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Rackmount Recorders & Players
BlackBox Series
Ideal Recorder for Permanent Installations
When you need a reliable recorder with a high level of
remote controllability, go with the Marantz PMD580.
This powerful unit is ideal anywhere scheduled
recordings are a must — university lecture halls, houses
of worship, conference halls, etc. Thanks to the PMD580’s
Ethernet connection and web-based controllability, IT
professionals can take charge of the unit from anywhere.
In fact, you can even upload recorded files automatically
to any network location, so you won’t have to remove its
CompactFlash card. That means you’ll always have room
available to record.
Great Recording and Playback Options
The JoeCo BlackBox BBR1-B 24-track recorder
makes it incredibly easy to get great live and rehearsal
recordings, and it sets up quickly. The BlackBox features
analog inputs, records to quality BWF format, and
allows you to plug in a standard USB 2.0 drive for
effortless transfer to your DAW. This 1U box provides full
front-panel metering and direct control, so you don’t
need to deal with a computer to plug in and get great
recordings. Models with ADAT and AES/EBU inputs are
also available.
Denon's DN-F650R gives you the option of recording
straight to any SD/SDHC flash card for reliable solid-state
recording. Or you can capture audio right to your USB
external device. What's more, you also get easy playback
capabilities. The even more affordable DN-F400 plays
back popular audio formats, including MP3 and WAV
files. Just pop in an SD/SDHC card and start your playlist.
The DN-F300 plays back files from both your SD/SDHC
cards and your USB flash drives. You can adjust both
pitch and tempo ±20%. The DN-F400 can be controlled
by the RC-F400S remote.
ONLY $32/mo.
ONLY $105/mo.
Rackmount Recorder/Player......List $149999
ONLY $49/mo.
BlackBoxBRackmount Recorder ..................................
Rackmount Recorder w/ADAT.....................
Rackmount Recorder .................List $399500
The TASCAM SS-R100 solid-state recorder serves up an
impressive set of recording and playback features in a
compact single-rack unit that’s great for installations.
Whether you’re recording important meetings, capturing
audio in your house of worship, or want a great solution
for live performances, the SS-R100 gives you the
flexibility you need. The SS-R100 records in WAV or MP3
formats. You get unbalanced RCA I/O as well as S/PDIF
coaxial digital I/O. Call your Sweetwater Sales Engineer
to find out more about this fantastic recorder.
When you demand professional results, you need the
gear that’s made to deliver those results — especially at
the final stage. Here’s your no-compromise mastering
solution. Equipped with a 60GB hard drive, TASCAM’s
DV-RA1000HD DVD/CD recorder offers you recording
and playback options for a number of applications.
Record a master mix at up to 192kHz or connect to a
mixer for stunning live recordings.
ONLY $19/mo.
Rackmount Recorder/Player........List 749
Rackmount Recorder.....List 2499
Your Affordable CD Recorder and Player
TASCAM has always been able to deliver simple,
straightforward CD recorders that provide incredible
ease of use, dependability, practical features, and great
sound. Here’s another great example! The rackmountable
CD-RW900SL is an easy-to-use, no-nonsense CD
recorder and player that’s perfect for use in houses of
worship and educational facilities. It plays back MP3s,
complete with text, so you can easily cue up backing
tracks or reference material.
This Rackmountable CD Player Doubles as
a Dock for Your iPod
The versatile CD-200i gives you premium playback of
audio CDs, plus it can play CDs with MP3 or WAV content.
The CD-200i’s sliding drawer houses an iPod dock, so you
can plug in and play your favorite tunes — and even
charge your iPod! You also get an array of analog and
digital outputs, a wireless remote, and a smooth-loading
CD tray.
Rackmount Recorder/Player........List 999
Solid-state Player........................List $59999
Rackmount Player.......................List $49999
Remote for DN-F400...................List $49999
The Easy Way to Turn Cassettes into CDs
The CC-222SLmkII combines a pro-quality stereo
cassette deck with a CD-RW drive, giving you an easy way
to record CDs from vinyl LPs and cassettes. Plus, it’s a
completely self-contained unit — no computer needed.
