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How To Download & Install the SellMeBooks App
First you should receive an email inviting you to download the Beta
SellMeBooks App. You can see an example of what the email looks like to the
right. If you haven’t received an email inviting you to download SellMeBooks
1.0 then please email [email protected] to request an invitation.
Once you receive the email, open it up and click on the icon. This will take you
to the iOS app store to download Test Flight. Download and Install the Test
Flight app onto your phone. Once the installation has completed, open up the
Test Flight app and it will look like this:
You will then install the SellMeBooks app to your phone. Once you
have downloaded the SellMeBooks app, you should launch the
application. It will look like this:
You will need a PIN number to enter into the app. You will receive this
PIN number from us once you have completed the Promissory Note &
Bank Info form. If you did not complete this form, please do so now
by clicking here:
Once you have entered into the app, you will be prompted to refresh
the database. This is very important. This is the database of prices
that you will use to determine how much a book is worth. If you do
not update your database, you will not be able to price any books. You
should click ok. It can take several minutes to update. You should do
this while connected to wifi.
Once you have downloaded the database you are ready to start buying
books! You can price a book two ways: by scanning the bar code using
the Scan function or by typing in the ISBN number using the keypad.
To use the Scan option, simply click on the button labelled Scan. Hold
the camera over the barcode that shows the ISBN 13 number. If the
camera is having difficulty reading the bar code, try tapping the screen
once with one finger to focus the camera.
If you are still having trouble with your camera, next try manually
typing the ISBN in using the Keypad
Once you Key in the ISBN, it will either say ISBN not found or it will
display a price. If it says ISBN not found, this means we are not
currently offering any money for this book. If it does bring up a price, it
will look like this:
At this point you should ask the Seller if they would like to sell that
book. If they do, you should click the Add to my list button. Repeat this
process until you have priced and added any books they are willing to
sell. At this point, click on the BuyList button to see the full order. It
will give you the total amount. You should click the ‘Send Email’ button
when you are ready to check out and send the seller a receipt. Type in
the seller’s email address they want the receipt mailed to. If they do
not want a receipt, then put in your own email address. It is important
to send this email because it completes the transaction. You can also
type any notes you might want to add in below. Click Ok to complete
the transaction.
At this point the order is complete. If you are sure you are done
with this order, you should now delete all the books from the
Buy List by clicking the Trash Can button in the upper right hand
Frequently Asked Questions:
Q. The app just isn’t working for me. What do I do?
A. You should use the website to manually check ISBN prices.
Q. How to I request an invitation to download the app?
A. Email [email protected]
Q. How do I get a PIN?
A. You need to complete the Promissory Note here:
Q. How do I update my database?
A. Once you have the app installed it will ask you when you first log in. If
you need to do it again at some point, you will click on the More button at
the bottom right corner (with three squares). There is an option to
‘Refresh Database’. It is optimal to use WiFi when updating the database.
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