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Watchguard Trail Camera Quick Guide
Watchguard Trail Camera
Quick Guide
This is a quick guide for the trail camera’s basic operations and does not elaborate on advanced settings
or features, for more detail see the User’s Manual available on
The VSHUNTINGCAM is a surveillance device designed to be triggered by a moving object which
is detected by a highly sensitive Passive Infra-Red (PIR) sensor up to 15m away, and then
automatically take a still image or video.
How to Set-up the Trail Camera
1. Open the trail camera and load minimum of 4 x AA batteries or 8 x AA batteries for a longer
run time. (It is recommended to use four new high-performance alkaline AA batteries or low
self-discharge Ni-MH chargeable AA batteries).
2. Insert your SD card;
• CAUTION – Ensure the camera is switched off before installing or removing batteries
or SD card. Format the SD card prior to use if used previously in other devices.
3. Move the function switch below the internal keypad from OFF to TEST;
4. Press MENU and use the UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT and OK keys to adjust the settings:
a. Capture Mode – Here you can choose from single image, image + video (i.e. single
image and video) or 3 images.
b. Resolution – Set the image quality to 5, 8, 10 or 12 megapixel.
Be aware that higher resolution images require more space on the SD card and can
cause slight delays when taking still images;
c. Movie Size – Set the video quality to either 320x240 (QVGA), 640x480 (VGA),
720x480 (D1) or 1280x720 (720p HD).
d. Video Time – Length of video to be recorded when triggered.
e. PIR Sensitivity - Select the sensitivity of the PIR sensor.
f. Other Advanced Options include:
Timer, Time Lapse, Side PIR Sensitivity, Timer Delay, IR LEDs, TV Out Mode, Date
Stamp, Language, Date and Time Format and Password.
5. Once you have finished configuring trail camera is ready to capture photos and video.
How to Manually Capture Images and Video
Set the power switch to TEST mode. You can then manually capture images and video as you
would with a regular digital camera.
First choose VIDEO or PHOTO with the switch on the base.
Then use the SHOT key to capture an images or video.
Set to Automatically Capture Images and Video
When you are ready to deploy the Trail Camera, set the power switch to ON mode.
The trail camera will automatically capture images and video (depending on mode) whenever an
object is detected by the front and side PIR sensors. The trail camera’s side-facing PIR sensors
offer 120° of detection and assist with capturing the object when in front of the camera lens’ 50°
field of view.
Note: After moving the switch to ON mode, there will be a 30sec delay.
How to Playback Images and Video
To view your images and video, first open the Trail cam and set the power switch to TEST mode.
Then press the OK button to enter playback mode.
Move between stored images and video using the LEFT and RIGHT buttons.
To play a video, move to it using the LEFT and RIGHT buttons and begin playing it by
pressing the SHOT button. Pressing SHOT again will also stop playback.
UP and DOWN buttons can be used to will zoom in still images up to 4x
When finished return to the TEST screen by pressing the OK button.
Back up your Images and Video
To view your images and video on a PC,
First open the Trail Camera and set the power switch to TEST mode.
Plug the Trail Camera in to your PC using the USB cable.
Move between stored images and video using the LEFT and RIGHT buttons.
Alternatively remove the SD Card to plug in to a computer
Open the Trail Camera and set the power switch to OFF mode
Remove the SD card from the base.
You can now safely plug the SD card in to an SD Card reader and view your Images and
Technical Specifications
Image Sensor
Max. Pixel Size
IR Flash
LCD Screen
Operation Keypad
12Mega Pixels colour CMOS
52°, F=3.1, Auto IR-Cut
15 Meters
2.5 inch
7 Keys
Picture Size
3000*4000 12M
3264*2448 8M
2592*1944 5M
Video Size
HD 1280*720 20fps
D1 720*480 20fps
640 640*480 20fps
320 320*240 20fps
Built in 32Mb, SD card (Up to 32Gb)
Laser light
Laser light makes the camera focus to
the shooting range
PIR Sensing Distance
Prep PIR Sensing Angle
Main PIR sensing Angle
Left and right light beams form an angle of 110°
Trigger Time
0.8-1 Second
Time lapse
1 sec—23H59M59S ;Programmable
Delay time
1 sec—23H59M59S ;Programmable
IR-LED mode
Day/Night or 24H
Capture Mode
Video time
Serial NO.
Power Supply
Stand-By Time
Stand-by Current
Auto Power off
Power Consumption
Auxiliary Power
Low Battery Alarm
Waterproof rating
Operation Temperature
Operation Humidity
Image + Video
3 Images
5 Images
15 sec
30 sec
60 sec
120 sec
ON/OFF ; Timer set
4 Digit NO.
4 Digit NO.
4*AA minimum, Expandable to 8*AA
4-8 Months(4*AA –8*AA)
2 minutes while no keypad controlling
150mA (+500mA when IR LED on)
6V 1A DC External (not included)
TV out ; USB; SD card slot
-30 to +70℃
5% -- 95%
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