It just doesn’t get more straightforward than this.
The CC-222SLmkII makes a perfect addition to your
studio rack.
ONLY $23/mo.
Rackmount Recorder/Player....List 949
CD Workhorse for the Studio
Denon’s feature-packed DN-C635 CD/MP3 player gives
you all the pro features you demand, including Instant
Start, auto cue to music, 25-track program play, and even
pitch control. This rackmountable unit plays CDs, CD-Rs,
CD-Extra discs, and MP3s. Its 10-second scan feature
ensures skip-free playing, for outstanding reliability.
You get both XLR and RCA outputs, which allow you to
connect to both pro- and consumer-level gear. The more
streamlined and affordable DN-C615 is also available.
ONLY $24/mo.
ONLY $15/mo.
Rackmount Recorder/Player.... List $69999
ONLY $60/mo.
Ready for Your Mastering Projects
Installation-friendly Flash Recorder
Extremely Easy-to-use Recorder
ONLY $14/mo.
Rackmount CD Player.................List $54999
Rackmount Media Player............List $69999
Rackmount CD Player..................List $39999
Personal Digital Studios
A True Do-it-all Standalone Recorder
A complete recording workstation, TASCAM’s DP-24 packs the flexibility of a fully loaded
DAW into a single piece of ultra-reliable hardware. With eight individual input channels, this
24-channel recording powerhouse lets you easily track entire bands. A studio’s
worth of onboard effects, signal processors, and mastering tools gives
you everything you need to polish your tracks to perfection. And thanks
to the TASCAM DP-24’s intuitive master section and full set of hands-on
Protect your DP-24
controls, producing music is as fun as it is rewarding.
with the
GXDF 2030-6 TSA case.
Specs: 24-trk play/8-ch record • 8 pres • 19 faders • 24-bit/48kHz
Call your Sweetwater
Sales Engineer today!
ONLY $23/mo.
24-trk Digital Recorder.............List $119999
Compact, Complete
Recording System
Tap into the convenience
of digital recording, but
get a decidedly analog feel! The DP-03 8-track portable recorder boasts nine faders
plus dedicated knobs for EQ, level, and pan controls. Onboard effects let you polish a full
mix before you burn to disc via the handy built-in CD-RW burner. Alternatively, you can
record to an SD card. A very convenient USB connection is also onboard. If you’re looking
for studio features in compact digital recorders that are ready to hit the road, then you’ll
love the 8-track DP-008 and the 4-track DP-004.
Specs: DP-03 8-trk play/2-ch record • 2 pres • 9 faders • 16-bit/44.1kHz • CD-RW • SD card • USB 2.0 DP-008 8-trk
play/2-ch record • 16-bit/44.1kHz
• SD card • USB 2.0 DP-004 4-trk
ONLY $15/mo.
play/4-ch record • 16-bit/44.1kHz •
SD card • USB 2.0
8-trk Digital Recorder, CD............List 599
8-trk Digital Recorder..................List 449
4-trk Digital Recorder..................List $27999
Recorder, Audio
Interface, and DAW
Controller in One
A full mobile-recording and
studio-recording solution
— and a whole lot more! For starters, Zoom’s affordable and portable R8 works as a
standalone 8-track SD recorder, complete with built-in mics. Once you’ve made tracks,
you can transfer your music files to your computer and then use the R8 as a DAW control
surface or even as an audio interface. Want to work with more tracks? The 16-track R16
and the 24-track R24 are also available.
Specs: R8 8-trk play/2-ch record •
2 pres • 9 faders • 24-bit/96kHz •
USB R16 16-trk play/8-ch record • 2
pres • 9 faders • 24-bit/48kHz • USB
R24 24-trk play/8-ch record • 6 pres
• 9 faders • 24-bit/48kHz • USB
ONLY $12/mo.
