Apricorn | EZ Upgrade SATA | EZ Upgrade makes Upgrading your PATA/IDE or SATA notebook

EZ Upgrade makes Upgrading your PATA/IDE or SATA notebook
• Works with both SATA &
PATA/IDE hard drives
• Easiest way to upgrade
PATA/IDE or SATA notebook
hard drives
• Bus powered from USB port-
No AC Adapter required
• Lightening fast transfers via
Hi- Speed USB 2.0
(USB 1.1 compatible)
• Includes Apricorn's Upgrade
Software Suite for PC & Mac
• Converts old drive into
external Hi-Speed
USB 2.0 storage
• No charge toll free
technical support
• 3 year
EZ Upgrade makes
Upgrading your PATA/IDE or SATA
notebook hard drive as easy at 1-2-3.
This innovative kit includes all the hardware and software needed to
painlessly transfer all the data from an old PATA/IDE or SATA notebook hard
drive to a new hard drive in three easy steps.
EZ Upgrade includes: Apricorn’s Upgrade Suite CD, a Hi-Speed USB 2.0 hard drive
enclosure (USB 1.1 compatible) & USB cable.
EZ Upgrade is all you will need to easily transfer everything - data, applications,
documents, address books, e-mail, settings, OS, and preferences - from the old
notebook hard drive to a new drive, in three easy steps.
First, connect the hardware by sliding the new hard drive into the EZ Upgrade enclosure
and connecting to the notebook’s USB port. Second, run EZ Gig II’s cloning option by
booting to the CD. Lastly, install the new hard drive into the notebook. That’s it -you’re
Once the new drive is installed, the old drive can be used in EZ Upgrade’s Hi-Speed USB
2.0 enclosure for external storage. When used with EZ Gig II, the external drive becomes a
state-of-the-art backup solution.
Apricorn's Upgrade Suite includes:
Apricorn’s EZ Gig II for Windows and ShirtPocket SuperDuper! for Mac.
EZ Gig II is comprised of two modules: Disk Clone & Disk Image Ideal for users who require an
exact copy of their hard drive. Disk Clone creates an exact copy of the original hard drive
including the operating system, files, folders favorites and system settings. A cloned copy of a
hard drive can be used for disaster recovery backup, or as a hard drive upgrade. Disk Image
takes a snapshot of your entire system and compresses it into a file up to half its original size. This
method takes up less space, thus allowing multiple backups to a single drive. The Image option
also allows restoration of individual files or folders and a password to be assigned to a backup
image, providing security for your data. A detailed description for each image can be entered
giving the user total flexibility to retain backups from multiple dates, or multiple computers.
ShirtPocket SuperDuper! for Mac is a highly acclaimed program that makes recovery painless,
because it makes creating a fully bootable backup painless. Its incredibly clear, friendly interface is
understandable, easy to use. And it runs beautifully on both Intel and Power PC Macs! SuperDuper’s
interface confirms all your actions in simple, clear language to ensure that the end result is exactly
what you intended.
Visit our web site at www.apricorn.com or call 1-800-458-5448
©2008 Apricorn, Inc. Corporate Offices: 12191 Kirkham Rd., Poway, CA. 92064 (updated 1/08)
The unique EZ Upgrade enclosure connects
to both SATA and PATA 9.5mm 2.5" hard
drives. Just use the appropriate connector
on the enclosure tray, slide the tray into the
enclosure and connect to your computer
via the USB port.
EZ Upgrade includes:
EZ Upgrade hard drive enclosure
USB cable
Upgrade Suite Software CD with:
- Apricorn EZ Gig II Cloning Software for Windows
- ShirtPocket SuperDuper! for Mac
Simple three step upgrade process
EZ Upgrade is a three-step hard drive upgrade system that seamlessly automates and simplifies the task of upgrading your notebook hard drive.
Hi-Speed USB 2.0 backup system
After the upgrade is complete, the old drive can be re-used as a portable HiSpeed USB 2.0 backup system.
Universal 2.5" hard drive compatibility
Works with any 9.5mm PATA/IDE or SATA 2.5" laptop hard drives
Bus Powered
Bus powered from USB
Operating System Compatibility
PC and Mac compatible
Drivers not required for Windows 2000, XP, Vista or Mac OS
Hot Swappable
No need to power down, just plug and go
Box Contents
EZ Upgrade hard drive enclosure, Upgrade Suite Software CD & USB cable
Apricorn's Upgrade Suite CD
Programs for PC and Mac
Upgrade & Cloning Software
EZ Gig II for Windows
ShirtPocket SuperDuper! for Mac
Hard Drive Health Monitor
SMART-ER for Windows
Data Transfer Rates
USB 2.0 - Up to 480Mbps
Power Supply
100% bus powered
Hard Drive Interface SATA & PATA/IDE
19mm x 84mm x 148mm
3 year limited
PC System Requirements
CD-ROM Drive, 128MB RAM, Pentium II CPU, available powered USB port
Supported Operating Systems:
Windows Vista Home basic/premium, Ultimate & Business
Windows XP Home and Professional SP2
Windows 2000 Professional SP4
MAC ® System Requirements
CD-ROM Drive, Apple G3 or later, 64 MB RAM, available powered USB port,
Supported Operating Systems: Mac OS 9.2 or later & Mac OS X 10.2 or later
For more information on EZ Upgrade and other innovative Apricorn products visit our
website at www.apricorn.com or call 1-800-458-5448
©2008 Apricorn, Inc. Corporate Offices: 12191 Kirkham Rd., Poway, CA. 92064
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