SmartPoynt terms, conditions and repair related information for

SmartPoynt terms, conditions and repair related information for
SmartPoynt terms, conditions and
repair related information for
warranty purposes.
Important Information
Poynting Antennas (Pty) Ltd, for device/devices purchased in the South Africa provide this limited
warranty for SmartPoynt product included in the original sales package (“device”).
The Smart Poynt (device) is a sophisticated electronic device. Poynting strongly encourages you to read
and follow the user guide. Please note that your product may contain parts, which can be damaged if
not handled with due care.
What is the warranty period on my SmartPoynt device?
The warranty period on the SmartPoynt devices is 12 months, and is subject to the manufacturer’s
terms and conditions.
The warranty applied on SmartPoynt devices will begin on the date of purchase, printed on the original
invoice. Make sure you provide accurate contact details so you can receive status updates and the
notification to collect.
How is my warranty voided?
Your warranty will be void if your device is damaged.
This includes, but is not limited to:
- Physical damage and/or misuse or abuse, liquid damage, repairs and/or product modifications
and alterations that have been performed by unauthorized third parties;
- Modifying the exterior of the SmartPoynt device by gluing, pasting or sticking ‘decorative’
images on the device can void the warranty if such additions impact the mechanics/functionality
of the device. Such attachments could also impact on the strength of your network connectivity
on the device;
- The downloading of prohibited software, amendment of the IMEI number on your device,
whether it has been erased or made illegible, or if the internal data of your device doesn’t
comply with the proof of purchase;
- Failing to comply with the installation process and instructions for use, or if you use accessories
and/or products that aren’t compatible with your device – such as generic accessories and other
contaminated auxiliary devices;
- As the repairs are performed in accordance with the manufacturer warranty, you have to ensure
that you comply with the warranty requirements as they are outlined in your device’s manual.
Out of Box Failure (OBF) verification
Kindly note that you must return OBF devices within seven (7) days to the original store where the
device was purchased.
Physical damage – all devices
There should not be any physical damage on the product or its accessories, or any signs of negligence
due to: physical abuse, liquid damage, dents or marks.
Please Note: Physical damage (including seemingly insignificant surface scratches, marks, etc.) could
result in an OBF claim being rejected. If you experience a problem with your new device, you are
encouraged to return it to the original store as soon as possible to reduce the risk of an OBF rejection
due to physical damage.
OBF terms and conditions:
SmartPoynt devices must be returned within 7 (seven) calendar days from date of purchase as printed
on the original invoice.
The original invoice (proof of purchase) as received at the point of sale must be submitted with the
SmartPoynt device that is being returned.
All devices will be assessed by a repairs technician for any faults as reported by the client before being
exchanged. We endeavor to make the repair and turnaround time as short as possible. However, the
turnaround time may take longer than expected due to timeframes that may be influenced by location,
courier delays and/or public holidays).
SmartPoynt devices that meet the OBF criteria but are defective due to software issues, and that can be
fixed by an upgrade to the software are not considered OBF at this stage in the OBF process.
- A free of charge software upgrade will be performed in an attempt to resolve the fault;
- Should the software upgrade not resolve the fault, and the device is still faulty within 7 (seven)
days of the software upgrade and/or still within a 14 (fourteen) calendar day period from date
of purchase, the device will be accepted as an OBF. The consumer should keep the proof of
receipt of the SmartPoynt device when the device is issued back after the software upgrade, as
this is the date that will be applied in terms of the additional 7 (seven) day window;
- Items that qualify as OBF will only be swopped for the same make and model.
The original components and contents of the ‘box’, (device, original battery, original charger, original
earphones, original antenna, manual and any other accessories) must be complete and the packaging
intact and in a good condition.
The IMEI number on the box and the device should agree to one another.
The physical condition of device applies – as outlined above.
Repair and exchange service models
What is deemed as a repair?
A repair process is when physical repair commences on a SmartPoynt device where spare parts are
replaced in order to repair the fault reported.
What is an exchange/swapped device in the service procedure?
An exchange procedure is when no repair (s) can be undertaken on a SmartPoynt device. The
SmartPoynt device is then exchanged/swapped and referred to as an ‘exchange/swap process. The
replacement device is supplied by the manufacturer.
The exchanged/swapped device issued by the manufacturer is stock which may be renewed/refurbished
SmartPoynt devices. In some cases only the main board is exchanged/swapped and as such, in some
instances the consumer will receive their original covers back.
Although every effort is made to exchange/swap the device with the same make, model and colour, it
may not always be possible. Alternative options available at the time will be discussed with you prior to
completion of the service procedure.
How the warranty period is determined based on the technical outcome above?
If a repair is commenced on the SmartPoynt device, the warranty period continues normally from where
it is in the implied warranty period.
If an exchange and/or replacement SmartPoynt device is issued as means of the approved repair
process, the warranty period continues normally from where it is in the implied warranty period.
