Global Exchange Manager

Global Exchange Manager
Global Exchange Manager
Version 10JUN2015
1. What is GEM for?
GEM is a product that simplifies the exchange/reissue process for Galileo GDS users worldwide.
2. How do I get GEM?
GEM is a worldwide supported product. To obtain your access, please contact us at
3. How do I access the latest version of GEM?
GEM is a web-based application. You just install it once and then you always have the latest
4. What technical specification is required for GEM?
You have to have Galileo Desktop and Internet Explorer installed on your PC or laptop.
5. Does the product works also with Smartpoint?
Yes. Both Focalpoint and Smartpoint are supported.
6. Can I use GEM for partly flown tickets?
Yes. GEM can handle tickets before and after departure. It also handles IT, BT, private fares,
involuntary rerouting and 2nd and subsequent reissues.
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7. Is it true that the agent needs to check Category 16 and verify
Yes, the agent needs to check in Category 16 whether the changes are allowed and what is the
penalty, if any. All the other steps are fully automated and the agent can rely on it, including the
combination of fares, correct tax application, even the partly used tickets.
8. Does GEM control the name in PNR and the name on ticket?
Yes, GEM always checks any difference in the name field by comparing it with the exchanged
ticket. If there is any change, even in one letter, GEM displays a warning message.
9. Why would our agency need GEM?
GEM simplifies exchanges, saves your time and reduces agent mistakes in the reissue process.
10. Can non-IATA agencies use GEM?
For GEM to process, you must display the original ticket which can be done only in the issuing
11. Do I need GEM if our agency uses Rapid Reprice?
GEM and Rapid Reprice are complementary products. There is still a lot of airlines which do not
code CAT31 necessary for Rapid Reprice processing or do not participate in Rapid Reprice. GEM
is also able to handle such scenarios as involuntary rerouting, the second and subsequent
exchanges and reissues, group PNRs and other non-standard situations where Rapid Reprice
cannot be used.
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12. What happens if I have a totally new PNR for reissue without
*HTE and all other history?
GEM will also help you with such a scenario. You can add the original ticket number in STEP 1
and GEM will call for all data with the exception of reissue of partly used ticket.
13. What possibility does GEM offer for penalty collection?
GEM supports five options: 1. Reissue without any penalty, 2. Penalty collected as a new TAX, 3.
Penalty collected on MCO, 4. Penalty collected on EMD and 5. Penalty collected to the Fare as a
Q surcharge shown in the Fare calculation.
14. Can I also use GEM to create or EMD?
There is no need. EMD for penalty is automatically created by GEM.
15. How do I exchange tickets for multiple passengers?
GEM requires to store a separate mask for each passenger. Therefore the already created mask
for the first passenger can be copied for other passengers having the same fare and the same
PTC (passenger type code).
16. Can I use GEM for my Group PNRs?
Yes, GEM is able to handle an individual as well as Group PNRs in the same way.
17. How do I read XT tax from previous exchange?
GEM can read all taxes show at the end of Fare calculation. Each paid tax is entered separately
in the exchange mask. Due to the host’s limitation, only 8 tax fields are available. Therefore the
8th and other following taxes are included under the XT tax.
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18. Can you exchange a ticket with additional collection when
currency of the fare is different from currency of the payment?
Yes, GEM respects IATA resolution 17f. Therefore the additional collection is calculated from the
Fare and converted to the Equivalent in local currency by BSR (bankers selling rate).
19. How would you compare GEM and Rapid Reprice?
Rapid Reprice
GUI companion sitting on Smartpoint and
Galileo Desktop.
GUI Companion sitting on Smartpoint and
Galileo Desktop.
Automates the ticket exchange process
(where a customer changes travel plans
Assists the agent in the exchange/reissue
process – guides them through a manual
process – provides automatic calculation.
Works ONLY where airlines file CAT31 for
their fares.
Does not interact with CAT31 filing. Works
for all airlines but has no automation – it’s
a manual process for all airlines including
those filing CAT31.
Works only on fares filed by the airline
either published fares or CAT25/35.
Can be used for all fare types including
those published to the agency via APF.
Available in limited markets at present as
BSP compatibility testing and verification is
needed for launching.
Available to all markets, as this is a manual
guide through the process of
Costs are value led per transaction.
Costs are per user per period defined. No
transactional relationship.
20. Does GEM support the exchange with residual value?
Yes, it does in the same way as the system (Galileo GDS).
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21. Does GEM support residual value with additional tax?
It does not due to a limitation in the Galileo GDS. GEM cannot do anything which is not allowed
by the system (Galileo GDS).
22. Some airlines need detailed taxes when the tickets are
exchanged. What can the agent do, if there are more than 8 taxes
Nothing – due to a limitation in the Galileo GDS. GEM cannot do anything which is not allowed
by the system (Galileo GDS).
23. Does GEM support the net Fare ticket exchange when the
ticketed fare is different than the actual amount due to the airline?
Yes, please see an example in the GEM User Guide on page 81.
24. Can you reissue two passengers at the same time?
GEM requires a separate mask for each passenger. You have to create the Filed Fare and the
Exchange mask for the first passenger. You can use GEM to copy the masks for other
passengers having the same PTC and the same fare.
25. How do you add a new tax?
Taxes from the new Fare calculation returned by the system are compared with the already paid
taxes. The difference – if any – is automatically added by GEM as an additional payment.
26. A passenger missed an onward flight because the first flight was
delayed, and the airline exchanges only that segment. Can GEM
reissue the return segment, if the passenger wants a change of date?
Yes, it is possible to reissue the return segment(s), if these coupons still have the “OPEN” status
on the original ticket.
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