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New Tech Trends
Color/Marketing In-House
Multifunction Printers
Data Storage Media
Print exactly what you need, when you need it.
According to a recent study, printing marketing
materials internally can offer drastic savings of over
50% for your business. Revise and update your
materials as needed and print only the amount
you need, saving time, money and resources.
A. HP 34 # Glossy White
Presentation Paper
MFG # Q2546A
Ensure professional
B. HP Color LaserJet
CP1518ni Printer
MFG # CC378A
Achieve vibrant color and
print-shop quality results!
C. Epson Expression 10000XL
Graphic Arts Scanner
MFG # E10000XL-GA
With 2400 dpi resolution higher than any other
B-size flatbed scanner
available today!
Call for availability and pricing.
B. Create high-impact business
communications in-house,easily
and affordably with this fast,
reliable HP Color LaserJet.This
printer gives you the ability to
produce high quality images,text
and graphics on a wide range of
different media.
A. Print professional business
documents with print-shop
quality—without leaving the
office.Brighter and glossier than
other presentation papers,this
paper features a smooth finish.
Rely on HP for superior,consistent performance
Call for availability and pricing.
C. A reliable performer that's
sure to increase productivity,this
hardworking scanner combines
superior image processing,a
Xenon lamp,and Epson MatrixCCD technology for enhanced
colors and pinpoint registration
Make your workspace into an environment
geared towards productivity. Make sure your
office equipment exceeds it’s potential by
supplementing it with workstation accessories.
Workstation accessories such as headsets,
speakers and cleaning supplies are designed to
streamline your day-to-day business practices
by customizing your space, reducing clutter
and keeping your equipment on the cutting
edge of technology.
A. Plantronics Savi Office
Wireless Headset
MFG # 79956-01
Enjoy longer wireless range
for natural movement!
B. Logitech X-Cinema
Speaker System
MFG # 980-000085
Brightens your entertainment experience!
C. Belkin Computer
Cleaning Wipes
MFG # F8E633
Quick, streak-free cleaning!
Call for availability and pricing.
A. Savi Office is the wireless earset
that unifies voice communications
and integrates your desk phone
and PC providing business critical
sound quality.
B. The Logitech Cinéma Advanced
Surround Sound System accurately
reproduces dialogue,film soundtracks, explosive gaming audio and
subtle ambient sound.
Call for availability and pricing.
C. These pre-moistened cleaning
wipes help control static electricity
on computer surfaces and other
electronic devices.These wipes are
made of oil-free,wax-free solutions.
Break-free from cables forever! Wireless
equipment and accessories will keep you
connected all day—in the office, across town
or around the world. Provide greater flexibility,
reliability and security for your mobile
infrastructure and reap the benefits of increased
productivity, improved decision-making, and
accelerated responsiveness.
A. Canon SELPHY ES30
Compact Photo Printer
MFG # 2676B001
Just grab the easy-carry
handle and go!
B. Logitech Cordless
MFG # 931307-0403
No software required –
plug-and-play functionality with any USB port!
C. Lexmark X364DW
Multifunction Laser
MFG # 13B0503
Offers a new level of
freedom since it’s a Wi-Fi
certified wireless MFP!
Call for availability and pricing.
A. Print amazing photos from room
to room—without a computer! Just
insert a Memory card into one of the
card slots,preview images on the
high-resolution 3.0" Color LCD display, then print! You can also print
directly from compatible Digital
cameras and Mobile phones,or from
a Bluetooth device.
B. Helps you focus on connecting with your
audience,not your computer.Range of 50 feet
allows you to control your presentations from
your PC or laptop while moving around meeting
rooms.A built-in LCD timer with vibration alerts
at five and two minutes helps you effectively
manage your time.
Call for availability and pricing.
C. In addition to its wireless capabilities, this complete multifunction
office solution will give you a range
of efficiency-boosting features,plus
high-speed faxing,duplex scanning
and rapid output speeds up to 35
All-in-one equipment does It all! You multi-task—so
why not demand more capabilities from your office
equipment? Replace single function printers, copiers
and fax machines with trend setting all-in-one or
multifunction equipment! Print, copy, scan and fax—in
black and white or color. Models span from inkjet to
laser, moderate use to high-speed, high-production.
A. Brother Color Laser
MFP + Wireless
Get precise, powerful laser
B. Lexmark X463de Mono
Color Laser Printer
MFG # 13C1100
Improve your levels of
C. Xerox WorkCentre 6400/S
MFG # 6400/S
Scale up to full-featured
productivity and power!
