Samsung | SCH-R710 | 9712905667 SanDisk EXTREME PRO 32GB (95MB/s)MicroSDHC

9712905667 SanDisk EXTREME PRO 32GB (95MB/s)MicroSDHC Samsung SCHR710 Card is
Custom formatted to keep up with your high speed data transfer requirements and no loss
recordings! Includes Standard SD Adapter. (Read up to 95MB/S, Write up to 90MB/s, UHS-1/U3)
Old Price: $99.99
Price: $69.77
Product Description :
Product Details
Brand: SanDisk
Model: Samsung SCHR710
Dimensions: .5 pounds
This SanDisk EXTREME PRO 95MB/s MicroSDHC card is specifically designed for the Samsung
Share your content collections with friends, family and colleagues easily.
SanDisks removable storage solution specifically designed for mobile phones with expansion slots.
Its ultra-small size consumes very little power from your handset, to give you longer battery life on
your phone.
Now you can instantly move pictures between multiple devices for sharing and printing using this
card as well.
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