8-trk Digital Recorder.................List 524
16-trk Digital Recorder................List $69999
24-trk Digital Recorder................List $87499
This Multitrack SD Recorder Fits in Your Pocket
BOSS’s MICRO BR BR-80 is a complete recording and practice tool. Play along to MP3s or use the onboard drums as
well as the COSM amp models and effects to practice and record. Two condenser mics let you capture ideas in true stereo,
and the MICRO BR BR-80 also includes a huge library of backing tracks and rhythm patterns. In Multitrack mode, the
MICRO BR BR-80 is a complete 8-track recording studio in your pocket, with all the tools and effects you need to make
great recordings anywhere. You can even record new riff ideas straight to an SD card! This amazing box also works as a
ONLY $10/mo.
USB interface and comes with SONAR X1 LE software.
8-trk Digital Recorder.................List $39900
Specs: 8-trk play/2-ch record • 1 pre • 24-bit/44.1kHz • USB
Digital Studio to Go
ONLY $17/mo.
8-trk Digital Recorder.................List 524
BOSS knows a thing or two about portable recording. After all, their BR series has been a staple in home studios
ever since home studios went digital. The BOSS BR-800 is loaded with pretty much everything that has made the
BR series the go-to digital recorder for affordable portable recording. Leading the charge is its 4-track simultaneous
recording capability (8-track simultaneous playback plus stereo rhythm-track playback). Add to that guitar, bass, and
vocal effects from BOSS’s flagship GT-10 and VE-20 processors. And you can go anywhere with the BR-800, as it can
be powered by six AA batteries. Built-in high-quality stereo mics let you easily throw down song ideas. Plus, a rhythm
machine lets you take your ideas from sketches to fully formed tunes. But the fun doesn’t stop there! Plug the BR-800
into your computer, and it becomes a USB audio interface and control surface for your favorite DAW. BOSS even
included a copy of SONAR 8.5 LE software plus audio loops and backing tracks.
Specs: 8-trk play/4-ch record • 4 pres • 9 faders • 24-bit/44.1kHz • 1GB SD card (supports up to 32GB cards) • USB
Portable & Field Recorders
Field Recorders
Versatile, Compact, and Powerful Field Recorder
The 788T is a portable 8-track audio recorder with time code — ideal when you need
extensive I/O and superb, professional sound. Each of the 788T’s eight mic/line inputs
provides peak limiters, highpass filters, and 48V phantom power for condensers. What’s
more, the 788T’s extensive routing flexibility lets you route each input to mixed tracks or
isolated tracks. Record to its internal 160GB drive, CompactFlash, or an external hard drive
or DVD-RAM via FireWire or even USB — simultaneously.
Portable Recorder..........................................
Portable Recorder, 256GB..............................
Remote Mixer for 788T Recorder....................
8-fader Control Surface..................................
Field Mixer Case............................................
ONLY $240/mo.
The 788TSSD gives you a
256GB solid-state hard drive.
A handy remote mixer, an
8-fader control surface, and a
tough case are also available.
Tough-built 2-track Recorder with a 40GB Drive
The Sound Devices 722 2-track recorder gives you the option to record to its internal
40GB hard drive, to CompactFlash media, or to an external FireWire drive. This versatile,
compact unit writes and reads uncompressed PCM audio at high bit rates and sample
rates, and it also supports MP3 recording playback. The super-compact, lightweight 722
also includes a range of analog and digital connections for audio/video applications. The
durable nylon CS3 case adds shock protection and insulation.
ONLY $98/mo.
Portable Recorder.......................................
Portable Recorder Case...............................
