Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers
Questions and Answers
Questions and Answers
Q. What is Orion?
A. Orion Advisor Services, LLC (Orion) is the premier portfolio accounting service provider for advisors. The firm has
unique insights into the advisory profession because it was founded for investment advisors by an investment advisor in
1999. Orion frees advisors from back-office tedium so they can enjoy their business again by devoting their time and
energy to better serving clients. Orion provides the integrated and fully customizable technology solutions that advisors
need to help grow their businesses over the long term.
Q. I have a subscription to Orion. What features will be available to me as part of this integration with emX?
A. The integration of Orion Advisor Services, LLC with eMoney Advisor creates a seamless, easy way for eMoney
advisors to access Orion and generate reports without having to log into multiple systems. The integration provides
advisors single-sign-on access to the Orion Connect platform by linking the eMoney application into Orion’s reports,
even extending to statements stored in the Orion Client Portal. Advisors who utilize the integration will enjoy increased
efficiency and faster operational processes.
Q. I am currently not an Orion subscriber. Are there any features available to me?
A. Access to Orion is limited to shared clients of Orion and eMoney, and based on individual enterprise preferences of
Broker-Dealers. eMoney users who do not have an Orion subscription and would like to learn more about the services
they offer to advisors should visit for a detailed overview of everything Orion can provide
advisors to streamline their operations and increase their business efficiency through technology.
Questions and Answers
Q. Is there an additional cost for the Integration?
A. Licensed users of both eMoney and Orion have access to this integration at no extra charge. If you are not yet an
eMoney or Orion client and would like to learn more about how these tools can help your business, contact eMoney at
888-362-4612 and Orion at 402-496-3513.
Q. How do I set up the Orion integration in emX?
A. From the emX Advisor Homepage, find the Applications tab and click Setup to access the emX Select page. Select
Orion and then enter your user name and password to activate the single-sign-on into OrionConnect. Once you see the
OrionConnect home page, select the Import button available in the upper right corner to go to your Orion Clients page
in Connections. Here you can either import your Orion clients as new clients in emX or link them to existing clients. This
will activate the integration for your clients and give you access to their Orion performance reports and statements in
the Vault.
Q. How do I access the Orion integration in emX?
A. Once the initial setup is complete, you can single-sign-on into Orion at any time by clicking Applications and
selecting Orion. The Orion reports should appear on the client’s Reports page. Additionally, any report marked as a
Favorite will then be available on the client’s Overview page.
Q. Do all members of my team have access to the Integration features?
A. Only users with an Advisor license will have full access to the Orion integration. Planners and Assistants will be able
to import and link clients if they are designated a delegate under the sharing rules, but will have no additional access.
Questions and Answers
Q. I already have Orion accounts linked into emX via a custodial login. Will I have to unlink them in order to
then link them with this integration?
A. Yes, you need to unlink the accounts from the custodian connection and then re-link them to Orion. We are working
on ways to improve this process, but in the meantime we’ve created an Orion user guide to help walk you through the
necessary steps. You can download the guide here.
Q. Are clients able to run Orion Performance Reports from their Client Site?
A. No, the only aspect of this integration seen by clients right now is the Orion folder in their Vault, which displays
quarterly statements from the Orion Portfolio Audit app. Performance reports run from the advisor site can be manually
uploaded to the client’s Vault for them to view.
Q. What kind of communication will clients receive regarding this integration?
A. The goal of this integration is to help you have better access to the applications you need to better serve your
clients. How you position this integration to clients is entirely up to you!
Q. Where do I go for support if I have a question or issue?
A. We’ve created an Orion user guide available here, to help walk you through the entire integration. If you have any
other questions, eMoney has a dedicated Client Engagement Team staffed with experts and certified professionals
whose goal is to ensure that you get the most out of your eMoney experience. They have a range of support options to
meet your needs and can be contacted anytime at 888-362-8482 or to answer
questions about accessing and/or generating Orion data from within emX. With questions specific to Orion Reports or
functionality, please contact the Orion support team at 402-496-3513 or
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