority, RIF and Veteran Preference. All applicants who are extended these priorities should be
carefully considered and interviewed if they are determined to be among the most qualified applicants.
9. Veteran’s Preference
The system will indicate if applicant is eligible for Veteran’s Preference. In order for HR to verify eligibility,
Veterans must submit a DD form 214 to HR-Employment. Click here to read the Veteran's Preference
Policy .
10. Interview
Hiring department is responsible for selecting the top candidates from among the most qualified applicant
pool to interview and department is responsible for scheduling interviews. A minimum of three (3)
candidates should be interviewed for any advertised position. In rare cases where there are not three (3)
qualified candidates, you have the option to interview only those candidates or to repost the position.
11. Interview Questions
All interview questions should be job related and consistent to all interviewees. Interview questions must be
submitted to Becky Gosky at prior to the interviews. Interviews: To Ask or Not To
12. Selection Timeframe
It is recommended to set up interviews within a reasonable period of time, preferably no longer than a twoweek time frame. It is essential to leave applicants with a favorable impression of your department and the
University. Therefore, if a hiring decision is delayed and has still not been made within ten (10) working days
following the interviews, it is important to contact the interviewees, notifying them of the position’s status.
13. Checking References
Prior to making an offer of employment, the Search Chair must check references if the recommended
candidate is not a permanent ASU employee, and submit one Reference Record on the individual selected
for the position. Please attach Reference Record under Supplemental Documentation in the Hiring Proposal
process. Reference checks from current employers should be made only after completing the
interview and with permission from the applicant. The application will indicate if applicant has granted
permission to contact previous and/or current employer(s).
14. Criminal Background Checks on Finalist
Ensure the finalist completes the Background Check Disclosure and Release and submits directly to the
Office of Human Resources-Employment as soon as possible. Once the Hiring Authority changes the
selected candidate’s status to Recommend for Hire, HR-Employment will be alerted to initiate the
background check on the finalist provided we have received the completed Background Check Disclosure
and Release form from the candidate. All job offers are conditional until the criminal background report is
reviewed. No candidate may begin work until the background check is completed and approved.
Hiring Authority can only extend official offer once the email notification is received indicating “All
Approvals Obtained-Extend Offer.” You can find a link to the process and procedures for background
checks as well as the disclosure form here.
15. Start Hiring Proposal
Revised 10/2015
Once Hiring Authority has selected the candidate for hire (and Hiring Authority is acting as their highest
user type), change applicant status to Recommend for Hire. Now you are ready to Start Hiring Proposal.
Once you have clicked on Start Hiring Proposal, make sure the correct Position Description is selected,
scroll to the bottom of the page, and click Select Position Description. Click Edit and begin filling in the
required information and click Next at the bottom of each page.
• Type of Action: Select the appropriate action. If Other is selected, be sure to explain.
• Start Date: Indicate projected start date. Date can be changed later if necessary.
• Overall Competency Level: The posted level from the job will be indicated. Please select the level for
the recommended candidate at the level posted or lower if necessary.
• Give a brief explanation as to why you have selected this particular candidate. This field is also where
you should indicate justification for hiring the candidate at the specified competency level.
• Departmental Users with Access: Be sure to follow instructions and select all users that should have
access to this hiring proposal.
• Internal Notes: Use the Internal Notes for any internal communication needed during the approval
• Compensation: Please complete all information. Recommended salary must be within the posted
Hiring Range. Provide Salary Justification.
16. Supplemental Documentation (Hiring Authority-Special Attention)
A Reference Record is required to be attached with each Hiring Proposal (if applicable). All hires who are
not current permanent employees of Appalachian State University require one Reference Record to be
attached. The Salary Decision Worksheet and the CB Competency Assessment are no longer required to be
17. Save but Do Not Submit
If you are not ready to forward the Hiring Proposal for approval, the system will automatically save your
document when you click Save or Next. You may return later and retrieve the Hiring Proposal or you may
immediately submit it forward by hovering over Take Action on Hiring Proposal and selecting the proper
Workflow Action.
18. Extending an Offer of Employment (Only after All Approvals are Obtained)
Once you are satisfied with the Hiring Proposal, select the appropriate workflow action to submit Hiring
Proposal to the next level for approval. Once all approvals are obtained and the Background Check is
determined complete by HR, you will receive an email notification of final approval, at which time you can
extend your offer of employment. The Hiring Authority must notify HR-Employment if the offer of
employment has been accepted by the candidate, along with the official start date for employment.
IMPORTANT: Before an offer can be extended, the Office of Human Resources must approve the
Hiring Proposal.
19. Offer Declined
If the offer of employment is declined, please inform Nancy Crowell ( to cancel
the Hiring Proposal before initiating a 2nd Hiring Proposal. Hiring Authority should change applicant’s
status to Interviewed Not Hired - Declined Job Offer, and move to the second applicant choice. Follow
same Start Hiring Proposal procedures (refer to item #15).
20. Offered Accepted (Hiring Authority-Special Attention)
Once applicant accepts your offer of employment, email Nancy Crowell indicating
acceptance, confirmed salary and official start date.
21. Position Filled
Once your offer of employment has been accepted and HR has confirmation of acceptance, the Hiring
Department is required to and responsible for immediately sending written notification to all candidates
interviewed that the position is filled. Whether this notification is in hard copy form or email, please
provide a copy to Nancy Crowell Click here for sample Non-Selection letters.
HR-Employment will designate the position as filled after the 5th business day following the acceptance
notification. The system will generate Regret Letters (via email) to all applicants.
