Cisco | ME-3400E-24TS-M | Cisco ME 3400E Ethernet Access Switch Power-Supply

Cisco ME 3400E Ethernet Access Switch Power-Supply Modules
This document provides the high-level steps for installing the AC and the DC power-supply modules for
the Cisco ME 3400E-24TS-M and the Cisco ME 3400EG-12CS-M switches. For the complete installation
instructions, see the Cisco ME 3400E Ethernet Access Switch Hardware Installation Guide at this URL:
For a complete list of the safety warnings in the required languages, see the Regulatory Compliance and
Safety Information for the Cisco ME 3400E Switch on the Documentation CD.
Observe these warnings when you install and power-on the power-supply module:
Do not reach into a vacant slot or chassis while you install or remove a module or a fan.
Exposed circuitry could constitute an energy hazard. Statement 206
Do not work on the system or connect or disconnect cables during periods of lightning
activity. Statement 1001
Only trained and qualified personnel should be allowed to install, replace, or service this
equipment. Statement 1030
For DC power-supply modules, observe these warnings:
An exposed wire lead from a DC-input power source can conduct harmful levels of
electricity. Be sure that no exposed portion of the DC-input power source wire extends from
the terminal block plug. Statement 122
Before connecting or disconnecting ground or power wires to the chassis, ensure that power is removed from the
DC circuit. To ensure that all power is OFF, locate the circuit breaker on the panel board that services the DC
circuit, switch the circuit breaker to the OFF position, and tape the switch handle of the circuit breaker in the OFF
position. Use a voltmeter to test for 0 (zero) voltage at the power terminals on the chassis. Statement 196
This product relies on the building’s installation for short-circuit (overcurrent) protection. Ensure that the
protective device is rated not greater than: 5 A. Statement 1005
A readily accessible two-poled disconnect device must be incorporated in the fixed wiring. Statement 1022
For all power-supply modules, review these caution statements:
To prevent overheating and to maintain proper air flow, either an AC or a DC power-supply module or a module
blank should be installed in both power-supply module slots at all times.
Before you install the AC or DC power-supply module, turn off the power supply at its source.
The power-supply module slots are on the switch rear panel, and the power connectors are on the front panel.
Install the AC Power-Supply Module
Step 1
Insert the power-supply module in the slot
on the switch rear panel, and align and
tighten the retainer screws.
Connect the AC power cord to the
AC power input. Secure with the retainer
clip and the bushing.
Step 3
Turn on power, and verify that the
AC power-supply LED on the switch front
panel is green.
Step 2
Install the DC Power-Supply Module
Attach the ground lug to a ground wire
(connected to a ground connection), and
attach the ground lug to the switch rear
Step 2
Insert the power-supply module in the
rear-panel slot, and align and tighten the
retainer screws.
Step 1
+24V -48V
Step 3
Set the DC voltage selector on the
power-supply module:
• Telecom: –48 VDC
+24V -48V
• Industrial: +24 VDC
Use 16-gauge copper wire to connect the
DC input power source and connect it to
the DC power connector on the switch
front panel.
Step 5
Turn on the power.
Step 6
On the switch front panel, verify that the
DC power-supply LED is green for that
Step 7
If installing only one power supply, enter
this command to suppress alerts:
Step 4
If installing two, no commands are needed.
switch# no power-supply dual dc-feed
switch# end
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