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Advanced Unified Messaging
Advanced Unified Messaging
OpenScape Xpressions V5.0
Siemens OpenScape Xpressions V5.0 is an open, complete, and flexible
enterprise-class unified messaging solution. OpenScape Xpressions unified
messaging is optimized for enterprises with mobile employees who depend
heavily on voice, email, and fax communication. OpenScape Xpressions provides
a single multi-media inbox from which employees can retrieve and manage all
messages using virtually any communications device.
OpenScape Xpressions
Benefits Your Business
HiPath Xpressions is Open,
Complete, and Flexible
• Saves costly employee time
• Speeds decision-making
• Secures technology investments
• Optimizes network costs
• OPEN standards protect past, current, and
future technology investments.
• COMPLETE and rich features save costly
employee time and accelerate decisionmaking. Communication efficiencies
translate into a competitive edge over
enterprises whose employees remain
hindered by communication friction and
• FLEXIBLE system and user choices optimize
costs and maximize employee productivity.
New with OpenScape Xpressions V5.0
• SIP-connectivity to HiPath 8000
• IP-connectivity to HiPath 3000/4000/5000
• OpenScape optiClient extension integration
• URL voice message notification in email without email client integration
• Telephone user interface (TUI) enhancements
• User-configurable TUI
• Daily greeting timer
OpenScape Xpressions is Open
OpenScape Xpressions is based upon open
standards and can be deployed in virtually any
enterprise environment. Openness translates into
concrete financial benefits for enterprises by
protecting investments in existing and future
Communications Platform Support
OpenScape Xpressions interoperates with various
telephone systems, including Siemens HiPath
communications platforms (PBXs) and systems
from other vendors. Interoperability protects
both PBX and OpenScape Xpressions investments
as your enterprise’s communications
environment evolves.
IP-Connectivity Options
Standard IP and SIP connectivity options support IT
strategies as they evolve, which ensures IT
departments can support OpenScape Xpressions
unified messaging even as networking topology
changes. Connectivity options protect investments in
OpenScape Xpressions as network strategies advance
toward IP.
Multiple Groupware Support
OpenScape Xpressions operates with standard email
and groupware such as Microsoft Exchange, and
supports multiple email and groupware systems
within a single OpenScape Xpressions system. For
enterprises running multiple email or groupware
systems, such as those experiencing a merger or
acquisition, multi-system support secures both past
email and groupware investments, and an investment
in OpenScape Xpressions.
OpenScape Xpressions OpenScape Xpressions
is Complete
is Flexible
OpenScape Xpressions offers a rich feature set that
enables enterprise employees to accelerate the rate at
which communications are completed. This
communications advantage translates into a competitive
edge over enterprises which remain hindered by
increasing communication friction and overload.
Complete range of communications media: voice,
email, fax and SMS
OpenScape Xpressions supports the complete range of
communications media. Voice mail, email, fax and SMS
messages are consolidated within a familiar email client
inbox, such as Microsoft Outlook. Employees access their
message inbox via a PC or from any telephone.
OpenScape Xpressions supports standard and enhanced
messaging features for each communications media.
• Voice:
Standard voice mail features are enhanced by
intelligent call handling capabilities such as auto
attendant, call forwarding, customized greetings per
call type, and daily greetings which automatically timeout at the day’s end.
• Email:
Email can be used to send or forward voice and fax
attachments. Email can also be read to users when the
inbox is accessed via the telephone.
• Fax:
Enhanced fax messaging increases privacy because
users determine at which fax machine or printer the
message is printed.
• SMS:
Messages once transferred and managed exclusively by
mobile phone can now be sent, received, and
forwarded from the OpenScape Xpressions inbox.
myXpressions Folder
With the industry-exclusive myXpressions Folder, users
create a separate inbox into which high-priority
messages are filtered. Messages are filtered based upon
user-determined criteria, such as the message’s subject
or sender. When accessing OpenScape Xpressions using
a touch-tone phone or speech recognition, users are
presented with the most important messages first.
Access to filtered messages saves time for mobile
employees using a telephone.
OpenScape optiClient Presence Capabilities
When OpenScape optiClient is integrated into
OpenScape Xpressions, users can see which colleagues
are available to communicate and be notified when they
become available. This “presence” information provided
by OpenScape optiClient reduces failed communication
attempts, saves time, and increases productivity.
Additionally, with OpenScape optiClient’s click-and-dial
capabilities, users can initiate calls to individuals listed in
global or personal address books, or LDAP-compatible
Flexible user features and system configuration options
allow enterprises to optimize costs and maximize
employee productivity. Users access messages over a wide
variety of interfaces and devices, keeping employees
productive whether they are in the office, at a customer
site, or traveling. Additionally, a flexible single and dual
message store approach allows IT decision-makers to
optimize redundancy costs.
Flexible Message Access and Management Options
OpenScape Xpressions messages are accessed and
managed using a standard email client, touch-tone
telephone, speech recognition, or the internet browserbased Web Assistant.
