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Performance Single
The Ultimate High Performance Jogging Stroller
Important, Keep For
Future Reference
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For the sake of your precious cargo, please read
these warnings before using your Baby Jogger.
• Important, keep this booklet for future reference.
• Accessories which are not approved by the manufacturer or distributor
should not be used.
• WARNING: Prevent serious injury to your child by always using the
safety harness.
• WARNING: Any load attached to the handle affects the stability of the stroller.
• WARNING: It may be dangerous to leave child unattended.
• Always use your wrist strap – these strollers can really roll, and the
wrist strap gives you control if you should slip or fall down.
• The passenger should remain seated (no standing in the stroller).
• Watch out for cars – never assume that a driver can see you and your child.
• Never use Roller Blades while using a Baby Jogger Stroller.
• Intended for passengers up to five years of age weighing no more
than 100 pounds.
• This Jogger seats one passenger.
• WARNING: Recommended weight for seat pocket is 2 pounds and basket
is 10 pounds. Excessive weight may cause a hazardous unstable
condition to exist.
• It may be unsafe to use replacement parts other than those supplied or
approved by the manufacturer.
• To assemble, simply unfold frame and insert the front of handle assembly into Front Tube
Connector and lock together, securing with Snap Locks.
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Front Wheel
1 To install front wheel, lay
stroller back so handle is
resting on floor. Open the
calipers by flipping the
caliper lever toward the
rear wheels while pinching
calipers together.
2 Insert the front wheel into
the fork tips by aligning
the axle flats with the
fork tip flats.
3 Tighten by turning the
wheel lever while holding
the opposite side.
4 Close the wheel lever
1 Insert the footplate tab
into the footplate
holder slot
2 Snap down onto
Jogger frame.
3 Using a phillips head
screwdriver, attach
footplate to Jogger frame.
You will need to rest the
Jogger Handle on the floor
in order to get to the
bottom of the footplate.
making sure that it is
facing toward the back
of the stroller.
5 Close caliper by flipping
the caliper lever toward
the fork tips.
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Reclining Seat
Rear Wheels
• Simply adjust seat straps to
desired degree of recline.
• To install, gently slide the
wheel’s axle into the hole
in the axle end until you
hear it click into place.
• To remove, simply push in
the spring lock while
pulling out the wheel.
• Pull on strap when you
want to return the seat to
its upright position.
Be sure to remove the board from the back of the seat before washing.
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Safety Harness
Adjusting safety harness:
• Loosen the shoulder straps from their plastic guides.
• Slide the end of each strap through pair of seat loops closest to your child’s shoulder.
• Slide the end of the shoulder strap back into plastic guide.
Please note: If you feel the straps are too tight, you may adjust their length by sliding the
plastic guides toward the top of the seat.
• Lock both sides of the strap mechanism into the center buckle. To adjust the center strap,
move its plastic guide up or down.
WARNING: Avoid serious injury from falling or sliding out.
Always use safety harness!
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Hand Brake with Parking Button
Image shown with seat fabric removed for clearer viewing.
NOTE: Some Joggers
are shipped with the
Canopy, Seat and
Basket pre-assembled.
Assembly instructions
are given if any
pre-assemble items are
removed for cleaning
or replacement.
• To use the parking button feature, simply squeeze the brake handle and push the park brake button.
Adjusting the Brake
• If you don’t have good braking action, simply
squeeze the brake handle five or six times. If the
problem persists, loosen the brake’s cylinder ring
to adjust the small ring, and then move the small
ring away from the handle to tighten the cable.
(Please do not over tighten!) To lock the rings,
tighten the cylinder ring against the handle while
holding the small ring in place.
1 Using a phillips head screwdriver, screw brackets to Jogger frame.
Rear Wheel
Parking Brakes
• Simply push brake pedal down to engage
brake and lift up to release.
2 Fasten upper velcro straps
3 Snap to Jogger frame.
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• Basket installation or removal requires releasing the bottom
section of seat as shown on previous page to reveal velcro strap.
• Fasten front velcro strap.
1 Snap eight frame snaps
to frame.
2 Fasten the two bottom velcro straps. One is located near
the front of seat and the other is near the footplate.
• Snap rear basket straps around frame.
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In Motion
Stroller Care
• Steering your stroller is simple: it’s balanced to
turn with just a light touch on the handlebar.
For tighter turns, push down on the handlebar
and raise the front wheel to steer.
• You can machine wash your stroller’s seat in cold water with a mild detergent.
To minimize shrinkage, simply reattach the seat to the frame to dry.
(Please do not put the seat in the dryer!)
• Be sure to remove the board from the back of the seat
before washing.
Wrist Strap
• Make sure wrist strap is around your wrist whenever
your baby is in the stroller. The Baby Jogger is
lightweight and ready to roll – with or without you – and
the wrist strap helps you gain control over your stroller.
• You may clean the stroller frame using a soft, dry cloth, and
an occasional spray of household wax will maintain its
healthy glow.
Wheel Care
In the Dark
• Since we are concerned about the safety of you and your
baby, we recommend that you not use your stroller at
night. However, if you choose to, please attach
reflective strips to the wheel spokes and the seat.
Bicycle lights can also be mounted on the handlebar.
• Moisture – especially from the beach – can rust the wheel bearing case.
Spraying regularly with a silicone lubricant will keep your wheels looking healthy.
• Also, if you jog massive amounts of miles, your stroller will benefit from a
yearly visit to the bike shop for wheel alignment. Refer to the number
on the tire wall for the optimum pressure for your tires.
• Sunshine can fade seat fabric and dry out tires, so storing
your stroller indoors will prolong its good looks. However,
if you do store it outside, using a tarp will protect against
weather wear.
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Thank You!
We wish you many happy journeys with your new
Baby Jogger! Your stroller is a great product, and
we are proud to manufacture it. If you have any
questions or comments, please give us a call at.
Baby Jogger is a Division of Dynamic Brands
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T: 800.241.1848 • F: 804.262.6277
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