Digital Proctoring Processes

Digital Proctoring Processes
How to Use Digital Proctoring to Administer an Assessment
The digital proctoring feature of ActivProgress allows you to establish a specific day and
time window in which the assessment is available online to a particular test group. Test
scores will be instantly recorded and available in reports.
1. Identify that the assessment will be digitally proctored in the assessment instance;
2. Create a testing window when the test will be available to students;
3. Activate the assessment instance on the day of the test;
4. Students take the test during the testing window; and
5. Monitor and review student results.
Step 1. Identify Test will be Digitally Proctored in the Assessment Instance
The process of assigning a test to be digitally proctored begins in the Assessment
Instance area.
If you already created an Assessment Instance, and now wish to create a digital test
group, go to the Plan tab, then choose Assessment Instances in the left column.
Click Edit next to the assessment instance you want to digitally proctor.
On the Details screen, click the Enable Digital Proctoring box.
This will reveal more options for digital proctoring.
Indicate the number of retakes students will be allowed. This will give students a
specific number of opportunities to go back and redo questions after they have finished
the test but before they have submitted it.
Check the box to allow question navigation. This means that students will be able to
skip questions and come back to them later. If this is not checked students will have to
take the test in the order that questions appear.
Finally, select an action after assessment completion. Depending on what you
select, students will be directed back to their dashboard or shown a summary of their
test results when they have finished.
If you enable Show Test Summary, you can select the kind of test feedback you want
students to see.
Check the boxes to expose to the student:
● Which responses were correct or incorrect;
● The student’s answer to each question; and/or
● The student’s total score on the assessment.
Then click Next.
You’ll see the Roster screen. If you need to create a new roster for this digital
assessment, see the Roster user guide for information.
If your assessment instance already includes the correct roster, proceed to Step 2.
Step 2. Create a Testing Window
Now go the Segments page. You’ll see your segments listed on the left. Click on the
segment you wish to work with.
Now, set a day and time that the test will be available online. Students will not have
access to the test before the assessment window opens.
The My Recent Assessment widget on your home page that has links to reports
will not include a link to this instance until the End Date window has closed.
Click the calendar icon next to the start and end dates to select a day.
Then select the times you want your test to be available.
You can add a proctor or add/remove a student from a segment in the same way your
would for a paper assessment.
Step 3. Activate the Assessment on the Test Day
On the day of the assessment, either the creator of the assessment instance or the
proctor must activate the session for digital proctoring.
You must complete this step or your assessment will not be available to students
during the testing window.
To do this, go to the Teach tab and select Proctoring in the left column.
Then select the assessment instance that is scheduled to be digitally proctored by
clicking on the arrow at the end of the row and selecting View.
At the top of the page, click on Begin Digital Proctoring.
You must click this button before students can see the test in their ActivProgress
Now your assessment can be digitally proctored.
If you need to end digital proctoring, return to the proctoring page and click on
Suspend Digital Proctoring. This button will only be available during the time
period the test is active.
Step 4. Students take the Digital Assessment
Tool Tip: To preview what students will see during a digital exam, go to Proctor and
then Digital Preview.
Students wil access the test by logging in, going to the Learn tab and clicking on My
Exams in the left column.
Students will see a “My Exams” box where they can start an assessment or view their
results from a previous assessment.
To begin an assessment, students will go to the arrow at the end of the row and click on
it, then click Take this Exam!
Students can then take the assessment on their computers.
When students have completed all the questions, they will see a summary of their
Click Submit Assessment.
If the assessment instance was set up to allow students to go back and change their
answers, then students can click on individual test items and go back to that question on
the test.
Depending on what the person who created the assessment instance selected, when
students have completed the assessment, they will see a screen with their results.
Any questions that must be hand-scored, such as an open-response question, will be
marked wrong at this stage.
5. Monitor and Review Student Results
A proctor can view the assessment progress, grade free response questions using hand
entry, and view results by going to the Evaluate tab and clicking on Proctoring.
Then select the assessment instance by going to the arrow at the end of the row and
clicking View.
For information about how to score an assessment that has been digitally proctored, see
the user guide “Scoring a Digitally Proctored Assessment.”
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