• Telephone User Interface (TUI):
For new users, the new TUI flexibility eases the transition
to OpenScape Xpressions by partly mimicking prompts of
previous voice mail systems. Additionally, users can hide
less-used parts of the TUI in order to simplify navigation.
Users can also configure new daily greeting options which
automatically time out at the day’s end and revert back to
a general default greeting. These enhancements improve
user and caller experience and save time for employees.
• Speech Recognition and Text-to-Speech:
Users can access email and voice messages via the
telephone by using spoken commands. Text-to-speech
capabilities allow users to have emails read to them over
the phone. Speech features make messaging efficient
for mobile employees.
• Web Assistant:
OpenScape Xpressions Web Assistant enables users to
access and manage their message inbox via any internet
• Message Morphing:
OpenScape Xpressions allows users to blend message
media to create “compound messages” by combining
voice with fax or email. Message morphing empowers
users to respond to messages in the media that is most
• URL Notification:
For voice-only deployments of OpenScape Xpressions
V5.0, users receive email notifications of their voice
messages. The email contains a URL that links them
directly to the voice message. This provides unified
messaging-like capabilities without the need for email
client integration.
Flexible Single and Dual Message Store Choices
Single and dual message store options are an OpenScape
Xpressions industry-exclusive and an opportunity to
optimize redundancy costs. Within a single OpenScape
Xpressions system enterprises can choose between single
and dual message store support on a per-user basis.
Mission critical users, such as executives, can be supported
with dual store redundancy while other users are
supported by the lower-cost single message store option.
OpenScape Xpressions Summary
OpenScape Xpressions
Business Benefits:
OpenScape Xpressions
• Saves costly employee time:
A single view of all messages allows
enterprise employees to manage
messages efficiently and respond quickly
to customers, colleagues, and business
• Message filtering provides easy access to
high-priority messages.
• Speeds decision-making:
The execution of decisions and other
business processes is accelerated by
flexible message access and
• Support for multiple email systems on a
single OpenScape Xpressions system
protects investments in existing email
• Secures technology investments:
Open standards protect technology
investments by supporting
interoperability with a wide variety of PBX
and email systems.
• Optimizes costs:
Single and dual message store choices
allow enterprises to optimize IT costs
within a single OpenScape Xpressions
• Speech capabilities and a web browser
interface ease access to messages while
employees are mobile.
• Support for single or dual message store
architecture within a single OpenScape
Xpressions system optimizes network and
storage costs.
• Support for Siemens and non-Siemens PBX
platforms, protects PBX and OpenScape
Xpressions investments.
• Support for IP-connectivity to HiPath
communications platforms protects network
and OpenScape Xpressions investments.
OpenScape Xpressions Technical Specifications
PBX Integration
Hicom 150 E Office Pro/Com V2.2/V3.0 or later (CorNet N)
Hicom 150 H V1.0 or later (CorNet N)
Hicom 300 E V1.0 or later (CorNet N)
Hicom 300 H V1.0 or later (CorNet N)
HiPath 3000/5000 V3.0 or later with CorNet N
HiPath 3000/5000 V5.0 or later with CorNet-IP
HiPath 4000 V1.0 with CorNet NQ
HiPath 4000 V3.0 or later with CorNet-IP
HiPath 5000 V3.0 with IP
HiPath 8000 V2.0 or later with SIP
Realities DX
Other, non-Siemens PBXs (on a project-specific basis)
Email Integration
Desktop Clients Supported
• Microsoft Outlook
• Lotus Notes
Groupware Supported
• MS Exchange
• Lotus Domino
• SMTP-compatible servers with IMAP4/POP3-compatible clients
Maximum number of users
• One system, unified messaging users - 10,000
• One system, voice messaging only users - 100,000 users max when using networked OpenScape Xpressions
Maximum number of messages per user: HDD-dependent; not strictly limited
Number of channels per server
• Hicom 300: up to 150
• HiPath 4000: up to 240
• Hicom150 E: up to 60
• HiPath 3000: up to 60
Number of channels per server with an IP connection (G.711)
• HiPath 3000/5000 V5.0: up to 56
• HiPath 4000 V3.0 or later: up to 60
Maximum number of messages per mailbox: HDD-dependent; not strictly limited
Operating languages—telephone and display: German, US-English, UK-English, French, Canadian French, Spanish,
Latin American Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Turkish, and Russian.
Maximum number of distribution lists per user: 99
Maximum number of addresses per distribution list: 99
Minimum Hardware Requirements
• Processor (Intel only): Intel Pentium lll 500 MHz
• RAM memory: 516 MB
• Hard Disk Memory: 4 GB for upgrades, 40 GB standard (IDE or SCSI)
• CD-ROM and floppy drive (3.5”)
• LAN card: Ethernet 10BT/100BT
• PCI slots for voice/interface board (standard V2.0 or higher): Minimum 2, Standard 3, Maximum 5
• Operating system: Windows 2003 Server, Windows XP Professional
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