2636 users guide - The Sharper Image

2636 users guide - The Sharper Image
+ venture
24V User’s Guide
Recommended Use
Thank you for purchasing this Far
Infrared Ray (FIR) Heat Therapy device.
+Venture FIR Heat Therapy safely
provides deep, penetrating heat unlike
conventional hot packs or heat pads that
just heat the surface of the skin.
Benefits of Far Infrared Ray
 Expands capillaries and improves blood
 Promotes rebuilding of injured tissue by
stimulating body’s own healing forces.
 Relieves nerve tension and relaxes
muscle spasms.
 Strengthens the immune system and
speeds recovery time.
 Provides temporary pain relief for
arthritis, carpal tunnel, joint stiffness,
cramps, sports injuries, and more.
Physicians and therapists have
commonly recommended that heat
therapy be administered in 20
minute intervals. In addition, we
recommend our Medium setting as
the most optimal temperature setting
for heat therapy.
Far Infrared Ray (FIR) is electromagnetic
waves in the portion of the spectrum
just beyond visible light. Also produced
by the sun, FIR provides the target with
deep, penetrating heat via direct
energy conversion.
+Venture Far Infrared products have
been independently tested to emit
wavelengths of greater than 3,000
nanometers, qualifying them as Far
Infrared Ray.
 Do not use over open wounds, sensitive
What Is Far Infrared Ray?
skin areas, or in the presence of poor
Check skin frequently when you are
getting used to the product to avoid burns.
Shut off power if you experience any
The unattended use of this heated therapy
wrap by children or incapacitated persons
may be dangerous.
Consult your physician if you are pregnant,
have certain medical conditions, or if pain
Safe, Low Voltage Technology
+Venture Heat Therapy utilizes a safer,
lower DC (12V/24V) voltage design
instead of traditional AC (110V) heating
pads. Carbon-fiber heating elements
are the source of FIR. We’ve combined
innovative design and FIR technology
to create the ultimate heat therapy.
Deluxe Heating Pad/Foot Warmer
Perfect as an all-purpose heating pad
or doubles as a foot warmer! The
Deluxe heating pad offers therapeutic
FIR heat over a 24”x36” surface.
Preparing Connections
Applying Power to Device
Connecting Deluxe Heating Pad
Before turning on power, connect
power supply to the controller, as
shown below.
Studies show that using continuous,
low-level heat for an 8-hour period
(such as during sleep) for two days
provides extended pain releief for up
to two days following treatment.
Align slot on male end
with notch on female
end and connect the
plugs together. Align the
plastic nut on male end
with threads of female
connector and tighten by
turning clockwise.
24V power
supply/controller assembly
into the wall outlet.
Turning on Your Device
1. Press and hold the Power
for two seconds to turn on.
Maximum Heat Setting
2. When first turned on, your controller
will start on the Maximum Heat setting
and will display the blue light.
High Heat Setting
3. Press (not hold) the Power button
once to change the setting from Max to
Medium Heat Setting
4 Press (not hold) the Power button
once to change the setting from the
High setting to Medium.
Low Heat Setting
5. Press (not hold) the Power button
once to change the setting from the
Medium setting to Low.
Turning Off Your Device
Wash & Care
6. To turn power off, just hold the power
button for two seconds again until the
lights on the controller go off.
Neck, Shoulder,
Upper Back, Arms
Lower Back, Wrists,
Abdomen, Hips, Thighs
Knee, Calves, Ankles,
Legs, Feet
*Firmly insert the male end of the
power supply into the female end of
the controller.
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