Precuations before installation
-Remove the negative terminal from the battery.
-Protect the interior of the vehicle by covering the interior work areas with cloth or tape.
-After installation, confirm proper operation of brake lamp, headlight, turn signals, wiper
blades and other functions.
Thank you for purchasing the Back Camera Adapter Cable.
Please read this manual carefully to ensure a succesful installation.
Before installing the backup camera, confirm that the OEM audio is functioning
properly without any complications or issues. This kit will not remedy any existing issues.
Application/Product Description
1.T-harness plug and play back camera adapter to provide reverse camera video input to OEM screen.
2.Automatic switching to reverse camera when vehicle is put into reverse gear.
3.High grade OEM connectors ensure trouble free operation.
4.High grade coaxial video input cable for superior image quality.
5. Made in Japan.
-For use with 12 volt cameras only.
-Some models may require connection of reverse trigger wire.
-Always use caution when reversing a vehicle and be aware the camera may not display all angles.
OEM Head Unit Removal
Removal of the head unit varies according to the model of vehicle. Refer to the maintenance
manual or consult your dealer for instructions and always take due care not to damage any parts.
Adapter Installation
-Remove 24-pin connector from behind OEM head unit and connect to female side of RVCTOY4.
Connect male side of RVCTOY4 to OEM head unit.
-Inspect the separate 28-pin connector attached to the head unit to check the presence of the reverse
trigger wire in pin location number 2 (see fig. 3.3). If no wire is present proceed to step 3. If wire is
present go to step 4.
-RVCTOY4 Adapter, Purple Reverse Trigger Wire, Posi Tap (x2),User’s Guide.
24-pin Connector (Male)
2014 Toyota Camry
2014 Toyota Corolla
2014 Toyota Highlander
2014 Toyota Highlander Hybrid
2014 Toyota Hilux
2014 Toyiota Landcruiser Prado
OEM head unit
2014 Toyota RAV4
2014 Toyota Sequoia
2014 Toyota Tacoma
2014 Toyota Tundra
2014 Toyota 4Runner
When Performing Installation Procedures
-Take due care not to disturb vital parts related to the operation of the vehicle.
-Perform installation on a flat level surface.
-Take due care so as to not damage wires, interior parts or the body of the vehicle during installation.
-Any Damages resulting to the aftermarket systems or damages to the vehicle resulting from
improper or careless installations are not covered by warranty, nor are we responsible for
Caution injuries or damages resulting from installation process. Please observe caution while installing.
Power ACC
Camera Power
RCA female
video input
from camera
Compatible with any 12 volt camera.
Reverse Trigger Wire Connection
3.1 Locate the 28-pin connector behind the head unit.
With wires facing towards the viewer, check pin#2 (2nd from top right) for presence of
reverse wire. If slot is vacant, proceed to 3.2. If a wire is already connected, go straight
to step 4.
3.2 Insert a small flathead to release clips and lift the retainer.
a. I nsert a small flathead to release clips.
b. L ift the retainer.
3.3 Insert purple wire into pin#2 with the metal tab of the terminal facing the retainer.
You will hear a click
Insert into number 2 slot.
OEM Head unit 28-pin connector
To reverse light or
other reverse trigger
3.4 Close and lock retainer. You will hear a click.
3.5 Connect purple wire to reverse light or other reverse trigger that supplies
12 volts when reverse gear is selected.
Verification of Operations and Features
Re-install head unit then re-connect battery negative terminal. Verify all functions of
the head unit and vehicle electrical system.
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