Quick User Guide for ZM-KW0003-500GB

Quick User Guide for ZM-KW0003-500GB
Congratulations on the purchase of your NVR system.
This quick start guide will assist you on getting your system up
and running as soon as possible. We recommend that you
connect everything and give it a try before you do a permanent
installation, to make sure nothing was damaged during
Getting to Know Your NVR System:
For the Outdoor WiFi IP camera:
WiFi antenna
Weatherproof housing
Image sensor & lens
5 Adjustable bracket
Infrared LEDs
6 Mini USB power connector
For the MINI NVR
NVR Power Connector
HDD Installation
Make sure your NVR is unplugged from its power
source, and unscrew the four screws at the cover at
the bottom panel with a Philips screw driver.
Slide the cover off, and connect the SATA power and
data cables from the NVR to the corresponding
ports on your HDD.
Once connected, place the HDD into the NVR with
the cables inside the NVR case, and cover the HDD
with the buffer rubber.
Slide the bottom panel back on. Line up the holes on
the hard drive with the holes on the NVR cover, and
screw the four screws (found in kit) into the holes
using a Philips screwdriver.
When you power on your system and connect the
system to a monitor, you will see a popup on the
monitor asking you to format your HDD. Press [OK]
and wait 5-10 minutes. NOTE: If you do not see this
popup, please manually format your HDD by going
to the Disk Drive Info page.
What does this mean?
HDMI - Connect to your HDTV or computer monitor with an
HDMI port.
LAN - This is for connection to your home network so you
can connect from the internet.
USB - For connecting your USB mouse to control the
NVR, and also for you to back up the video from the
NVR. If you want to control USB mouse and USB
backup simultaneously at the back of the NVR,
please insert an external USB 2.0 hub with at least 2
NVR Power Connector - This is where you connect the
NVR's DC power supply.
Mini USB power connector - This is where you
connect the cameras in the kit to DC power supply.
Connecting Your NVR System
Fasten the four WiFi antennas to the back of the
included four cameras.
Note: this is necessary for mobile setup before
actual installation.
Connect the four cameras to the included four
camera power adapters, and plug the power
adapters to a power source.
Connect a monitor using the HDMI connection. Insert
one side of the HDMI cable into the back of the
monitor, the other side into the back of the NVR back
panel. (HDMI cable may not be provided).
Insert the provided 1M network cable to connect the
NVR to your router.
Plug the USB mouse (Not provided) into one of the
USB port.
Connect the NVR power adapter to your NVR directly.
And powers on the NVR.
Set up with Mobile Devices
Mobile setup is necessary before you actually install
the cameras to your target area.
It helps you connect the NVR and cameras to your
WiFi network, and also allows you to access your
NVR system from any location with available network
using any Android or iOS mobile devices with our
“MeShare” App installed.
The following images are captured from the iOS
version of the mobile app, the Android app works in
the same way.
Connect your AndroidTM phone or iPhone® to the WiFi
network that you want your camera to use. Make sure
that you know the password to connect to this
System Requirements: Android™ (v.2.3 or newer) or
iPhone ® , iPad ® , iPod touch ® (v6 or newer) ,a
password-protected 2.4GHz WiFi network.
Download and install the ‘MeShare’ app from Google
Play T M or the App Store T M . Launch the app and sign
up for a free MeShare account.
Log in and press the Add
Device option located on the
bottom of the screen.
Tap “Ready” to start
searching the NVR devices
in your network.
Found the NVR devices.
Tap “ADD”.
Name your device and
tap” Finish”.
Now the app will pop out a
message that “this kit has
wireless cameras that need to
be configured”, tap “OK” (in
Android) or “Set up wireless
cameras” (in iOS) to connect
with the wireless IP cameras in
the kit.
Enter the WiFi password in LAN,
make sure you saw the IP
camera's status indicator in this
kit is changing from sold green
to blinking green and tap
Now the NVR will start WiFi connection searching. The
result will be shown as a completed circle.
For the kit with four cameras, the circle will show four
cameras are connected successfully. Click “Finish” to
finish the mobile setup.
10 Now the setup has been successfully finished.
Mounting the Cameras
Set up the NVR system and find the best mounting location
based on the live view from your smartphone. Make sure
that your cameras are within range of your WiFi network.
Line the camera bracket against the wall and mark the
appropriate holes. Drill three holes slightly smaller than the
wall anchor and use a hammer to gently insert the anchors
into the wall. Fasten the three screws through the holes on the
bracket and into the anchors.
Fasten the bracket to the camera (bracket not together with
camera body when out of factory). You can rotate the whole
bracket basing and adjust the camera to a direction with a
better view.
Connect the supplied power adapter to the USB power
port on cable attached to your camera body and then
plug the power adapter into an electrical outlet. And
repeat the three steps for all the four cameras.
Viewing Options
1 MeShare Web App
You can also view your device on any computer
using MeShare’s free web app. Simply use your
MeShare username and password and log in to
Now Compatible with MeShare!
We have partnered with MeShare to bring you
optional cloud services! The MeShare Cloud Service
(MCS) allows you to:
Record continuously and store the footage on our
secure cloud servers.
Create and save video clips from your recordings.
Access your playback footage and clips from any
location with Internet connection.
Share recorded footage and clips with family and
Access more smart features in the future!
Visit www.meshare.com/cloud for more information
on plans and features.
2 View on Your Monitor Locally
Once you've finished the system connection and mobile
setup, log in to your NVR, no password is required initially.
Once you have successfully logged in, you will see a
startup guide, if you don't see it, right click anywhere on
the screen of the monitor. Follow the on-screen
instructions to complete the NVR setup. Your system will
automatically add your cameras. Please wait 3-5 minutes
until the live video appears.
Note: The password function is disabled by default. To
ensure your security, it is necessary to set a strong
password before continuing.
Having difficulty?
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