Mississippi Messenger

Mississippi Messenger
Division of Medicaid
Vol. 2, Issue 3.1 - September 2015
Current Information on
Mississippi Case Mix Reimbursement
The Mississippi Messenger is a publication produced under contract with
The Mississippi Division of Medicaid by
Myers and Stauffer LC, 9265 Counselors Row, Suite 100, Indianapolis, IN 46240
The Mississippi Messenger is
published to keep all interested
parties current on Mississippi
Case Mix Reimbursement. It is
our goal to provide official
information on major issues
such as:
Clarifications/changes to the
Supportive Documentation
Upcoming Training
State RAI Coordinator
(601) 364-2711
Case Mix and Medicaid
CMI Report Questions
Myers and Stauffer LC
(800) 773-8609
Web Portal
Access Issues
Please call the Myers and Stauffer Help
Desk at 800-773-8609 if you have
questions relating to accessing the Myers
and Stauffer Web Portal. The staff will
review the issue and may require that you
complete a new User Account Information
Form. They will send you the appropriate
form for completion and return. Once IP
address changes are made, the Web Portal
should be visible from that public facing IP
address. If further issues are encountered,
please call the Help Desk for assistance.
Mississippi Timeline
Distribution of the
2nd Interim Roster
Case Mix Roster
Report Calendar
In an effort to decrease the
burden on the provider
community, the Division of
Medicaid has implemented a
new Time-Weighted Case Mix
Roster Report Calendar. The
revisions were designed to
increase the accuracy of the
Interim Time-Weighted Case
Mix Roster Reports by allowing
additional processing time
between distributions.
You can find the updated 2015
Time-Weighted Case Mix
Roster Report Calendar at
www.mslc.com/mississippi by
clicking on “Case-Mix and
Related Services”, selecting
Tran ting
& Pos the
fo r
Dates Ending
Quart 0/15
Cut-off date for MDS transmission for
the 3rd Interim Roster Report
Distribution of the 3rd Interim Roster
Cut-off date for MDS transmission for
the Final Roster Report
Distribution of the Final Roster Report
Cut-off date for MDS transmission for
the 1st Interim Roster Report
Distribution of the 1st Interim Roster
Cut-off date for MDS transmission for
the 2nd Interim Roster Report
Case Mix, RUG-IV,
and Time-Weighted Training
The Mississippi Division of Medicaid
transitioned to the RUG-IV, 48-group
classification model effective with the
January 1, 2015 Medicaid rates.
Beginning January 1, 2015, Case Mix
Review and Case Mix Master Roster Reports reflected this change. The DOM has
contracted with Myers and Stauffer LC, to conduct provider training.
This seminar will include:
ü RUG-IV, 48-Grouper
ü Supportive Documentation
ü Case Mix Reviews Update
ü Time-Weighted Reimbursement
ü Case Mix Master Roster Report
ü Web Portal and Bed Hold
Each day will open for registration at
8:30 a.m.; the seminar will begin at
9:00 a.m. and conclude by 4:00 p.m.
Beverages will be provided. Lunch
on your own.
BancorpSouth Conference Center
387 East Main Street
Tupelo, MS 38804
(662) 718-5500
Lake Terrace Convention Center
One Convention Center Plaza
Hattiesburg, MS 39401
(601) 268-3220
Marriott Jackson
200 East Amite St.
Jackson, MS 39201
(601) 969-5100
To register, or for more information, go
to www.mslc.com/mississippi. Click on Case Mix and Related Services then select
Provider Training.
There is no charge to attend; however, advance registration is necessary due to
limited seating. All registrations are accepted on a first-come, first served basis.
Providers should limit the number of attendees to two per facility. Walk-ins will
not be accepted on the day of the seminar.
Does your MDS Coordinator worry
and stress out when the Case Mix
Reviewer arrives? Here are some
simple tips to help alleviate that
ake sure the entire Inter-Disciplinary Team (IDT) knows and
follows the current Supportive Documentation Requirements. Print out
applicable sections of the RAI Manual and SDRs for the various IDT
ocumentation is a facility effort; one or two people cannot do it all.
Educate staff on required documentation, explaining the importance of
accurate and complete documentation.
elf-review MDSs and supporting documentation on a routine basis
and avoid any unpleasant surprises.
urrent information about SDRs, RUG calculation, newsletters,
upcoming training and more is always available at
Case Mix Review
It is neither expected nor necessary for a facility to
flag or pull documentation in a chart or thinned record before
bringing the medical records to the reviewer. Often times,
unnecessary records are pulled and the reviewer still has to
request additional records. Save yourself some time - simply
bring all available medical records for the specified time frame to
the reviewer.
Steps for Requesting
Previous Reports
If you would like to be among the
first to receive seminar
notifications, newsletters, resources,
etc., please send an email to
mshelpdesk@mslc.com to subscribe
to our notification list. When
sending your message, please type
“subscribe” in the subject line. In
the body of the message, please
include your full name, title, phone
number and facility/company name.