Revised 10/2015
22. ***Search Materials (Hiring Authority-Special Attention)
Gather all notes and materials from the Recruitment/Selection process for this hire, secure sensitive
materials in a sealed, labeled envelope indicating Position Title, Position #, Department and Date, and
forward to HR-Employment. Materials will include, but are not limited to, the following: a list of members
on the search committee, all supporting materials, correspondence, notes of committee members, Search
Committee Confidentiality Statements, list of interview questions/responses, reference checks, rating sheets,
and Department information to include Position Title, Position Number and Name of Immediate
Supervisor. Retention of this information for a minimum of 3 years is a requirement to ensure compliance.
23. New Hire
HR-Onboarding will mail a new hire letter to the candidate. On or before the first day of employment,
new staff should come to HR to fill out the Employee Data Sheet packet, which includes Tax Forms, the
Direct Deposit Authorization (required), I-9 and other necessary forms. Appalachian State University
participates in the DHS E-Verify Program. As a result, the University provides the Social Security
Administration (SSA) and, if necessary, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), with information
from each new employee’s Form I-9 to confirm US work authorization. Employees should come prepared
to present documents that establish both identity and employment eligibility. Usually this will include a
passport (which will suffice for both forms of verification) or (a) driver’s license and Social Security Card or
(b) driver’s license and an original or certified copy of a birth certificate. Employees should also bring a
voided check from their checking account for automatic deposit purposes. However, if the employee
chooses automatic deposit to a savings account, he/she must furnish the savings account number along
with the bank routing number.
NOTE: Change in Probationary/Career Status (Effective October 1, 2015)
All state employees subject to the State Human Resources Act will now complete their probationary period
and achieve career status after 12 months of continuous employment in a permanent position with a
permanent appointment. Previously, it took 24 months in a permanent position to complete the
probationary period and achieve career status.
Law Enforcement Only: If the law enforcement officer has completed the required training (BLET) before
the employee is hired, that employee is subject to a 12-month probationary period; otherwise, the employee
must complete a 24-month probationary period.
A Work Plan should be completed and reviewed with each new employee within the first 30 days of
employment. The Work Plan will be the basis for the employee’s appraisal at the end of the work cycle.
Work Plans are completed online in AppState Jobs. Work Plan User Guide
Physical examinations are required for certain positions determined by each department. If your department
requires its employees to have the physical exam, it should be completed within the probationary period and
retained by the department. (Click here to access a Physical Examination form.) If an appointment for
the exam cannot be secured prior to beginning employment, the employee should be permitted to schedule
and attend the appointment during working hours.
For specific positions, education and certification credentials will be checked within the first month of
employment. False information may be grounds for dismissal.
For questions concerning the Employment of Staff (SHRA) or for assistance in AppState Jobs, please
Nancy Crowell
Assistant HR Director of Employment
Revised 10/2015
Becky Gosky
HR Employment Specialist
Email general questions to:
Revised 10/2015
Supervisor’s Recruitment & Selection Quick Checklist
Prior to Recruitment:
 Create a new position description or update current position description in Appstate Jobs.
 Complete and attach the Separation Notice in AppState Jobs if incumbent is exiting ASU.
 Contact HR-Employment to discuss Posting Specific Questions to facilitate screening measures.
 Contact HR-Employment to discuss Hiring Range to be posted to ensure compliance with Pay Factors.
 Submit request forward for approval.
 Use fair and consistent criteria to screen qualified applications.
 Analyze applications with priority considerations (Statuses: Internal with Priority Consideration/Veteran
Preference/RIF). All applicants with Internal Priority Consideration have been designated by HR. Contact HR
Employment staff as needed to discuss Priority Consideration issues in more detail.
 Review all application materials and identify those who are most qualified based on the qualification
requirements posted.
 Change applicant statuses by Step 1, 2 & 3 to assist in management of applicant pool.
 Change status to “Selected for Interview” for all active applicants.
 Email Interview Questions to Becky Gosky, prior to interview.
 Reference Checks (Reference Record Tips)
• One reference check is required for recommended candidate and attached with the Hiring Proposal in
AppState Jobs. Reference Record is not required if candidate is currently a permanent ASU employee.
• Contact current employer only after receiving approval from applicant.
 Ensure Finalist has Background Check Disclosure & Release Form and submits to HR-Employment within
two days of receipt.
 Change recommended candidate’s status to “Recommend for Hire” to Start Hiring Proposal.
Hiring Proposal – Have prepared:
o Documentation for justifying and defending hiring decision
o Recommended Salary (Apply all Pay Factors)
o Funding Source information
o Justification for salary recommendation
o One electronic Reference Record (if applicable)
 Applicant statuses must be set appropriately before submitting the Hiring Proposal. All those Interviewed
should be set at Interviewed Not Hired with Selection Reason. The only active applicant should be the one
“Recommended for Hire.”
 Hiring Proposal can be completed and moved forward for approval while the Background Check is processing.
 Extend official offer only once email is received from HR that “All Approvals Have Been Obtained”.
 Email HR-Employment with confirmation of hire and start date.
Final Steps:
 Non-Selection letters must be sent to all applicants interviewed but not hired and copies sent to HR.
 HR-Onboarding will send a new hire letter to the new hire.
 Submit to HR-Employment all interview notes and documentation/materials used for the search in a sealed,
labeled envelope for appropriate storage and retention. Indicate Department, Position Title and Position Number
on the envelope. Copies of Non-Selection letters can be included in packet.
 Explain to new hire about New Employee Orientation and completion of New Hire Paperwork at HR.
 New Hire should visit HR office to complete/submit New Hire Paperwork on or before the first day of
 HR-Onboarding will enter applicable information in to Banner so that new hire can obtain ID card/Parking
Permit and receive computer access.
Revised 10/2015
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