Field Mixers
Premium Field Mixer with All the Features
You Need
Professional 5-channel Field Mixer
This high-performance portable audio mixer and
recorder is perfect for both basic and complex production
setups. The 664 sports six microphone preamplifiers,
each with its own limiter, highpass filter, and direct
output. Three sets of balanced master outputs give you
a wide range of connectivity flexibility. If you need to
capture audio directly, there’s a built-in SD/CF recorder
that can record industry-standard WAV files or basic
MP3s. The CL-6 turns the 664’s direct outputs into an
additional six balanced line-level inputs. It also adds
bright LED metering, six fader knobs, and convenient
Record and Stop controls.
ONLY $173/mo.
6-ch Mixer.................................................
CL-6 Input Expander...................................
The PSD450, the PSD430, and the PSD410 recorders
all feature SD card recording and come with 1/4" line,
RCA, and 48V phantom-powered XLR microphone
inputs, plus a built-in stereo mic. Both the PSD450 and
the PSD430 add an onboard CD burner. The PSD450
also adds a built-in 40GB hard drive. Both record in
compressed MP3 format and either 16- or 24-bit highquality WAV
file format.
An onboard
USB port
files to your
Portable Recorder, HD/SD/CD....List 1299
Portable Recorder......................List $109900
Portable Recorder, SD..................List $79900
ONLY $45/mo.
5-ch Mixer.................................................
Portable Recorder Case...............................
ONLY $124/mo.
PSD Series
Excellent Education-oriented Recorders
Hit the field with the Sound Devices 552! This premium
portable audio mixer and recorder is perfect for both
basic and complex production setups. Each of its five
microphone preamps has its own limiter, highpass filter,
and direct output. Plus, three sets of balanced master
outputs give you a wide range of connectivity flexibility.
A built-in SD recorder lets you directly record quality
WAV files or basic MP3s. For total freedom, the 552 can
be powered by four AA batteries. And don’t forget the
CS3 case.
Easy SD and CD Recording plus Handy
Rehearsal Tools
Roland’s CD-2U makes it easier than ever to create and
produce CDs. There’s no computer necessary and no need
for extra gear. Just grab the CD-2U and use its built-in
stereo mics to record whatever you want. Play back your
tracks to check them out on the built-in stereo speakers,
then burn everything straight to a CD. It also records to a
handy SD memory card. The CD-2U also makes
a fantastic rehearsal
tool, with pitch
and speed controls
plus Center Cancel
and Center Focus
functions. Don’t need
the CD player/burner?
The SD-only SD-2U
is also available.
ONLY $27/mo.
Portable Recorder.......................List 809
Portable Recorder........................List $56900
Purpose-built for Mixing in the Field
Need a compact, high-performance portable audio mixer
that can handle your most demanding field-mixing
assignments? The Sound Devices MixPre-D gives you
flexible pro connectivity and great-sounding audio
capture in a small, lightweight package. The MixPre-D
sports two studio-grade mic/line inputs with limiters,
highpass filters, and switchable phantom power. A
variety of analog and digital outputs covers the gamut
of currently popular destination cameras and devices.
Protect your MixPre-D with the tough CS3 case.
ONLY $34/mo.
2-ch Mixer.................................................
Portable Recorder Case...............................
Powerful Recorder Plus Effects and Mics
You don’t have to give up features just because you’re
taking your recorder into the field. Roland’s R-44 packs an
incredibly powerful and flexible 4-channel field recorder
into a compact package you’ll love. The lightweight R-44
gives you a range of recording options, thanks to its
high-quality built-in stereo mics and studio-grade effects.
Plus, a quartet of XLR/TRS inputs
allows you to plug in your
favorite microphones and
line sources. Whether
you’re recording live
performances or
capturing and
preparing audio
for broadcast,
the R-44 is
the perfect tool for
the task.
Portable Recorder.......................................
ONLY $42/mo.
