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The Mobile Connect application is applicable to all Huawei data cards, including
E220,E270, E620 ,E630, E660, E800 and E870.
This manual describes the operations of the Mobile Connect application.
This application requires MAC OS X 10.4.6 or later.
1. To install the Mobile Connect application, double-click the file
2. Click “continue”.
3. Click “Agree” to accept the licence.
4. Select a volume to install the application and click “continue”
5. Enter the password of the current user and click OK
6. Wait while the application is being installed.
When the installation is finished, you will see the following window.
7. Start the Mobile Connect application by double-clicking “Application->MobileConnect”
8. If no SIM card is present, you will see the following message on the computer display.
9. Insert a data card with a SIM card.
If the data card is locked by PIN code, you will see the Verify PIN dialog box.
10. If the SIM card is locked, you will see the Sim Unlock dialog box. Enter the correct unlock code.
Then the main interface will be displayed
11. For the first time the application launches after installation, you need to click “Setting” to
set your network parameters.
12. Click “New” to set the parameters.
13. Input the Profile Name as you like.
Then input network parameters:
Telephone Number: for example *99#. And input Account Name , Password if necessary.
Please get your Telephone Number, Account Name , Password from your service provider.
14. Click Save to save your settings and click OK to return the main window. Click Connect
to connect to the network. At this point, the MAC OS X may ask you to type your login
password. Input your login password and click OK to continue.
15. If connected successfully, the following message window will be shown.
16. To disconnect from the network, click Disconnect. Then the following window will be shown.
17. To enable the PIN protect, select Active PIN from the menu on the top of the screen.
To disable the PIN protect, select Deactive PIN.
18. And you can also choose “Modify” to change your PIN code while the PIN is activated.
In the following dialog box, enter the current PIN code, the new PIN code and confirm
the new PIN code. Then the PIN code is changed.
19. Notice: When using this application to dial-up, it will create a new location named
“Mobile Connect.” Set it as the current location. You can reset location by clicking the apple
icon on the left top of the screen and select your location in the Location menu:
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