Quarter Hour Billing

Quarter Hour Billing
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Quarter Hour Billing
Therap’s Billing Support application has been designed to help providers track services given to individuals
and the amount that is to be billed for each service. It supports Electronic Billing which allows for direct
submission of claims to Medicaid. Using Therap's Billing modules users can create service authorizations,
track billable and non-billable service units, send single or multiple professional claims with Electronic Billing
and view claim status.
A challenge in billing is that there can be different funding sources for different services provided to individuals.
There may also be multiple funding sources paying for a particular service. Therap's Billing Support application
addresses this issue by using a Service Authorization scheme which works as an association between
particular services provided to an individual and the appropriate funding source. Bills can then be entered for
measurable service units based on proper Service Authorizations. Billing information such as number of
billable and non-billable service units can easily be entered and the system will automatically calculate the
number of remaining units and amount within the service authorization.
Therap Services, LLC. 562 Watertown Avenue, Suite 3, Waterbury, CT 06708‐2240, USA Phone: 1‐203‐596‐7553 | Fax: 1‐203‐757‐5116 www.TherapServices.net 1. Create Funding Sources: This option allows Provider
Administrators (PA) to create and manage funding sources
(person or entity paying the bills). The Provider Administrator
can use the ‘New Funding Source’ link to enter new funding
sources or the ‘Funding Source List’ link to update/delete
existing ones.
Provider Administrator FirstPage Details on creating Funding Sources is provided in the Support Knowledgebase at:
2. Create Service Descriptions/Code or Service: Agencies provide particular services to the individuals
they support. A Service Description/Code serves as a unique identification for such a service provided
to individuals. The feature of the billing application lets you store and manage information about billable
services using the service descriptions and codes as the identification code. The Provider
Administrators and regular users with access privileges to create, approve or update service
authorizations have access to these options.
Provider Administrators can find the ‘New Description/Code’ link in the Billing area of their FirstPage.
Regular users can find this in the Service Description/Code area of their FirstPage.
Provider Administrator FirstPage Regular User FirstPage a) Select
Description/Code link. You will
be taken to the Service
Description/Code page.
b) Enter Service Description.
c) Enter Service Code.
d) You must enter information in
the fields marked with an
asterisk (*).
e) If you want, you may also enter
the unit of measure and the
cost of each unit.
f) Please fill in the information in
Calculation From Time In/Out
section, if you want the service
to take time input and to allow
the system to automatically calculate the billing units.
NOTE: Unit of Measure (Calculation) is used for automatic billing unit calculation whereas Unit of
Measure (Label) is shown on different sections of the Billing application. When selecting Unit of
Therap Services, LLC. 562 Watertown Avenue, Suite 3, Waterbury, CT 06708‐2240, USA Phone: 1‐203‐596‐7553 | Fax: 1‐203‐757‐5116 www.TherapServices.net Measure (Calculation) you will be given a message to confirm if specified Unit of Measure (Label) and
Unit of Measure (calculation) represent the same unit of measure.
For example, to calculate Billing for every 15 minutes, you may specify Unit of Measure (Label)
as ¼ and select ‘Quarterly’ from the Unit of Measure (calculation) dropdown, ¼ will be shown
wherever Unit of Measure appears in the Billing application. The selection of Rounding
Algorithm and Smallest Allowed Increment will further determine how the Automatic Billing
Calculation will be made. For this example, when Unit of Measure is Quarterly and Smallest
Allowed Increment is 15 minutes, this is how Rounding Algorithms will determine the number of
units being calculated based on different time inputs:
Half Up
For more information on how billing units will be calculated from Unit of Measure (Calculation), Rounding
Algorithm, and Smallest Allowed Increment, click on the See Example link on the Service
Description/Code page.
g) If you want to enter description/code for other services after this one, click on the Save And Create
New button. Otherwise click on Save, if you want to save this service description/code only and do
not need to enter new ones.
3. Create New Service Authorization: A Service authorization is an association between an individual
and the funding source paying the bills. It also defines the services to be provided to an individual. Bills
are prepared based on approved Service Authorizations. Appropriate roles (Access privileges) are
required to create, submit, approve and update Service Authorizations.
If you have the Service Authorization Submit role, you will be able to create new Service
Authorizations for the individuals. This can be done from the
regular account.
a) Select the New Service Authorization link in the Service
Authorization area on FirstPage. This takes you to the
Select Program For Service Authorization page.
