Westbend | 6 QT. VERSATILITY | sale 59.97 - NYS Historic Newspapers

sale 59.97 - NYS Historic Newspapers
Save 20. Regal
pc cast aluminum
sale 59.97
7 piece set
reg. 79.99
sale 22.97 Re,
Non-stick SiiverStone' interior provides oil free
cooking, easy clean up. Heavyweight cast aluminum
for fast, even heating. Set includes 1 and 2 quart
covered saucepans. 4V2 quart covered dutch oven and
10" open fry pan. Dutch oven lid also can be used
as fry pan cover. Heat resistant handles and knobs.
Save $7. Plymouth 20 pie<
Service for four includes di
salad plates, bowls, cups i
sale 44.97
Save $10. Sango 20 pc Wi
set in floral pattern. Servic
dinner, salad plates, bowl
sale 34.97
Save $10."Creme de Chii
set by International China
With embossed basket-w
s a l e 1 2 9 . 9 7 Reg 14999
Save $20. Oster Kitchen Center is five
appliances in one. Blender, mixer, dough
mAkfri^ food grinder and sbcer/shredder
fOT salads. Includes four cutting discs.
2 4 . 9 7 Reg. 32.99
2 4 . 9 7 Reg. 29 99
Save $5. Osier ten speed blender Chops,
grinds, grates, even frappgs desserts.
3 controlled cycles prevent overblending.
7 continuous speeds. Five cup container.
2 9 . 9 7 Reg.34 99
sale 19.97
Reg .24.99
s a l e 1 6 . 9 7 Reg 21.99
Save $5. West Bend Poppery II hot air
corn popper. Pops up to four quarts of
fluffy popcorn in less than 3 minutes.
Pops without fattening oils or butter.
Save $4. Set of six "Diam
made in France by J.G. D\
IOV4 ounce water goblet c
size. Pre-boxed for easy g
sale 17.97 Reg. 28.34
s a l e 8 . 9 7 Reg 13.99
sale 6.97
Save $8. Sk> Cooker Phis gently simmers,
roasts or bakes. So versatile, you can
use non-stick base as griddle. Dishwasher
safe 6 quart capacity pot is immersible.
Save $5. West Bend 5V2 qt electric wok.
Takes mystery out of oriental stir fry
cookery. Even heating aluminum, non-stick
SflveiStone interior. Includes cookbook.
Save $10. Vollratb six piece bowl set in
easy to clean stainless steel Perfect
for mixing, serving or storing. Includes:
34, IV2, 3, 5, 8, and 13 quart size bowls.
Slave $5. Our heaviest gauge aluminum 8"
pan, SiiverStone interior Teakwood handle.
10 inch pan, reg. 16.99
sale 11.97
12 inch pan, reg. 19.99
sale 14.97
S a l e 4 . 9 7 Each reg 9 99
sale 15.97 Reg 24 99
sale 2.97
3 for s l
1/2 price. Copper molds in lobster, fish
or rooster shapes Use for serving eye
appealing cuisine and as novelty kitchen
wall decorations All are rucke! lined
m slanted hardwood block Holds 6" chef
knife. 3" parer. 5V2" boner, 8" sheer, and
8" carver With natural hardwood handles
s a l e 7.97EaCh
Save $5. WearEver Can Handler. Hand held
electric can opener with easy-to-squeeze
lever start. For all cans, even oversized
and odd shaped. Easy to clean mechanism.
reg 4 49
Aluminum bakeware by Minro. SiiverStone
non-stick mtenors make cleanups a breeze
Choose 8 inch square cake pan. 9-«inch long
ioaf pan and twelve cap muffin baking pan
Save now at Montgomery Ward. Charge it 3 ways!
>re. Choose from these
popular kitchen helpers wire whisk, tongs
wooden spoons, potato peeler, or spatula,
also plate hanger or butterfly magnets
Save $3. Lined bread bai
rectangular shape. Willow
baskets. Cotton and poly
assorted country style co
Save $2. Choose natural <
with seven piece wooder
or wine chiller with coast
and functional pieces in r
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