Owner's Guide
Owner's Guide
Thank you for purchasing the HiFiMAN HE-6, the company's flagship model
and we believe one of the finest headphones available in the world.
This Owner's Guide is intended to provide a useful overview of your new
HE-6 and how to best operate it for many years of enjoyment and reliability.
Please take the time to familiarize yourself with its features. If you have any
questions or need additional information, contact your authorized HiFiMAN
Product Overview
The HiFiMAN HE-6 is a planar magnetic headphone with open back
design. The HE-6 features a special planar magnetic driver with gold
traces on its diaphragm for ultra-low distortion and extended high
frequency response. Connection is made via the supplied cable with
screw-on connections using separate ground leads for each channel to
minimize crosstalk between the channels.
The HiFiMAN HE-6 features the company's most advanced planar
magnetic technology in a no-compromise design. With sensitivity of
83.5dB, to get the best possible performance, HE-6 must be paired with a
headphone amplifier of comparable quality such as the Class A HiFiMAN
EF-6. The HE-6 is the reference amplifier choice of critical listeners around
the world.
Key Features and Specifications
● Frequency Response: 8 Hz to 65 KHz
● Impedance: 50 Ohms
● Efficiency: 83.5 dB at 1 mW
● Weight: approx. 17.7Oz (502 g)
Sturdy presentation box
OCC (single crystal copper) 4pin XLR cable (2m or 6')
OCC XLR to 1/4" (6.35mm) headphone plug adaptor (1m or 3')
Headphone cable connectors one pair
Leather earpad 1 pair (on the headphones), velour earpads 1 pair
Owner's Guide
Cable Connection for HiFiMAN 4-Pin-XLR
symmetrical cabling:
Headband Adjustment for HiFiMAN
If the top of the headband does not touch your head, you can bend
the metal strip inside the headband into shape. To accomplish this,
first use your hands to flatten the top of the headband. Next, you
need to increase the curvature of the left and right side. Follow this
procedure until the top of the headband rests on top of your head.
Owner's Guide
Set-up and Operation
1. Headphone amplifiers with a minimum output power of 2 Watts into the
specified unit's impedance are recommended for best results.
2. Please allow at least 150 hours of constant use for break-in of your new
headphone. Volume does not need to be at a high level.
3. To connect your headphones to an amplifier, please use the supplied
cabling. The mini-coax plug with the red dot goes to the right side
marked with R. (Depending on the cable in use, the cable itself can also
show L and R on the plugs.) Push the connector straight onto the socket
and then use your fingers to tighten the washer. When tightening, please
make sure to move the washer only and not the cable as such. A loose
connection can lead to drop outs and distortion. Repeat the process with
the other mini-coax connector.
4. The supplied cable adaptor with the large 1/4" (6.35mm) jack is connected
with the typical headphone output of an amplifier or even better with a
headphone amplifier. Please be aware that many home amplifiers will
switch off the loudspeaker output when a headphone is connected. OFC
cable with 4-pin XLR is exclusively for use with headphone amplifiers
supporting a 4 pin XLR output.
5. To clean your headphone, please use a soft slightly damp cloth only. Do
not use any detergents and make sure not to let any fluid enter the open
sides of the headphone. The leather headband can be maintained using
standard leather care products. When your earpads become worn and
no longer offer a good connection to your head, you should replace them
with new ones which can be supplied from your dealer or from www.
head-direct.com. The internal drivers do not require maintenance. Any
attempt to remove them will void your warranty.
6. It is theoretically possible to connect your HiFiMAN HE-6 directly to
the speaker output terminals of your home amplifier. However, the
amplifier in use may not offer more than 70 Watts of output power and
must be stable into the higher than typical load of the HiFiMAN HE-6
headphone. Please make sure to verify this with the manufacturer of
your amplifier before attempting a connection.
One-year free repair when used according to our recommended
instructions. Contact us first to troubleshoot before returning and if needed
an RA will be issued. Return shipping to HiFiMAN or authorized service
facility is owner's responsibility.
For residential use only.
For any further information or questions, please contact your authorized
HiFiMAN dealer. Or email us directly at customerservice@head-direct.com.
Owner's Guide
Customer Service Tel: 1-347-475-7673
Fax/Voicemail: 1-718-766-0560
Email: customerservice@head-direct.com
Address: 41-70 Main Street #B3-326 Flushing, NY 11355 United States
Website: www.hifiman.com
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