Edimax | PS-3103 | How to share my Edimax Printer server to the Linux computer _PS

How to share the Edimax Printer Server to MAC computers.
This FAQ is applied to the following models and MAC versions:
Edimax: PS-3101 series / PS-3103 series
Linux operation system: all version with build-in LPR utility
Printer: non all-in-one printers (non-multifunctional printers)
There are two methods for sharing the printers via the stand-alone printer server like
Edimax printer server:
1. The embeded wizard in the Linux computer using LPR printing.
LPR (Line Printer Remote technology) allows Linux computer to connect to the printer
server via standard TCP/IP.
2. The proprietary software developed by the printer server vendor.
(This software often supports Windows system, like Windows 2000, XP and Vista only.)
In this FAQ, we will walk you through setting up the printer sharing via Edimax
printer server under the Linux computer using the first method, The embeded
wizard in the Linux computer using LPR printing.
Step by Step:
Step 1 : Ensure that the IP addresses are set correctly in the Linux computer.
In this FAQ, we assume that all of your computers share the IP addresses
from to, and there is a HP Deskjet 810C hooked to
the Edimax printer server (IP address, shown in the Figure-1.
The configuration is complete. Now, you could try the printing job.
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