Call for availability and pricing.
A. Get all the effortless function
and impressive performance you
need in a business tool.This color
laser multifunction machine
performs the jobs of a printer,
scanner,copier,and fax at one
Call for availability and pricing.
B. Compact and reliable office
solution that brings performance
benefits to small and mediumsized workgroups.Benefit from
powerful productivity tools,costsaving workflow solutions,and
an intuitive color touch-screen.
C. Whether you need enterprise-class
functionality in a desktop package,or
an affordable whole-office workhorse,
the new WorkCentre® 6400 color multifunction printer provides flexibility,
productivity,and value.
Work with greater security, organization and
productivity. Protecting your most valuable
information, whether it's personal or corporate,
is a high priority in these challenging times.
Shredders will minimize the risk of identity theft,
and ensure corporate document security and
compliance with information laws.
A. HSM DS-200 Digital
MFG # DS-200
Eliminates data beyond
forensic reconstruction!
B. HSM Securio B24c Cross
Cut Shredder
MFG # 1783
Keep Personal Information
HS400 High Security
Cross Cut Shredder
MFG # 3810101
Quick, convenient shredder
Call for availability and pricing.
A. Sanitizes up to three hard
drives simultaneously and independently in a non-destructive
manner.Additional functions include reformatting and imaging
for reuse.LED indicators in each
drive bay indicate the process
and status.
Call for availability and pricing.
B. SECURIO shredders are totally
state-of-the-art in terms of their design, economic energy management
(EMCS),absolute ease of operation
use and low-noise in operation.
These combined features produced a
document shredder for the future office today
C. Designed for departments with
a range of 1-5 users,the HS-400
has durable steel cutters that shred
4 sheets per pass into unreconstructible 1/25" x 3/16" cross-cut
particles as fast as 13 feet per
minute.TAA Compliant.
Less waste means more resources in your
pocket. Today’s cutting edge businesses opt
for “green” products over other wasteful and
uneconomical choices! Choose from a variety
of office equipment from low voltage printers
to recycled labels, all designed to promote
sustainability and lower your bottom line.
A. Belkin Conserve Surge
MFG # BG108000-04
Saves space with its
slim design!
B. Maco Eco Friendly Labels
Environmentally benign
C. HP Color LaserJet
MFG # CB494A
Boost productivity and
reduce costs!
Call for availability and pricing.
A. Conserve energy-saving surge
protector with remote switch makes
it simple to eliminate wasteful standby
power,helping you reduce energy
consumption,save on energy bills,
and lower your overall impact on the
B. MACO high quality labels are
guaranteed not to jam in any
printer. The bright white labels
are acid-free so they're safe for
archiving as well as lignin-free
(the component in newspapers
which cause them to turn yellow
and disintegrate).
C. Print color fast and quick! 21 ppm per minute and
Instant-on Technology! The HP printer virtually eliminates
warm-up time from powersave mode.At its core is a
fast-heating fuser enabling the printer to switch into action
almost immediately regardless of when it was last used and
return to powersave mode soon after completing the job.
Not only enjoy improved productivity,but reduced power
Call for availability and pricing.
Protect your data–and your business. Data
is the backbone of your company and your
number one asset. In fact, most companies
who suffer catastrophic data loss will go out
of business within five years.That’s why you
should take every precaution to back up your
systems and protect important business data
from computer viruses, hard drive crashes and
harsh environmental conditions.
A. Clickfree DVD+R Photo
Auto Backup 10pk
MFG # 10010-1000-100
Share and transfer
your photo files!
B. HP RDX® External USB
System, 2 Cartridges
& Dock
MFG # Q2042AA
Portable, durable and
C. Clickfree Auto Backup
Portable Hard Drive
MFG # 1035-1003-100
Will run without any
user interaction!
Call for availability and pricing.
A. DVD Photo Edition,ClickFree automatic backup- no software to install or
configure.4.5GB available storage space
or approximately 2,000 photos storage
per disc.Backups up over 70 different
photo file formats such as JPG,GIF,EPS
etc.10 pack.
B. The HP StorageWorks RDX Removable
Disk Backup System delivers an easy-to-use,
affordable and rugged data protection solution for workstations and servers.Backups
are simple and pain-free with drag and drop
file access.
C. HD1035 offers incremental backup; upon first connection it will automatically find all of the user data
files and copy them to the hard drive.Each time after
that,it will only back up the new files or the ones that
have changed.
Call for availability and pricing.
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