to a quick guide

to a quick guide
The Fisher Organisation – Client Portal
Our new service, the Client Portal, offers you the ability to send documents to anyone within our
organisation. You can safely send files of any size. There is no need to split one document into
several individual files. You will receive confirmation for any documents that has been received.
You can also access any documents that we have produced for you without the need of worrying
about file size restrictions.
This user guide will take you through the steps on how to access the portal, send
How do I access the Client Portal?
You can use the following address within Internet Explorer to access the client portal – The following screen will be displayed:
You will have already been issued with a user id and password.
appropriate areas of the screen. Click the Log In button.
Client Portal – Quick Reference Guide
Enter these details into the
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The Fisher Organisation – Client Portal
The Welcome Screen
The Welcome screen, similar to the image below, will be displayed where you can select one of the
following tasks:
Download recently published documents
Send files to us
Access all your documents
Customising the page
How do I send a file through the client portal?
To start the task:
Click the link Send Files To Us
From the Send Documents screen select what the document relates to and add any further
comments that will be of help in identifying the document.
Click Add
The portal will now allow you to add the necessary files that you wish to send.
directions as outlined in the image below:
Client Portal – Quick Reference Guide
Follow the
Please note that you can only
add a maximum of 5 files at a
time to be sent through the
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The Fisher Organisation – Client Portal
Click Send Documents
The Files submitted confirmation dialog will be displayed.
Click OK to continue
How do I check that the document(s) have been received?
Within the News Feed section on the Home page of the portal you will see the message that relates
to the document that you have submitted (see image below).
Once the account manager has processed the documents you will also receive notification on the
Home screen of the portal similar to the image below:
You can also access messages from the Your Message section of the portal.
By selecting the inbox you will see what messages have been received in relation to documents that
have been sent and received into the system (see image below).
Client Portal – Quick Reference Guide
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The Fisher Organisation – Client Portal
How do I access recently published documents from the portal?
In the News Feed section of the portal you will be notified of any documents that have recently been
published (see image below)
To access the published documents:
Click Download Recently Published Documents
You will be presented with a list of documents that have recently been published to your
Click Download Document
Follow the instructions within the screen to download a copy of the requested document.
All documents published within your account will be in a PDF format.
If you wish to confirm receipt of the document click on Confirm Receipt.
displayed below your download screen view.
The following will be
The document can be access again from the Home screen of the Client Portal from within the My
Documents view.
Client Portal – Quick Reference Guide
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