(Doc. release 1.2, 2015.03.24)
1. This document is the quick-start guide for two products: G5 and GMAC-5.
The basic setup assumes two connections only – input power (12 Vdc with the supplied adaptor)
and an Ethernet connection to a LAN.
2. G5/GMAC-5 is configured to use DHCP by default. G5/GMAC-5 acquires the IP address provided
by DHCP server. If a DHCP server is not available, G5/GMAC-5 uses the IP address
“”. This is the default IP address. More information is provided in the user guide.
3. Visit the product homepage to download the relevant G5/GMAC-5 user guide and the
Discover.NET application.
a. For G5: http://www.gamatronic.com/g5.html
b. For GMAC5: http://www.gamatronic.com/gmac-5.html
4. Run the Discover.NET application to find G5/GMAC5 on your LAN. Please note the following:
a. The Discover.NET application discovers only Gamatronic devices that are connected to the
local network subnet.
b. Discover.NET should be run only on a computer that has a single network adapter. If the
computer has multiple network adapters you must disconnect or disable adaptors not related to
the local subnet to which G5/GMAC5 is connected (for example, virtual adapters).
c. Select the appropriate product line in the browser display. You will see the characters “G5” or
“GMAC5” in the “Firmware” column, enabling you to identify the correct line to select.
5. The entire configuration is performed through the intuitive web interface.
6. Follow the user guide for additional information.
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