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Designed to protect your investment from all the elements
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Care and proper handling of your TES Cover………Page 3
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USA/CAN. Phone: 888-465-1592 www.TESproducts.com
TES Covers has broken the barrier in technology and ease of use to protect your motorcycle /
scooter from every imaginable element that motorcycle / scooter owners face on a regular basis.
TES (Total Enclosure System)® was designed in Northern United Kingdom to protect motorcycles
that are constantly facing the extreme elements such as rain, snow, dust and critters. At TES we all
are avid riders and take extreme measures to ensure our bikes our always pristine and we appreciate your purchase, as our goal is to protect your investment with the highest quality cover available. Our covers are designed to completely protect your bike by the development of the following in
design features:
1. A proprietary waterproof non-porous material, which fully protects motorcycles and scooters
from light to extreme rain.
2. Easy Design allowing bike to be rolled onto pad or base followed by easily placing the top over
your bike to be zipped and sealed using a high quality marine grade zippers with incorporated
pull strings which allow the user to easily grab with gloved hands to zip cover shut or open.
3. Special innovative cotton lining which is has both heat & flame resistant protection (rated up to
190 °C / 374°F and moister wicking properties that will not mar or scratch your motorcycles /
scooters paint or chrome. (Note: Optional dehumidifiers recommended for long term storage in
humid conditions or outdoor storage with wide spectrums of temperature changes).
4. Ingenious air vents under handlebar grips that are under stitched flaps, these flaps are designed to shield water while avoiding flapping in the wind. The inner lining covering the vent
holes provides filtration from outside dust or particulates that would otherwise enter cover.
5. UV Protection (for long term storage in direct sun it is recommended to apply optional UV protectant as directed to ensure ongoing extended protection).
6. Form fitted so there is not overly excessive material sitting on ground.
7. Insect and pest resistant, which is a common issue in some areas where rodents eat wires or
insects make homes within the motorcycle / scooter.
8. Cover protects motorcycle from prying eyes and is lockable with optional suitable lock is used
with our HD zippers which prevents anyone from unzipping your cover.
9. Ideal for where children have access or where bike is exposed to public. (Warning, always use
a lock on zippers to prevent children from being allowed to enter cover).
10. Unique Velcro flap at rear of cover which allows cable lock to secure bike to desired anchor
point for security and/or allows passage of electrical cord for trickle charging without compromising the protection from dust, water and critters.
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Page 1
1. Lay the base section onto the hard floor (concrete or stone) so the cover is at full length then
open/unzip the cover so it is fully extended and the top cover is open. Ensure the space between the ground and base of the cover is free of derbies e.g. screw, gravel, etc. Note: The
Velcro flap is located at the rear of the cover and the zips are open fully at the front of the cover,
the front of your bike should be positioned at the front end of the cover e.g. at the fully opened
zip position.
2. Ensuring the base cover is fully extended and flat; slowly ride or push the motorcycle on pad so
the front wheel is in the final position at the front of the cover ensuring the motorcycle is more or
less centered to the base cover. Note: positioning the bike slightly right of center will allow for
the lean of a side stand function.
3. Despite cover interior lining being high heat resistant, avoid placing on bike and avoid touching
top layer of outer shell of cover against the bike until the pipes have had ample time to cool
down. The outer layer could potentially melt if placed on extremely hot pipes causing damage to
cover and causing burn mark on pipe.
4. Carefully place the provided rubber “base plate” (6x6”) under the side stand before resting the
weight of the bike (Optional side stand puck is available for those that prefer pucks). Note: the
stand should sit centrally on the rubber base and/or puck. Center stand use is possible with optional full base protection mat purchase made separately.
5. Check the motorcycle is secure from falling before moving on to next step.
6. Carefully pull the top cover over from front to back taking care that the cover does not catch on
any protrusions of the motorcycle to avoid cover damage. (Note: custom parts e.g. spiked mirrors, spiked handlebar caps, spiked air filters etc. it would be recommended to cover these type
of parts with a micro fiber towel secured with rubber band(s) to eliminate the sharp points)
8. Once the top cover is fully over the bike the zips can now zipped from both sides of the front tire
meeting both at the rear wheel.
