Help Section

Help Section
Corporate Registration Form - Help Section
NBF Direct – Online Banking
General Notes
Please note of the following points while filling out the form.
1. Do not use white ink in any section of the form. If required, please print a specific page of the
form and fill it again.
2. If any information is changed by over-writing, it would need to be countersigned by the
authorized signatory.
3. Section 5 is only for the users who have a profile selected as “Authorizer” in Section 4.
4. The mandatory sections in the form have been highlighted with * and would need to be filled in.
5. All the pages of the main form and the addendums would need to be signed by the authorized
signatories as per the Board Resolution. The authorized signatory will be the person with full
powers of the company and able to deal with the bank on the company’s behalf.
6. All the users with the profile as “View and Create” will be part of Group H which will be used for
the Authorization Rule.
7. All the users with the profile as “Verifier” will be part of Group G which will be used for the
Authorization Rule.
8. Forms need to be filled in capital letters.
9. The daily, weekly and monthly limits should not be the same.
Section 1: Company Profile
Please write the Company name and the Company Contact details of the main person authorizing the
Internet Banking Access for the company users. The welcome mail with the company mandate will be
sent to the email address of the Primary contact person.
Section 2: Channel Required
NBF offers two kinds of Channels
Web Channel - This is online banking that allows corporates to view their balances, download
statements, initiate and authorize transactions.
Host-to-Host – This is a secured file transfer mechanism by which corporates can send payment
file from their environment and authorize these payment. Please visit our NBF Web Site for more details
Section 3: Account Details
List all the accounts that you would like to tag to NBF - Online Banking. This can be accounts under
different currencies. The access will be for a particular CIF and all accounts available under the CIF. If any
account is to be restricted at a user level under that CIF, then it would need to be explicitly mentioned
for the different users.
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Corporate Registration Form - Help Section
NBF Direct – Online Banking
Section 4: User Details
List of all user(s) of your company that you plan to provide access to NBF - Online Banking
User Profile Type: There are 5 different Profiles that can be linked to any user.
1. View Only: The user can only view and download the Accounts and transactions. Not allowed to
create or initiate transactions and Service Requests.
2. View and Create Transaction: The user can view, download and create or initiate transactions
including Service Requests.
3. Verifier: User can create and verify transactions. The user under this profile will be able to verify the
initiated transactions but will not be the final authorizer.
4. Authorizer: User is an authorizer and can create or initiate and can authorize transactions. Authorizer
will be provided with an authorization mechanism (either Security token OR Mobile token)
5. Releaser: User can release the payments or trade transactions to the bank post the approvals.
Account to be restricted: The user can be restricted to any account that are listed in the Section 3
Alerts: There are 3 categories of Alerts. The default is set to None in case alerts are not required.
1. Basic: Basic alerts related to documents, etc.
2. Transactional: Transactional related alerts
3. All: All alerts
Section 5: Authoriser Details
There is no limit on the number of Authorizers.
Each Authorizer in Online banking will be provided a Security device. A detailed operating procedure will
be provided along with the device to the authorizer.
Token Type: Please choose the type of token;
a) Security Token is a hardware device that offers a Challenge-response process to authorize any
financial transactions
b) Mobile token is an application downloaded on your smart phone and works in a Challenge-response
In both the cases, bank will provide a user guide to explain the activation and usage process.
Mailing Address: Where the Security Token needs to be delivered
Authorizer Group: Each Authorizer will be tagged to a Group. An authorizer can have a maximum of 6
different groups to choose from.
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Corporate Registration Form - Help Section
NBF Direct – Online Banking
Payment or Trade Authorization Rule: There is no limit on number of Authorization rule. By default the
user under “View and Create” Role (H) should be highlighted in the Authorization rule unless the
authorizers themselves want the flexibility to create and approve transactions. If the authorization rule
is not specified explicitly, then the same rule will be applicable for Payments as well as Trade.
Hierarchy: For each Authorization rule, a hierarchy can be set. Hierarchy starts from the highest group
and goes upto the lowest. Hierarchy F means the lowest and hierarchy A means the highest.
Maximum Transaction Limit: Please enter if you want any transaction limit to be placed. Placing a Daily
transaction limit of e.g. AED 500,000/- will only allow transactions upto the limit for any one-day.
Important Notes:
If you want to include additional accounts, users or authorizers please use the addendum sheets
Appendix “A”- Add or Remove Account Details
Appendix “B” - Add or Remove Users
Appendix “A”- Add or Remove Authorizers
All Request for additional users, accounts or authorizers to be signed by the Company
authorized signatories
All Service Requests have to be approved by single user (verifier OR authorizers) after initiation
i.e. it is not mandatory that the user approving the request is an authorizer
Banker’s Cheques and Demand draft will have to be processed through authorizers
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