Handheld Recorders
High-quality 2-track
Recording — Anywhere
Stereo and 4-track Recording
Recording on the go? TASCAM’s
DR-100mkII handheld recorder
gives you a wide range of useful
recording options. Four excellent
onboard microphones (two cardioid,
two omnidirectional) let you record
on the fly, without lugging around
extra gear — perfect for anything
from field recording to capturing
interviews. A pair of XLR inputs
on the DR-100mkII also lets you
hook up your favorite external
microphones or line-level equipment,
plus you get S/PDIF digital input
as well. This recorder is perfect
for everyone from songwriters to
students to worship team members.
It’s a versatile performer and an
astounding value!
Thanks to TASCAM’s incredible DR-40
handheld digital 4-track recorder, you don’t
have to break the bank to break free from
the studio. The DR-40 gives you flexible
stereo recording capabilities, so you can
easily document live performances, make
demos, and more. Onboard stereo mics let
you optimize the DR-40 for all kinds of
environments. Capture audio worry free,
thanks to a handy Dual Record function that
adds a safety track. The DR-40 also shines as
a full 4-track recorder. Use the built-in mics
or plug your own mics and instruments into
a pair of onboard locking XLR/TRS jacks.
Simply select Overdub Mode, and you’re
holding a digital multitrack recorder that
goes anywhere.
ONLY $10/mo.
ONLY $13/mo.
Handheld Recorder........List 599
The Super-portable Way to Get Amazing
Smaller, lighter, and easier to use than other
handheld recorders in its class, the DR-05 puts
high-quality stereo recording in the palm of your
hand. The DR-05 is capable of recording in MP3
format at up to 320kbps, as well as in Broadcast
WAV format at up to 24-bit/96kHz resolution. A pair
of uniquely designed omnidirectional condenser
microphones provides crystal-clear recording,
and these mics are able to handle sound-pressure
levels up to 125dB, making the DR-05 perfect
for live event recording. You get plenty of handy
recording functions, including automatic peak
reduction, automatic and manual gain settings,
and a rumble-reducing low-cut filter. The DR-05
also sports a self-timer, allowing you to delay the
start of its recording for 5 or 10 seconds. What’s
more, the DR-05’s Level Align feature matches the
relative volumes of both channels, so you can create
balanced recordings right in your recorder.
Handheld Recorder.....................List $14999
Handheld Recorder.................List 279
Get Great Recordings Anywhere,
TASCAM quality and performance packed into an
incredibly compact, amazingly affordable recorder.
The DR-07mkII handheld digital recorder is easy
to use, records to convenient SD or SDHC card media,
and gives you up to 24-bit/96kHz quality (you can also
record MP3 files). Its onboard stereo microphones give
you excellent sound capture, but you have the option of
plugging in your own mic if you prefer. To ensure you
get great recordings every time, the DR-07mkII includes
a switchable low-cut filter and a very handy analog
limiter. You can even engage an automatic gain setting
on the input. Easily transfer your files to the computer
via the DR-07mkII’s high-speed USB 2.0 connection.
Want a convenient rehearsal tool? The variable-speed
Audition function lets you slow down difficult musical
passages without changing the pitch. What an
incredible handheld value!
ONLY $10/mo.
Handheld Recorder.....................List $27999
Micro Recorder Pack
Tough, Lightweight Protection for Your Recorder and Accessories
With the Micro Recorder Pack, you can store and carry your micro recorder, headphones, extra SD cards, cables, and
spare batteries — all in the same road-ready case!
Case for iPod, PocketPod.....List $5499
(800) 222–4700
Handheld Recorders
Capturing Quality HD Video Just Got Easier
Delightfully affordable and astoundingly portable, Zoom’s Q2HD lets you keep a high-quality video/audio recorder in
your gig bag or pocket, ready to go at a moment’s notice. Chances are, without even cracking open the manual, you’ll
be up and running in no time, recording your next performance in up to 1080p HD-quality video. What’s more, the
Q2HD comes loaded with Zoom’s amazing mid-side stereo microphone setup — so you’ll get wonderfully realistic stereo
imaging and fantastic audio quality to go with your videos. The Q2HD offers up a host of other excellent and useful
functions, including a built-in highpass filter, an Auto Gain mode, a speaker, and a tripod mount. The Zoom Q2HD handy
video/audio recorder is one of Sweetwater’s top values.
