Please note these details are correct as at 20 May 2015 however

Please note these details are correct as at 20 May 2015 however
ESIF 2014-20 Growth Programme Applications
Humber Technical Assistance Phase 2 Partnership’s Guidance Notes for LOGASnet
To respond to open Calls all Outline Applications must be made through the LOGASnet online application portal. Users have been experiencing issues with LOGASnet which are
currently being investigated. The following information has been put together from various
users to help others when applying.
LOGASnet – Registration
You will need to register your details with LOGASnet as soon as possible as it may take up
to two weeks for your registration to be processed. Register by sending an email to: Type ‘Register to apply for esif’ in the subject
line and in the main body of the email, include the following:
your full name
full name of your organisation
email address
phone number (including extension)
Some time after, you will receive by email your registration ID and Activation Key. To register
go to and click on the register link.
Enter your ID and Activation key
Enter a password of your choosing in the New Password box
Re-enter the same password in the Confirm Password box
Click on the Register button
The system will return you to the Log On screen and will display your Government Gateway
ID. It is very important that you remember this as you will need it each time you log on. If you
experience any problems logging on ring the Helpdesk number as they can talk you through
the process. 0303 4442444
LOGASnet – Use of Microsoft Word
Currently, if you are unable to submit your application on LOGASnet, a Word version of the
application form may be submitted and will be accepted. This is a temporary measure until
some of the problems with the system have been addressed. However, it is still
recommended that you use the Word version of the application to draft your answers first.
You can then copy and paste your text into LOGASnet. There is a Word version of the
application for each Call which may occasionally be updated so it’s worth checking that you
have the correct version of the Outline Application before your final submission.
LOGASnet Issues
The following issues have been experienced so please be aware of them before completing
your application. DCLG is aware of the issues and are trying to fix them.
1. The overall system is slow. After you have entered data in a cell and you then click on
another section it takes a while to respond but does get there eventually. Be patient – if you
click again you may get one of the following error messages: ‘Stop Script’ or ‘Recover Web
Page’. Ignore these error windows and wait and the page will come back to life eventually. If
you select stop the script or recover the page you may lose your work.
Please note these details are correct as at 20 May 2015 however are subject to
changes as the system is developed.
2. Save as you go. You must save your work regularly at least every 10 minutes. The system
will automatically time you out after 20 minutes. You can continue to enter data even after
you have been timed out and you will only know when you try and save and it doesn’t work.
This applies to 20 minutes of your logged in time regardless of activity. Completing your
application in Word first means you can copy and paste each response and save as you go.
3. Text boxes. All the text boxes have character restrictions. The large text boxes for most of
the questions are restricted to 2048 characters. The system will allow you to enter more and
will even let you save more but when you next log in it will truncate your entry to the required
character amount. Completing your application in Word first means you can consider your
answers carefully, check your word count and ensure each answer is as concise as possible
before copying and pasting them into the LOGASnet. The system counts a space as a
character and it appears to count carriage returns (ENTER) as two characters when marking
paragraphs. Most of the string boxes are restricted to 80 characters or less (some have
smaller character limits). These won’t let you enter more characters but remember to check
when copying and pasting that everything has been carried over accurately. The Project
Description Box has a 100 word limit.
4. Check. Always log straight back each time you close LOGASnet to check that your last
saved work is there and has been saved correctly.
5. Punctuation. The system does not recognise hyphens, back slashes or bullet points so do
not use them. Again, drafting your application on Word first allows you to ensure answers
make sense even without using these characters. Avoid any attempt at paragraphs as you
will be wasting valuable ‘character’ space.
6. Supporting Documents. It is vital that supporting documents are named correctly using the
naming structure described in the user guide to make sure they are linked to your bid.
7. Other useful information. We have been alerted to other areas of help, details of which
can be found here:
LOGASnet advice from Good Consulting: Accessing LOGASnet – the most difficult part of
LOGASnet Help Desk: For further help and advice please email or telephone the helpdesk on 0303
LinkedIn: There is a useful group discussion called ‘Universities and Local Growth
Strategies’ on This group has been formed specifically to assist
those working on the HE sector; however it does also include some general information and
For any assistance relating to the ESIF 2014-20 Programme please contact the
Humber Technical Assistance Team.
Email: or Tel: 01482 391688.
Please note these details are correct as at 20 May 2015 however are subject to
changes as the system is developed.
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