If a final repair or exchange is undertaken and it is unsuccessful, the next repair process may be the
issuing of a new sealed SmartPoynt device. In these cases, the warranty period continues normally from
where it is in the implied warranty period.
There are certain situations where a new sealed unit may be supplied, where such decisions are taken
independently of the repair process and in these instances, a full, new warranty period applies on the
new SmartPoynt device (as per the manufacturer implied warranty period offered). In such situations s,
the documentation which validates the date of receipt (proof of purchase or job card) containing the
details of the new SmartPoynt device, will be that the date that is applied as the new implied warranty
date offering the full warranty period (12 months).
Consumer expected outcomes
Our main focus remains good customer service. We endeavor to provide a working device and/or
alternative solutions as soon as possible.
An authorized repair center will determine a repair outcome. We will communicate the outcome of the
findings to you either telephonically and/or via email.
What is our turnaround time?
The repairs center, within its control, endeavors to meet the fastest possible turnaround time for all
consumers. Please kindly take note that the turnaround time is an estimated timeframe which cannot
always be guaranteed due to the reliance on *spares, *general stock availability, *transport services,
and other *third parties and in some instances the *location and/or route the device has to travel.
Data support
As the customer, you need to take note of the following important data related information:
To take responsibility for backing up your own data content (both business and private content).
Applicable to all repairs
In order to protect your SmartPoynt device, repairs will only be returned to you upon presentation of
your signed job receipt.
Accessories (battery, charger, earphone, micro SD card, etc.) must not be booked-in with the
SmartPoynt device unless it is required during the repair process. Our repairs center will not be held
responsible for any loss of SIM card, battery, charger or any other accessory booked-in unnecessarily.
Please ensure you remove your SIM card from the SmartPoynt device and do not book this in with your
device at any time.
The company shall be deemed authorized to replace materials and parts as necessary to complete the
repair on the warranty devices. However, a quotation will be generated, for any out of warranty devices
(due to physical damage and/or lapse of warranty). Device not collected within 90 days of 1st collection
notification, becomes the property of Poynting Antennas (Pty) Ltd-. Such a device may be sold after this
90 day period to cover costs incurred by us.
All repairs undertaken, except for those in respect of corrosion and/or liquid damage, are guaranteed
against faulty workmanship for a maximum period of 3 (three) months from the date that the consumer
received notification to collect their device and not from the point of actual collection by the consumer.
Warranty repairs
All warranty repairs undertaken by Poynting Antennas (Pty) Ltd are covered under limited manufacturer
warranty and as such no costs will be incurred by you for any in warranty repairs completed.
Out of warranty repairs
The nature of the SmartPoynt devices (cellphones and tablets) is such that fault duplication is required
to ensure that the fault is correctly recognized and resolved. Out of warranty repairs may incur a ‘cost’
for technical fault diagnosis.
A quotation will be generated for all out of warranty repairs. You will have to give prior consent in
writing within 10 (ten) calendar days to accept the quotation/estimate. If after this acceptance, further
faults are found that influence the original quotation/estimate, you will be contacted again to give a
personal approval to proceed. Any time delays in getting this authorization from you will impact the
overall turnaround time.
Out of warranty repairs are strictly COD (cash on delivery) and SmartPoynt devices will therefore not be
released until payment has been received.
A liquid damaged device repair is considered ‘out of warranty’ as the manufacturer’s warranty is voided.
You will be given a repair quotation for which you will be liable should you accept the repair costs.
A liquid repair effort is not an industry norm but is offered as a complementary service to consumers to
try and assist with the repair of an un-usable SmartPoynt device.
After attempting to repair your liquid damaged SmartPoynt device it may not operate in the same way
as before and it may not be returned in the same condition as before.
Despite Poynting Antennas repairs center issuing you with a quote, the liquid damaged SmartPoynt
device may be beyond economical repair.
Should Poynting Antennas repairs center be unable to repair your liquid damaged SmartPoynt device,
Poynting Antennas (Pty) Ltd will not be liable for replacing the device or for any loss, damage or cost
suffered by you.
More information pertaining to liquid damage
Liquid damaged SmartPoynt device(s) shall mean device(s) which are found to have any form of
corrosion which may have been caused by liquid making contact with the devices’ PC Board. A
SmartPoynt device is established as liquid damaged when traces of liquid remains or corrosion have
been identified on the PC board or on the device itself. A SmartPoynt device may continue to function
for couple of weeks/months after the liquid damage is caused, due to corrosion setting in over time.
Liquid seen can be insignificant but the damages occur within the layered board or under a component
of the SmartPoynt device. The indications of the damage can also change as the liquid spreads through
the PC board.
Liquid damage can be caused by but is not limited to:
- Actual water (dropping in water, holding/handling the device against damp hair or skin), hand cream,
perfume, excessive temperature fluctuations, steam caused in a kitchen and/or a bathroom,
perspiration (after exercise, warm day), mist cooling systems at restaurants.
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