As always, MDS coding questions
are addressed by your state RAI
Coordinator. If you have general
questions and/or comments
pertaining to our website that you
would like to submit to the Myers
and Stauffer Help Desk, send us an
email at mshelpdesk@mslc.com.
Please be sure to provide all of your
contact information to ensure a
speedy response.
Remember, resident information
is considered Protected Health
Information (PHI). Email is not a
secure format for communicating
this type of sensitive information.
Please consult your HIPAA Security
Officer for more information. For
example, the Roster Report contains
specific patient information.
Instead of sending a question
regarding the roster by email,
contact the Myers & Stauffer Help
Desk at 800-773-8609.
You will find postings of variations of the
Roster Reports several times each quarter
on the web portal. These reports are
available for approximately 6 months
from the posting date. Please download
and save these reports for future reference.
To obtain reports posted more than 6
months ago, a request will need to be made
to Myers and Stauffer asking that the report
be re-posted to the web portal.
To request that a previous report be reposted, simply send an email to
Specify which report you are
requesting (interim, quarter final)
Specify the quarter that you are
Do not include ANY PHI in this
email request
The report(s) will be re-posted to the
web portal within 30 days of the request.
C ha n
ge to
Please note that while the BC1 RUG category still denotes
inactive or expired records, the number of days before a
record becomes delinquent in Rule E shown in the Case
Mix Master Roster Report User Guide has changed.
The number of days has been increased and the
revised rule E is shown below and can
be found on our website at
Expired Assessment (Rule E) - E.
DOM allows no more than 92 days
between assessments. For purposes of
Mississippi Medicaid reimbursement only,
each assessment is considered active for a
maximum of 92 days, measured from the
assessment reference date (A2300). An
assessment that is not followed by an assessment or Discharge assessment or
Death in Facility tracking form within 92 days of the preceding record's
assessment reference date (target date) does not have additional days counted
for that record after day 92. At this time, the record is considered an expired (or
inactive) assessment. During the inactive period following an expired
assessment (starting on day 93) until the start of the next assessment (A2300)
or the end of the quarter, days are counted at the inactive/expired RUG-IV
classification BC1.
al c
ul a
ti o
Steps for Requesting | Previous Provider Summary Letters
The provider summary letters are posted to the web portal within 30 days following the
Case Mix Review. These reports are available for approximately 15 days from the posting
date. Please download and save these letters for future reference. To obtain
letters posted more than 15 days ago, a request will need to be made to
Myers and Stauffer asking that the letter be re-posted to the web portal.
To request that a letter be re-posted, simply send an email to
● Specify the date of the review for the letter that you are requesting
● Include the words “Request for Provider Summary letter” in the subject line of your
● Do not include ANY PHI in this email request
Re-posts of requested letters should occur within 30 days on the web portal.
Z0400: Signatures of Persons Completing the
Assessment or Entry/Death Reporting
Z0500: Signature of RN Assessment Coordinator
MD essme ion Verifying
Assessment Completion
Ass istrat
Chapter 3, pages Z6 – Z8 of the RAI Manual provides
specific coding instructions for these two items; the
information taken directly from these pages is noted on Page
Z-6, “The importance of accurately completing and submitting the
MDS cannot be over-emphasized.” The MDS is the basis for the development of
an individualized care plan, Medicare PPS and the State Medicaid reimbursement
program, in addition to several other reporting and monitoring processes.
Z0400 Coding Instructions
● “All staff that completed any part of the MDS must enter their signatures,
titles, sections or portion(s) of section(s) they completed and the date
● “If a staff member cannot sign Z0400 on the same day that he or she
completed a section or portion of a section, when the staff member signs, use
the date the item originally was completed.”
● “Read the Attestation Statement carefully. You are certifying that the
information you entered on the MDS, to the best of your knowledge, most
accurately reflects the resident’s status. Penalties may be applied for
submitting false information.”
Z0500 Item Rationale
● “Federal regulation requires the RN assessment coordinator to sign and
thereby certify that the assessment is complete.”
Z0500 Steps for assessment:
● “Verify that all items on this assessment are complete.”
● “Verify that Item Z0400 contains attestation for all MDS sections.”
Z0500 Coding Instructions:
● “For Z0500B, use the actual date that the MDS was completed, reviewed and
signed as complete by the RN assessment coordinator. This date will
generally be later than the date(s) at Z0400, which documents when portions
of the assessment information were completed by assessment team
§ For an Admission assessment, this is the 14th calendar day of the resident’s
admission (admission date + 13 calendar days).
§ For all other assessments, this is the ARD + 14 calendar days.
“If for some reason the MDS cannot be signed by the RN assessment coordinator
on the date it is completed, the RN assessment coordinator should use the actual
date that it is signed.”
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