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1.1 System Requirements 1.1.1 Computer Requirements
1.1.2 Drive Requirements
1.1.3 Tool Requirements
1.2 Package Contents 4
2.1 Installing 3.5” Hard Disk Drives 2.2 Installing a 2.5” SSD or HDD 2.3 Combining the 2.5” and 3.5” Brackets 2.4 Installing a 2.5” Drive with a 3.5” Drive 6
3.1 Installing the OWC Multi-Mount into a Mac Pro 3.2 Installing the OWC Multi-Mount into a PC case 11
4.1 Troubleshooting 13
4.2 Usage Tips 13
5.1 Online Resources14
5.2 About Data Protection
5.3 Contacting Technical Support
Thank you for purchasing the OWC Multi-Mount system.
This guide provides detailed instructions on how to install different
combinations of 2.5” and 3.5” drives into your Mac or PC, using the MultiMount system. If you have questions after reading the installation steps
provided, please see Pages 13-14 for additional support resources.
Your computer is a static-sensitive device.
It is susceptible to invisible damage if not
protected during installation.
We recommend proper grounding through the
use of a grounding strap. Be sure to work in a
clean and static-free area, and avoid wearing
clothing that retains static charges. For more
information, please visit:
Got tools? If you don’t have the tools necessary to complete
this installation, Newer Technology has a toolkit which includes
everything you need to perform this and most other common
computer hardware installations.
It’s available at:
1.1 System Requirements
1.1.1 Computer Requirements
Any Mac or PC with an available 5.25” optical bay or 3.5” hard drive bay.
1.1.2 Drive Requirements
The OWC Multi-Mount is designed to work with any 3.5” or 2.5” SATA drive.
1.1.3 Tool Requirements
Phillips #1 or #2 Screwdriver
Note: Depending on the computer you are using, there may be
additional tools required; check your computer’s documentation.
1.2 Package Contents
➀ OWC Multi-Mount 3.5” Drive Bracket (2 required)
➁ OWC Multi-Mount 2.5” Drive Bracket (2 required)
➂ Screws for 2.5” Bracket - Fine Thread (6 pieces)
➃ Screws for 3.5” Bracket - Coarse Thread (16 pieces)
The OWC Multi-Mount drive mounting system brackets are sold
both individually and as sets. This manual details both types of
brackets. Please be aware that the item you purchased may not
include all of the items listed here. Please see your invoice for
specific items ordered.
2.1 Installing 3.5” Hard Disk Drives
Begin by positioning the bottom 3.5” Hard Disk Drive (HDD)
with the connection ports facing away from you, then pick
up the drive bracket labeled as OWC Multi-Mount 3.5” .
Place the Multi-Mount onto the bottom 3.5” HDD using the
center Phillips screw (coarse threads) but don’t tighten it
completely yet.
Attach a second screw to one of the outside holes in order
to center the bracket on the hard disk drive. Afterward you
can insert the third screw and tighten all three of them firmly.
If you intend to install a second 3.5” HDD into the MultiMount, continue with installation of that drive following the
same steps noted above.
Note: you do not have to install 2 drives into the bracket. A
second drive can be added at a later time.
2.1 Installing 3.5” HDDs (cont.)
Once you have the right bracket installed, rotate the hard
drive and attach the left side bracket using the same method
described earlier.
The OWC 3.5” Multi-Mount assembly is now ready to be
installed into your system. Chapter 3 includes photos of
common installation scenarios.
Note: you also can add a 2.5” hard disk drive using the OWC
2.5” Multi-Mount -- this configuration is covered in the next
2.2 Installing a 2.5” SSD or HDD
To install a 2.5” SATA drive into the Multi-Mount, place the 2.5”
drive on the table in front of you, with the connection ports
facing to the right side. Take the drive bracket and position it
as shown above.
Use the large Phillips screws to affix the drive to the bracket.
Note there are rubber grommets used in conjunction with
the screws to reduce vibrations.
Once attached, rotate the drive and repeat using the other
2.5” drive bracket. Before moving forward, make certain that
all four screws are firmly attached to the drive.