The Q2HD Accessory Package adds a softshell case, a windscreen, a tripod stand, a USB cable, and an AC adapter. Call
us today for more details.
ONLY $10/mo.
Handheld Video/Audio Recorder...........List $34999
Q2HDAccPkg Q2HD Accessory Package.....................List $4999
Connect the Q2HD to your iPad via the
Camera Connection Kit (sold separately).
Go to
The Zoom H4n is the most compact and awesomesounding 4-track recorder we’ve ever seen. Just use its
onboard XY stereo condenser mics at the same time as
your own two microphones — and
get ready for stunning 24-bit
clarity and stellar stereo
imaging. The H4n even
has onboard effects and
editing features, so you
can produce on the go.
And hey, musicians, don’t
forget about the cool
built-in practice features.
You can slow down your
favorite songs so that you
can practice a tough solo
— even put the song in a
different key! Protect your
investment with SKB’s
tough 3i-series H4n
Case. The convenient
RC4 wired remote and
the AD14 power adapter
are available.
With five onboard microphones and a ton of recording
options, Zoom’s versatile H2n puts a recording studio in
the palm of your hand. Record in XY stereo, 360-degree
surround, and even mid-side stereo — all with pristine
detail. The H2n even makes a convenient rehearsal
tool, thanks to an onboard tuner, a metronome, and
variable-speed playback. Onboard features (including
compression, Auto Gain, a low-cut filter, and more) let you
optimize audio and prevent
Running on only a single AA battery, the Zoom H1
handheld recorder lets you record for up to 10 solid
hours. It comes with a 2GB
microSD memory card, but it
can record onto cards as large
as 32GB, so you won’t have to
carry extra memory. Record
using an external microphone
or a stereo line-level signal
via the H1’s 1/8" input, or take
advantage of the H1’s onboard
pro-quality XY stereo condenser
microphones. Whether you need
up to 24-bit/96kHz PCM WAV
format for professional post
production or memory-saving
MP3 format (48kbps–320kbps)
for the Web, you’ll get it from the
H1. The built-in USB 2.0 port
makes it easy to upload files to
your computer. Add the APH-1
accessory package and equip
your H1 with a windscreen, a
tripod stand, a handy AC adapter,
a protective soft pouch, and a
mic-clip adapter.
Your 4-track Pro Studio to Go
Pocket-sized Wonder Recorder
ONLY $11/mo.
Handheld Recorder.....................List $46499
3i-series H4n Case......................List $10999
H4n Wired Remote........................List $4999
Power Adapter...........................................
Keep your H2n safe,
inside a road-tough,
fitted 3i-series H2n
Case from SKB. Want to
get the most out of your
H2n? Add Zoom’s H2n
Accessory Package,
which includes a wired
remote control, a
windscreen, a batterysaving AC adapter, a
USB cable, an adjustable
tripod stand, a padded
case, and a very handy
mic-clip adapter.
Handheld Recorder.....................List $29999
3i-series H2n Case......................List $10999
H2n Accessory Package.................List $5999
A 2-track Studio That Fits in Your Pocket
ONLY $10/mo.
Handheld Recorder.....................List $15999
H1 Accessory Package...................List $3999
Handheld Recorders
Sony’s PCM-M10 packs in much of the vibe and sound
quality of the highly regarded PCM-D50, yet it also does
some things that its bigger brother can’t, such as record
straight to MP3. The PCM-M10 can also play back MP3s,
so you can load it up with your favorite tracks. You can
even use the built-in practice features to slow tracks
down as you learn each riff and passage. The PCM-M10’s
built-in 4GB flash memory has plenty of room for your
recordings and files, and you can even use an additional
microSD card for a storage-space boost. This amazing
little recorder is available in white, red, and black.
