User Guide // How to Download/Export Activity

User Guide // How to Download/Export Activity
User Guide // How to Download/Export Activity
There are three ways to download Account Activity from the new Square 1 Bank Online Banking platform.
Quick Download - Accessed from the Account Activity screen. When selected, data downloaded will include all transactions since the last time the function was performed.
Create an Export Profile > Prior Day Detail Report - Accessed under the Accounts menu, a user can create an Export
Profile that is customized by account, file format, date or date range, and transaction types (either detail codes or summary
balance codes).
Account Reports > Prior Day Detail Report - Accessed under Account Reports, a user can customize a Prior Day Detail
Report to generate by an absolute or relative date, transaction types and then download.
Quick Download
Select Accounts from the main menu, then Account Activity from the Manage Accounts sub-menu.
From the Account Activity page, select Quick Download.
Export Profile
Select Accounts from the main menu, then Export Profiles from the Account & Research Tools sub-menu.
Click Create Export Profile.
Enter a Description and File Name. Choose the File Format from the dropdown and click Select.
Select Prior Day Detail Only in the Contents section and the Account(s) to be included in the profile. Choose the Absolute
or Relative Date Range. Click Continue.
Next, select the columns you would like included in your Export Profile. Click Continue.
On the next page, select the transaction types to be displayed in the profile. Click Continue.
Review and click Save Profile.
To run the report, select Build File on the Manage Export Profiles page.
After the file is built the Status column will display Completed. Select the File Name link to download the file.
Account Reports/Prior Day Detail
Select Accounts from the main menu, then Account Reports from the Reports sub-menu.
Select Customize Report for the Prior Day Detail report.
On the next page, enter the Custom Report Name. Select Private or Shared and select Reference Text. Select the
Account(s) to include. Choose Relative or Absolute Date. You can select the Amount Range and Serial Number Range.
Customer Reference Number and Bank Reference Number are also optional.
Select Individual BAI/SWIFT Types beside Transaction Types. Do not select BAI Groups. Use the All Transactions, All
Credit Transactions or All Debit Transactions links to quickly select transaction types from the table. Click Continue.
From the Preview page you may Save your Custom Report, Save and View Report, or Edit Report.
From the Custom tab on the Account Reports page, you can select the link of the report you wish to access.
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