June 2015
Elite Flooring Solutions
Exclusive Limited Warranty
Elite Flooring Solutions provides a two (2) year Limited Warranty that its products are
free from manufacturing and visual defects for a specified length of time from the
date of purchase of the Products. The Limited Warranty time period is based on the
product purchased. If the Products are found to be defective, Elite Flooring Solutions
will supply new Product of the same or similar style, size, color, grade, and gauge to
repair or replace the defective area and will pay reasonable labor costs provided the
flooring is professionally installed and maintained according to the installation
instructions provided. Products that are non-defective but are damaged during an
improper installation would not constitute a valid claim as defined by this limited
warranty. Elite Flooring Solutions reserves the right to inspect any claim and/or request
photographs and/or samples associated with the specific claim prior to approving any
Pre-Installation Limited Warranty
Elite Flooring Solutions warrants that this product is free from visual defects. All Product
purchased for an installation should be inspected by you and/or your installer. Pieces
that appear to be visually defective should not be installed. Elite Flooring will not be
responsible for any claim for product installed with visual defects.
If a problem occurs during the installation of the flooring, the job should be stopped
immediately. The proper action is to immediately report the problem to your dealer
and distributor who, in turn, will contact Elite Flooring immediately. Any costs caused
by continued installation after the problem is reported will not be covered by Elite
Flooring Solutions.
Wear Limited Warranty
Elite Flooring Solutions luxury vinyl flooring is protected with a wear layer. Elite Flooring
Solutions warrants that there will be no wear-through of the wear layer for the number
of years indicated for the specific product. “Wear-through” means complete loss of
the wear layer so that the printed color layer is changed or affected. The term for your
specific product wear Limited Warranty will appear on the insert of the product you
purchased. This Limited Warranty only applies provided the recommended installation
and maintenance procedures are followed as outlined in the Installation Instructions
and Owner’s manual.
Specific wear warranties are:
Wear Layer
8 mil
Residential (years)
Commercial (years)
12 mil
20 mil
30 mil
This warranty shall not include loss of time, inconvenience, incidental expenses (such
as telephone calls) included in the removal or reinstallation of the affected material,
and any other incidental or consequential damages.
This warranty is in lieu of any other warranties expressed or implied.
This warranty service is available only by notice to your distributor through the dealer
from whom the purchase was made. Notification must be accompanied by a copy of
the original invoice and can only be authorized by your distributor.
Limited Warranty Exclusions and Conditions
 Warranty coverage for any replacement flooring planks will be limited to the
remaining time of the original warranty
 Warranty coverage does not apply to seconds, off-quality, or “as-is” goods.
 Warranty coverage applies only to the original purchaser of the flooring and the
original installation site, is non-transferrable, and prorated by time of use.
 Warranty coverage does not apply to conditions or defects caused by improper
installation, the use of improper materials during installation, or inadequate subflooring preparation as described in the Owners Manual.
 Warranty does not apply to floors with alkalis in the sub-floor or conditions arising
from hydrostatic pressure or exterior applications.
 Warranty does not apply to damages or failure of the floor to adhere to the
subfloor resulting from excessive moisture, alkali and/or hydrostatic pressure.
 Warranty coverage does not apply to construction-related damage.
 Warranty does not cover color variations between samples and printed
illustrations and actual production runs.
 Warranty coverage does not apply to color variations between samples or
printed illustrations and the actual production runs.
 Warranty coverage does not apply to reduction of gloss from use or improper
 Warranty coverage does not apply to product sold through unauthorized
Warranty coverage does not apply to conditions caused by improper use or
maintenance such as:
1. Damage that results from not following floor maintenance instructions
2. Scuffs, scratches, cuts, staining from rubber-backed mats, or damages or
discoloration from carpet dyes, fertilizer, asphalt from driveways or
3. Damages caused by burns, flooding, fires and other accidents.
4. Damage caused by abuse (such as dragging heavy or sharp objects
across the floor without proper protection for the floor or with heavy
wheeled vehicle traffic that can permanently indent or damage the
5. Damage caused by caster wheels or vacuum cleaner beater bars.
6. Failure to support furniture with floor protectors made of non-staining felt
or non-pigmented hard plastic.
Warranty coverage does not cover discoloration from heat or sunlight.
Wear-Through means complete loss of the wear layer so that the printed pattern
or design of the floor is altered.
Residential use means normal conditions of daily activities in a normal
Light commercial use means use in environments which do not have heavy
commercial traffic such as and including art galleries, banks bookstores,
boutiques, coffee shops, dry cleaners, gift shops, hotel rooms, jewelry store,
professional offices such as lawyers, accountants, physicians, dentists, and
opticians, and waiting rooms.
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