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EPSON PowerLite 503c/713c
Quick Setup
Locate everything
you’ll need
For this setup, you’ll need just these two cables:
power cord
computer cable
You won’t need to install any software.
Connect the projector
to your laptop
1 Make sure your projector and laptop are turned off.
Connect one end of the computer cable to
2 the Computer port on the projector.
Follow these
instructions to
connect your laptop
to the projector.
To connect other
devices, such as a VCR
or desktop PC, see
your User’s Guide.
Connect the other end to your laptop’s video or
monitor port. If you can’t connect the cable
to your PowerBook , you may need to use an adapter. See your User’s Guide for instructions.
Plug in your projector
Connect the power cord to your projector and plug the other end into a grounded outlet.
The power light
turns orange.
Pop out the lens
Rotate the lens ring to pop out the lens,
then squeeze the tabs to remove the lens cap.
squeeze here
Turn on your equipment
on the projector, press the red Power button.
1 ToTheturn
power light flashes green, and then stays on.
Turn on or restart your laptop. (Windows® only: If you see
this Add New Hardware screen, click Cancel.)
Power button
Caution: Before unplugging
the projector...
To shut the projector down properly:
1. Press the red Power button twice.
Let the projector cool while the
light flashes orange (about a minute).
2. Once the light stops flashing and stays
on, it’s safe to unplug the projector.
Never unplug the projector when the
power light is green or flashing orange.
Turn Over
EPSON PowerLite 503c/713c
Adjust the image
Rotate the focus ring to sharpen the image.
To raise the image, pull up the blue foot release levers and lift
the front of the projector. Once the image is positioned where
you want it, release the levers to lock the feet in position.
lens ring
focus ring
Note: If you see a blank screen
after focusing,
see the instructions in the box below.
No signal
the lens ring to reduce or enlarge the image.
2 Rotate
(You can also move the projector closer to or farther
from the screen.)
image looks like
, you’ve placed the projector
4 Ifoffyour
to one side of the screen, at an angle. Move it directly in
front of the center of the screen, facing the screen squarely.
If your image looks like
, press the + or – side of
the Keystone button to correct the shape of the image.
If You See a Blank Screen
If you’re using a Macintosh :
If you see a blank screen or the No signal message
after turning on your laptop, check the following:
Make sure the
power light is green and
not flashing and the lens cover is off.
1. From the Apple menu, select Control Panels, then click Monitors
or Monitors and Sound.
No signal
Try turning off the laptop and restarting it.
2. Click the Arrange icon.
click here
If you’ve connected more than one computer and/or video source,
you may need to press the Source button on top of the projector.
(Allow a few seconds for the projector to sync up after pressing it.)
drag one monitor icon
on top of the other
If you’re using a Windows laptop:
Hold down the Fn button and press the function key that lets you
display on an external monitor. It may have an icon such as
or it may be labelled CRT/LCD. Allow a few seconds for the projector
to sync up after pressing it.
On most systems, the
key lets you toggle between the LCD
screen and the projector, or display on both at the same time.
3. Drag one monitor icon on top of the other. This lets you display
on the projector screen as well as the LCD screen.
If the Arrange option isn’t available, you may need to select one of the
Simulscan resolution settings:
4. Click the Monitor icon.
click here
You might need to use the Display utility in the Control Panel
to enable both the LCD screen and external monitor port.
Check your laptop’s manual or online help for details.
select a Simulscan
5. Select a Simulscan resolution as shown. (Allow a few seconds for
the projector to sync up after making the selection.)
EPSON PowerLite 503c/713c
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