9. To remove cover reverse process.
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Page 2
1. Kickstand mat (provided)/optional puck/ optional full base mat for center stand
2. This cover must only be used with the protective kickstand mat provided or equivalent optional
3. Ensure that a suitable protective kickstand mat is used and is in good sound condition before first
4. Do not allow any part of the motorcycles metal stand or custom sharp parts to touch or penetrate
the cover.
5. Care should be taken to ensure the stands angle is flat and level on the ground when in contact with
the protective kickstand mat and/or optional puck.
6. Each time you use the cover the protective kickstand mat and/or optional puck should be carefully
and manually positioned under the side stand before resting the bike.
7. Each time you use the kickstand mat and/or optional puck it should be inspected for damage or
wear, if any damage is identified the kickstand mat and/or optional puck should be replaced without
8. If you use the motorcycles main center stand you must ensure that an optional full floor base mat is
to be used.
Cover Care/Instructions and Safety
1. The cover is only to be used on a hard, flat, smooth surface where there is no chance that the
ground may allow the weight of the motorcycle to sink or fall into the surface through the cover. This
could cause damage both to your motorcycle & cover so we recommend use only on hard concrete
or stone. Ensure that no small chips, stones, pebbles are on the floor under the cover before use or
that no other particles such as glass/slate (anything sharp that could penetrate or puncture the base
section) are present as this can cause damage to the cover.
2. This product must not be situated in a place where standing water is, or at risk of developing, always ensure there is suitable drainage for any water to disperse.
3. Any dirt or mud should be brushed out when dry using a soft brush on the soft lining and then wiped
with a damp cloth or sponge it can then be hung up to try properly. For the unlined version it should
be cleaned with a damp cloth or sponge before drying.
4. Do not open or store bike next to open flame when uncovering it as gas fumes can build up on
some models of older bikes e.g. opening cover while smoking, store next to water heater etc.
5. This cover is not machine washable. NEVER WASH IN A WASHING MACHINE.
6. Dust typically can just be brushed of exterior, otherwise it is advised to hose off with water and wipe
dry with clean towel. DO NOT USE CHEMICALS OR HARH SOAPS to clean exterior cover shell.
7. NEVER allow children to enter cover. If children have unauthorized access to covered bike use a
lock to prohibit access by securing Zips together.
8. Our covers are designed for high winds however it is strongly advised to park covered bikes exposed to winds in excess of 45 mph to be secured to prevent bike from tipping. If securing the bike
is not feasible, place bike as close to a wall or structure limiting wind exposure.
9. Failure to adhere to these instructions and care guidelines void the manufacturer warranty and
TES, TES COVERS or TES PRODUCTS USA LLC will not be held responsible for damages
due to negligence and failure to follow use/care instructions.
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Page 3
NOTE: This is the suggested way to fold your TES Cover to fit inside the TES Nylon bag provided. This fold process will allow your cover to be flat and more likely to fit in saddlebags. “Rolling”
after step 5 may work well if your intensions are to place in alternate backpack.
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 5
Step 4
Step 6
Now your ready to place cover back in your Tes Cover backpack
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Page 4
Manufacturers Guarantee
The cover is guaranteed against manufacturing defect and zip failure for a period of 12 months
from the date of purchase. It must only be used with a suitable side stand plate (one is supplied)
or if using a center stand, a center stand plate that is fit for purpose (not supplied) The stand
must sit centrally on the plate when the motorcycle is inside the cover, There should be no sharp
edges in contact with the protective plate at any time. The user must in any event ensure that
the cover and base section will not be damaged when used. This product must be used on a
hard / smooth, non-abrasive flat surface (concrete or hard stone). Care must be taken to ensure
that the weight of the motorcycle will not cause it to sink into the ground on which it is to be sited.
If in any doubt, you must not use this product.
Validate Manufacturers guarantee with proof of purchase
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