The OWC 2.5” Multi-Mount is now ready to install into a
3.5” drive bay, or into the OWC 3.5” Multi-Mount. Chapter 3
includes photos of common installation scenarios.
2.3 Combining the 2.5” and 3.5” Brackets
It is possible to install a total of two 2.5” drives onto the 3.5”
OWC Multi-Mount bracket. Note the position of the bracket
extension shown above (arrow) relative to the 3.5” bracket.
This is important when creating a configuration with two 2.5”
drives installed.
Note: this shows the underside of the top drive, prior to a
second SSD being installed and the remaining brackets
added (below).
2.4 Installing a 2.5” Drive with a 3.5” Drive
This is a completed assembly comprised of one set of 3.5”
OWC Multi-Mount drive brackets, and one set of 2.5” OWC
Multi-Mount, all assembled into one unit. Be sure to orient
the bracket so that the SATA ports both point towards the
rear of the Multi-Mount.
3.1 Installing the OWC Multi-Mount into a Mac Pro
The Mac Pro’s optical bay can support a total of two SATA
devices. First, attach the completed Multi-Mount assembly
to the optical drive cage using the four screws that Apple
supplies (attached to the cage). Once the Multi-Mount
is secured, start sliding the cage back into the optical bay,
threading the large cutouts on the bottom of the cage with
the large screws on the bottom of the bay.
When the cage is about half way in, connect the SATA device’s
cables then slide the cage the rest of the way, making sure
not to pinch the cables or bend them in the process.
3.2 Installing the OWC Multi-Mount into a generic PC case
Here a typical PC case is shown with the 2.5” Multi-Mount
brackets installed in both a 5.25” (top) drive bay, and also in a
3.5” drive bay (bottom).
Depending on the computer case being used, the methods
of installation will vary. Remember to properly orient the
brackets, and use the included screw kits to securely fasten
the OWC Multi-Mount into your computer’s chassis.
4.1 Troubleshooting
Having problems installing? Go back and examine the steps and
photographs. Most fit issues can be traced to missing a step or
Double check that your brackets are facing the correct direction and
that you are not orienting the drive backwards. You want to be sure
that the SATA ports are pointing in the right direction for your case
Each computer is different and this bracket is designed to be
flexible enough to work in any situation. If you do not have the
correct bracket or enough brackets for your system they are
available individually so you can mix and match the brackets to
accommodate nearly any computer system.
4.2 Usage Tips
Once you have installed your drives into the OWC Multi-Mount
bracket system, route your cables using the shortest path possible,
but do use any holes or grommets that your case has to offer. Don’t
pinch any cables and make certain to not route your wires over
sharp edges or corners.
Need cables?
OWC’s website has a wide variety of SATA and power cable offerings.
Depending on your installation type, you may need straight, left
angle, or right angle SATA cables, or even more unusual power
converter cables.
5.1 Online Resources
To access our online Frequently Asked Questions, please visit:
To access our Mac and PC formatting guides please visit:
5.2 About Data Protection
To ensure that your files are protected and to prevent the loss of your
data, we strongly suggest that you keep two copies of your data:
one copy on you primary hard drive, and a second copy on either
your secondary internal hard drive or another storage medium,
such as an optical backup, or on a second external hard drive.
Any data loss or corruption while using the OWC Multi-Mount is
the sole responsibility of the user, and under no circumstances will
Other World Computing be held liable for compensation or the
recovery of any lost data.
8AM - 8PM CT Monday - Friday
9AM - 4PM CT Saturday
Phone support:
1 (800) 275-4576 (North America only)
+1 (815) 338-8685 (International)
Live Chat is available during normal business hours:
Email Suppport is available at:
The material in this document is for information purposes only and
subject to change without notice. While reasonable efforts have been
made in the preparation of this document to assure its accuracy, Other
World Computing and its officers and employees assume no liability
resulting from errors or omissions in this document, or from the use
of the information contained herein. Other World Computing reserves
the right to make changes or revisions in the product design or the
product manual without reservation and without obligation to notify
any person of such revisions and changes.
Health And Safety Precautions:
•Use proper anti-static precautions while performing the installation.
•Read this user guide carefully and follow the correct procedures when
setting up the device.
Copyrights and Trademarks:
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