How to Download Files from CGS Online Data Delivery System (ODDS)
Version 2
This guide shows how to transfer files from CGS Online Data Delivery System (ODDS) V2 by setting up and logging into
Filezilla client as the preferred SFTP client.
Forget Password
In case you have forgotten your login/password of your CGS ODDS V2 account or you would like to change your
password, you may retrieve your login and reset your password at http://odds.cgs.hku.hk/odds-user/getpass.php
1. Download and install Filezilla client at https://filezilla-project.org/download.php?type=client
If you have difficulty in downloading the file from the link above, you may download a copy at
2. Open Filezilla. Enter the following information into the Quickconnect bar located at the top of the window.
Host: sftp://odds.cgs.hku.hk
Username: Your given username
Password: Your given password
Port number: 22
3. Click on Quickconnect or press Enter to connect to the server.
4. On first login, click OK to accept the security certificate about an unknown host key.
5. Click on the file that you wish to download from CGS ODDS V2 Server (window on the right) and then move the file
to the destination location on your computer (window on the left). Please note that you will need to click and hold the
mouse button during this drag and drop action.
Your computer CGS ODDS V2 Server 6. Upon "dropping" the file into your computer, you will see that the file transfer is in progress (see screen shot below).
Please wait for the file transfer to be completed and this will take a while for files that is large in size. Note that the
number in the brackets denotes how many files are to be transferred.
7. Once the file transfer completed successfully, you will see numbers in the "Successful transfers" tab (see screen shot
below). Note that the number in the brackets denotes how many files are transferred successfully.
8. If the download is interrupted due to broken network connection or sudden computer shutdown, you may resume the
file transfer instead of download again from scratch when you try to download the same file from CGS ODDS V2
Server to the same folder in your computer.
Choose “Resume” in the “Action” menu and click “OK”
9. Check that the size of the downloaded file in your computer is identical to the size of the file in the CGS ODDS V2
10. You may close Filezilla client when all files are downloaded successfully.
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