Roland’s R-26 makes it easier than ever to capture
breathtaking recordings, anywhere. Despite its supercompact handheld format, this digital SD recorder brims
with versatile functionality. The R-26 includes two sets of
stereo microphones (directional and omnidirectional),
and you can record up to six channels of audio (or three
stereo channels) simultaneously. A pair of XLR/TRS
inputs lets you add your favorite mics or mixer feed, and
phantom power is provided. You can also connect an
external stereo microphone. The R-26 can even be used
as an external USB interface or a storage device! The
R-26 comes bundled with SONAR LE recording software.
What a value!
First-class Digital Recording Plus Built-in
Practice Features
Record up to Six Channels of Audio at the
Same Time
ONLY $10/mo.
Handheld Recorder, Wht....List $39999
Handheld Recorder, Red......List $39999
Handheld Recorder, Blk......List $39999
ONLY $19/mo.
Handheld Recorder.....................List 599
Record WAV Files and MP3s
Powerful Palm-sized Recorder with
Onboard Editing and More
The PMD620 MKII lets you easily record
high-quality WAV or MP3 files in all kinds of
environments. Plus, this incredibly convenient
recorder gives you onboard editing, an easy-to-read
display, and an onboard speaker. The PMD620
MKII’s internal microphone design allows for 360degree recording, for incredible recorded results.
Want more recording options? Take advantage of
this pocket-sized recorder’s line-level and external
mic inputs. You won’t have to cut your recording
time short, because there’s no limit on the card size
of the SD media you can put in the PMD620 MKII.
New features include card-check compatibility,
pass-code protection, password-protected file
encryption, and a Retake record function. ONLY $17/mo.
Handheld Recorder.............List $49999
Recording made easy! Just point the superportable R-05’s built-in stereo microphones
toward whatever you want to record, and you’re
in business. You’ll capture better-than-CD-quality
audio straight to a handy SD card — up to 32GB.
Play your recorded tracks back and listen with
headphones, or you can connect your R-05 to your
computer via USB and upload your recordings.
Thanks to the R-05’s awesome battery life, you get
over 30 hours of continuous playback and over
16 hours of continuous recording. The R-05 can
auto-set your levels at the best recording volume
and split your songs automatically. You can even
record a premium WAV file at the same time you
record an MP3 file that you can post straight to
your band’s website.
ONLY $10/mo.
Handheld Recorder.....................List 299
Yamaha’s W24 handheld recorder gives you the power to
record audio in 24-bit/96kHz digital quality, without the
need for any additional gear. In the field, you’ll appreciate
its highly sensitive XY-positioned microphones and its
lightweight design. The highpass filter curbs low-frequency
rumble from wind and handling. And in the studio, its
built-in tuner, onboard metronome, and included wireless
remote control really come in handy. No matter where
you are or what you’re recording, the W24’s built-in peak
limiter can be a lifesaver, as it suppresses those unforeseen
extra-loud transients.
At a mere 2 oz. with battery, the C24 is the world’s smallest
and lightest recorder. But Yamaha didn’t go light on its
features or capabilities. In addition to the C24’s massive 2GB
of internal flash memory, its recording capacity can be easily
expanded by adding a high-capacity microSD card. The C24
features an onboard tuner and a built-in metronome —
great rehearsal tools. Record your practice sessions or band
rehearsals in stunning 24-bit/96kHz digital audio, then play
back your recordings with the onboard speaker. You can even
tune the playback via a built-in 5-band EQ. The C24 also
comes with an attachment clip that lets you mount it onto
any standard mic stand.
A Great Handheld Recorder, Both in the Studio
and in the Field
Handheld Recorder.....................List 458
2-ounce Portable Recording Powerhouse
ONLY $10/mo.
ONLY $10/mo.
Handheld Recorder...........List 300
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