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Flexibility and Security with Audio-Technica’s
ATCS-60 IR Conferencing System
If you’re looking for a conferencing solution, Audio-Technica’s ATCS-60 Infrared Conference System
is 100% automatic and remarkably quick and easy to install.
Delivering exceptional versatility and functionality in an easily-configurable hardware/software package read
our Top Ten Reasons for choosing this system over alternative systems available on the market.
Overleaf you will also find a feature which in AV Magazine in November 2010.
We would be delighted to discuss your conferencing requirements and arrange a demo of the ATCS-60 should you be interested.
10 good reasons to choose the ATCS-60 Conference System
1 Digital Infra-red transmission
Free from interference associated with wireless LAN, microwaves and Bluetooth.
Allows multiple systems to be used in adjacent rooms without cross talk
2 Built in multiple audio channels
Simple and cost effective way to introduce translation services into your conference
3 Optional voting system with advanced features
Maximises return on investment and allows you to grow your functionality as your
needs progress
Interchangeable Goosenecks
4 Audio Recording Function
Meetings can be digitally archived. Meetings can also be made available online as
5 Interchangeable Goosenecks
Digital Infra-red transmission
Choice of lengths dependent on the users speaking style. Can be replaced in situ if
6 Removable batteries
Batteries can be easily replaced, allowing a conference to continue on a second set
of batteries whilst the first set are recharged. This isn’t possible with systems that
use integral batteries which also require returning to the manufacturer for servicing.
Removable batteries
7 Individual microphone gain control
Allows control over the gain settings of each individual delegate unit microphone
through the included conferencing software. Competitor systems only allow “global”
gain control resulting in inflexible and uncomfortable listening experiences.
8 Camera Control
A simple press of the delegate button can automate camera positioning, eradicating
the need for costly manual operation
9 Single button or automated operation
Allows users to select operation type best suited to the meeting
10 Mobile and lightweight
Ready to operate at any time, easy storage and transportation even between
different conference rooms
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