Regular User FirstPage Therap Services, LLC. 562 Watertown Avenue, Suite 3, Waterbury, CT 06708‐2240, USA Phone: 1‐203‐596‐7553 | Fax: 1‐203‐757‐5116 www.TherapServices.net b) Select the individual's program for whom you are entering the service authorization. This takes you
to the Service Authorization page.
c) Select the individual from the Individual Name drop down.
d) Select the Individual ID Type that will be used in claims to send to Payer.
e) Enter Begin Date and End Date to specify the period within which the Service Authorization will
remain valid.
f) Enter additional information in the appropriate fields.
g) Add one or more services by clicking on the Add Service button. This will open the Service popup
Add Service:
Choose the Appropriate Service Description/Code, Unit of Measure (Label), Unit Cost,
Total Amount of Service Authorization ($) for the Service, and Method of Data
Collection, among others. Based on the Service Description, parameters for the
Automatic Billing Calculation will be auto populated. Information on this page can also be
edited as needed. (Please refer to Step#2 of this guide for details.) For this guide, we use
the ‘Billing Data Input’ as the Method of Data Collection.
Therap Services, LLC. 562 Watertown Avenue, Suite 3, Waterbury, CT 06708‐2240, USA Phone: 1‐203‐596‐7553 | Fax: 1‐203‐757‐5116 www.TherapServices.net II.
Provide appropriate Unit Cost and Amount of Service Authorization. Note that, the
Amount of Service Authorization ($) limits the total number of units that can be given
using this service. Click on the Save button, to save and add the Service to the Service
h) You may repeat Step#5g to add more service to the Service Authorization.
Click on the Submit button to submit the Service Authorization for
approval. If you do not want to submit it right now and want to work on
it later, click Save (the form will be saved in your Worklist). If you have the ‘Service Authorization
Approve’ role, you may also click on the Approve button to directly save and approve the Service
Authorization. The Service Authorization cannot be used for billing unless it is approved.
4. Billing Data Input: This option lets you prepare bills for services provided to individuals, based on
existing Service Authorizations. The application will automatically extract the billing details of services
from the Service Authorization; you will just have to specify the billing date, billable and non-billable
service units. The User needs the ‘Billing Data Submit’ role to be able to use these options.
a) From the FirstPage of the regular account, click on the
‘Billing Data Input’ link available in the Billing Data Input
area of your FirstPage.
b) Billing Data is collected based on approved Service
Authorizations. You need to use the search option in the Billing Data Input Search page to
locate the Service Authorization required for your billing data.
I. Enter your search parameters in the appropriate fields. (Performing the search without
specifying any parameters will display all available Service Authorizations.)
II. Click on Search. This will show you a list of Service Authorizations matching your
c) From the search results, select the Service Authorization you want to use for the billing data.
Therap Services, LLC. 562 Watertown Avenue, Suite 3, Waterbury, CT 06708‐2240, USA Phone: 1‐203‐596‐7553 | Fax: 1‐203‐757‐5116 www.TherapServices.net d) This takes you to the Billing Data Input page.
On this page, information about the Service
Authorization and the Services it includes
will be displayed in read-only format. Note
the information on this page reflects the
ones that were entered when creating the
Service Authorization (in earlier steps).
e) Scroll down to the Billing Data Input section
on this page, and provide all necessary data
(for example: Service Date, Time In, Time
Out) that is needed for calculating number of
billing units. Then click on the Calculate
Billable Unit button to automatically
calculate the billable units based on the
Time In / Out and Service Authorization
A prompt will ask you to verify if you want to use the calculated billable unit. Note that this
calculation is based on the calculation settings you specified for the Service. Click on the Yes
button to use the calculated billable unit.
g) You will then see the ‘Number of
Billing Service Units’ being auto
populated. You may also edit
this field as needed. If needed,
you may also enter a value for
Non-billable units. The Nonbillable units will be recorded but
not be billed. Provide other
Provider, Primary Diagnosis
Code, Procedure Modifiers, and
comments, among others) as
needed. Please also note the
‘Remaining Number of Units’ and ‘Remaining Amount of Authorization’ (for the selected Service
Authorization) on this form.
h) Click on the
button at the bottom to submit the entered information for billing.
For more information on the Billing module, please check out our Support Knowledgebase. We have User Guide, FAQs, and Quick Guides to further assist you in learning this module. Click on the link available on the top‐right corner of the application page to access these. Therap Services, LLC. 562 Watertown Avenue, Suite 3, Waterbury, CT 06708‐2240, USA Phone: 1‐203‐596‐7553 | Fax: 1‐203‐757‐5116 www.TherapServices.net 
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