`quick guide` to using GRADE and preparing a SoF table

`quick guide` to using GRADE and preparing a SoF table
To find out about GRADEpro – see the following website.
This website also provides useful links to resources, which
you should access to learn more about the GRADE
approach before embarking on producing a Summary of
findings table.
GRADEpro (GRADEproGDT) is the software used to create Summary of Findings (SoF)
tables in Cochrane systematic reviews.
GRADEpro is now available online and can be used on PCs or Mac computers. It can also
be downloaded into Google App to use offline.
This software allows you to create a Summary of Findings (SoF) table. You can import data from
a Review Manager 5 file, edit the data, and then export a Summary of Findings table or import it
into a Review Manager 5 file. GRADEpro performs many of the calculations necessary to present
the key results of systematic reviews in a table format and guides users through the process of
grading the quality of the evidence using the GRADE approach.
GRADEpro can also be used by guideline developers to develop guidelines, create evidence
profiles and Evidence to Decision tables.
To use GRADEproGDT, visit www.gradepro.org
Information and Resources
Coming soon! How to use GRADEpro to create Summary of Findings Tables
About GRADEpro - The GRADE Working Group, terms of use, and how to cite
Resources – Includes webinars, on-line modules, PowerPoint presentations, publications with
more information about Summary of Findings tables and the GRADE approach, and links to
relevant chapters in the Cochrane Handbook http://tech.cochrane.org/revman/otherresources/gradepro/resources”
Quick User Guide:
1. We have prepared a PreGRADE exercise - helpful background work that authors may
want to complete before moving on to the GRADEPRO software. See the attached
instructions for creating a PreGRADE table to help you organise decisions about the
quality of evidence for each of your SOF outcomes.
2. Save the RevMan5 file as a file on your laptop or computer.
3. Open and edit this RevMan file to include only the comparisons and outcomes you
wish to include in your ‘Summary of findings’ table. Do not edit the checked out
version of your review – as you want that review to include all relevant comparisons
– not just the one for the ‘Summary of findings’ table.
4. Register for a user account at http://www.guidelinedevelopment.org/ - you must
use the Google Chrome Browser to do this and to access GRADEpro.
5. Once registered, login in using your username and password.
6. Click on “Start New” tab and select “Summary of Findings (SoF)”
7. Enter a name for the “New project” and click on “Create project”.
8. Click on the tab “Import question”.
9. Choose the appropriate RevMan5 file to import (you can select which comparisons
(questions) you wish to import.
10. Double Click on the top “question heading” from the imported file and a table with
the relevant comparison and outcomes will appear on your screen.
11. Click on the “Number of participants” cell and specify the study design as
“randomised trial” and click on “apply”.
12. Click inside the “Quality” cell to assess the evidence according to the 5 GRADE
 Risk of bias
 Inconsistency
 Indirectness
 Imprecision
 Publication bias
Select from “not serious”, “serious”, “very serious” to grade each of the 5 criteria.
Please note, if you select “serious” or “very serious” – you will be required to
provide an explanation, which will be displayed as a footnote at the bottom of your
Summary of findings table. Right click to add an explanation. Once you have added
an explanation, select “apply” and go on to the next criteria.
13. For “Publication Bias” – you select one of the following “undetected”, “strongly
suspected” and again, you will need to apply an explanation, if you select “strongly
14. Repeat for up to a maximum of 7 outcomes.
15. Once you have completed the table, click on “Export” – top right-hand icon in the
screen below.
16. Select the 7 outcomes you wish to export, choose .sof (for import to RevMan) and
click on “Download”. The file will be automatically downloaded to your
“downloads” folder on your pc, unless you specify a different location.
17. You may wish to copy this download file to a specific location on your computer.
18. Check out the appropriate RevMan file of your review from RevMan (not the one
you edited for the ‘Summary of findings’ table).
19. Within RevMan, choose, “File”, “Import”, “Summary of findings” table and select the
appropriate .sof file from your downloads or specific location on your computer.
20. Check the Summary of findings table is displayed correctly within RevMan and make
any further edits as necessary e.g. you may wish to edit the question section relating
to participants, setting, interventions, comparison.
21. Ensure you add a summary of the GRADE findings from your ‘Summary of findings’
table to your Abstract, Main results and Quality of the evidence section in the
Discussion and provide a link to the SoF table.
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