User guide

User guide
LanSchool® v7.0
Teacher Training
Ben Cahoon
• Why LanSchool?
• What is LanSchool v7.0?
– Product Overview
– Feature Overview
– Detailed Feature Descriptions
– Extra goodies
• Contact Information
What are they looking at?
With LanSchool, you’ll know!
LanSchool v7.0 Overview
• The Issue
– Computers are amazing educational tools, but can
also be a huge distraction for students
– The Internet, E-mail, Games, Instant Messaging
and other programs are a constant temptation
• LanSchool v7.0 Benefits
– Focuses attention of students on the teacher by
removing distractions
– Enables the teacher to better demonstrate skills
– Allows the teacher to monitor classroom activity
– Assess students understanding in real-time
– Students cannot disable or disrupt the LanSchool
New Features in LanSchool v7
• New LanSchool Console display either details
or a thumbnail view of students
• You can save and load allowed or blocked
application and URL lists
• New system tray menu makes key features
easy to access
• Customizable blank screen message
• Windows Vista Support for Teacher and
Student machines
• Hi-color monitoring thumbnails
• Print Limiting
• Student Question allows students to let the
teacher know they have a question
• Teachers can initiate Text Chat
• You can change the student folder location
• Quick view thumbnails quickly increase in size
• Single Click Full-screen or Windowed Show
• Thumbnails show Active Application or Website
• Console Auto-hides while showing the
Teacher’s screen
• Best Fit Thumbnail Size auto sizes thumbnails
• Shutdown, Logoff, Restart is one click away
• Student Voting allows teachers to assess
student understanding
• Security status monitoring
• View Student's Running Applications
• Web limiting blocks all, allowed or blocked
• Configure Dialog can be opened while the
console is open
• App limiting allows or blocks applications
• Supports 1:1 environments
• Teacher can become a student machine from
the menu
LanSchool v7 Features
Quick, simple install
Fast, reliable performance
Show teacher’s screen to students
High color thumbnail monitoring
Blank the students’ screens and show a
custom message
Limit applications
Limit the Internet
Print Limiting
Show student’s screen to students
Remote control a student
View a student
Student voting
Student question
Run program or website
Show running applications and websites
Handout and Collect files
Text Chat
Manage class lists
Send a message
Screen Snapshot
Show Internet history
Send a message
Draw on screen
Shut down, restart or logoff computers
from the teacher’s computer
Power on machines from the teacher’s
LanSchool quick client upgrade
Anti-tampering controls
Remove student from class
Security status monitoring
User and Installation documentation
(install.pdf, users.pdf)
• User Guide
– Users.pdf
– Located on the CD
– Can be downloaded by clicking on the Help
menu in the LanSchool v7.0 console
UI Tips
• In LanSchool v7 you features can apply to all or just
selected computers
• Ctrl-a selects all student computers
• Click selects a computer, click in the grey area un-selects
a computer
• If NO computers are selected, then the feature will apply to
ALL computers
• Ctrl-Alt-L brings up the system tray menu
• F5 performs a refresh
• Ctrl – Red X removes the console from memory
• LanSchool uses “Channels” when there are
multiple labs on the same network
• The teacher channel must match the student
• Generally the LanSchool administrator sets the
channel and teachers don’t need to worry about it.
LanSchool v7 Console
Easily access the console through the system tray menu
Manage students in a list view or by thumbnails
Manage all or just the selected computers
Access functionality from menus, buttons or right mouse click
Console displays the number of computers discovered
Details View
You can sort on any column
Status icons change when Application, Web and Print limiting are active
You can view the current application and current website
A question mark indicates a student has requested help
F5 refreshes the view
Thumbnail View
View up to 256 crisp high color thumbnails
Tooltips show logged in user and current application
Thumbnails “explode” out when you hover
Thumbnails show the active application, website, question and web/app limiting status
3 sizes: small, medium, large
Best fit automatically chooses the best size
Student Question
Current Application
Current Website
Application and Web
System Tray Menu
• Access key features within one
mouse click
• The menu auto hides
• Left click brings up the console
• Right click brings up the system
tray menu
• Access configuration options
Show Teacher, Show Student
Show the Teacher’s screen to students
– Accessed through a system tray icon or
the LanSchool Console
– Displays the teacher’s screen on all or
just the selected student monitors
– Teacher can draw on the screen while
– While broadcasting…
• Student screens can be “Windowed”
allowing the students to continue to work
• “Full-Screen” which takes up the student’s
entire screen and disables their
Show the Teacher’s screen to students
– Shows a selected student screen to the
rest of the class
– Encourages collaboration
Blank Screens
Blank Screens
– Shows a blue screen to all or just the selected
– Blocks out their keyboard and mouse
– LanSchool icon has a black background when
screen blanking is on
– You can customize a message for blanked
Web Limiting
• Block all student web
browsing including Internet
Explorer, Firefox, Opera, and
• Allow certain websites*
• Block certain websites*
• Save and Load lists of
*Only works with Internet Explorer
Application Limiting
Limit the applications that students
can run
Allow certain applications
Block certain applications
Save or load lists
Choose running applications on
student machines or browse to
applications on the teacher’s machine
Print Limiting
Turns off printing on
a student computer
Deletes any print
Can be applied to
one, multiple or all
Print limiting status
icon will disappear if
no printers are
setup on the
Remote Help
Remote Help
– Remote control is the ability to see the
student’s screen and take control of
their keyboard and mouse
– You can optionally disable the
student’s keyboard and mouse
– While remote controlling you can…
Show the student screen
Capture a screen shot
Send a message
Send ctrl-alt-del key sequence
– It is possible to control multiple
computers at the same time
– Send text allows the teacher to send a
text message to all or a selected
– Text chat with individual students
– Run program runs a specified software
application or website on all or the
selected students
Student Voting/Questions
• Teachers can quickly assess
student understanding
– Ask verbal or text-based Yes/No
or multiple choice questions
– See percentage voted
– See results in real-time
• Similar functionality to
classroom “clickers”
• Students can ask for help by
clicking on the LanSchool
icon in their system tray
Running Apps/Internet History
View applications that are running on a remote computer
– They can be added to the Allowed or Blocked lists
– This information is visible in the details and thumbnail view
Show daily log of the Internet sites the student visited
– This currently works only with Internet Explorer
Administrative Features
Administrative Features
– Send/Collect files from the teacher to
students and vice versa
– Wake up student computers
– Logoff, Restart or Power off student
– Remove student from class
• Temporarily disables the LanSchool
client software
– Change Display Name
• Changes the display name of the
computer in the console
– LanSchool client upgrade makes
updating the LanSchool student
software incredibly easy
– Become a student machine allows a
teacher machine to temporarily
become a student.
• Stays a teacher until the next reboot.
One to One
Supports schools that have 1
laptop per child
Installed from the one2one
directory on both teacher and
student computer
Functionality accessed under
the Administer menu
Students can join classes
Teachers can create, save,
modify and compare class lists
If a students joins or leaves the
class the console will flash
Supported Environments
Supported Environments
– Any combination of computers running Windows 98, Windows 2000,
Windows XP and Windows Vista
– Minimum RAM
48 MB for Windows 98
96 MB for Windows 2000
128 MB for Windows XP
256 MB for Windows Vista
– TCP/IP based network (Multicast is supported)
– 802.11 wireless networks are supported
Contact Information
• Technical Support
– 877-370-5546
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