Owner`s Manual - Enviro Water Products

Owner`s Manual - Enviro Water Products
3-Stage Drinking Water System
Rev: 0615
Introduction to the Enviro 3-Stage Water Filter
Congratulations on your purchase of the Enviro Water Products 3-Stage Drinking Water Filter. When properly maintained,
this system will provide you with years of trouble-free service. The next three sections contain important information on
the proper care and maintenance of your system, please take a few minutes to read through this information.
The cartridges in this system must be replaced on a regular basis to maintain efficiency and to ensure high water quality.
These cartridges work together and must be replaced every 6-12 months. Any significant change in performance of the
system should be investigated promptly to avoid secondary damage or deterioration to other parts of the system.
CAUTION: Improperly installed systems could result in water damage due to leaks or flooding. Proper installation of this
system requires familiarity with standard sink plumbing and proper use of common hand and power tools. If you are not
familiar with standard sink plumbing and proper use of common hand and power tools or have any difficulty with the
installation of this system, consult a licensed professional, such as a contractor or plumber.
Cap Color
Replacement Interval
25 Micron Sediment Filter
Water production slows
6-12 months
Granular Activated Carbon
GAC Filters (2)
Odors, including chlorine smell,
in the product water.
6-12 months
System Performance
System Capability
Sediment Filter
GAC Carbon Filters (2)
Manifold dimensions
Manifold weight (dry)
1700 gallons
25 micron
20 micron
12.5"W x 15"H x 4.5"D
6.25 lbs.
Feed Water Requirements
Feed water
Feed pressure
Feed temperature
Potable, municipal water
40 - 80 psi
40° - 100°F
<1 NTU
Do not use with water that is microbiologically
unsafe or of unknown quality without adequate
disinfection before or after the system.
This Limited Warranty extends to the original purchaser of the system only. This warranty covers all Manufacturer-supplied items only
that prove to be defective in material, workmanship or factory preparation. This warranty covers parts only; all labor is excluded from this
warranty, including, but not limited to, services related to the removal, replacement, installation, adjustment, maintenance and/or repair
of the unit or its components items. excludes all non-Manufacturer labor required for any servicing of the unit, including, but not limited
to, servicing related to installation, adjustment, maintenance and repair of the unit. This warranty applies only for the first full calendar
year from date of purchase. The following items are excluded from this warranty: filters, O-rings, and all other parts or components that
require regular replacement as a result of ordinary usage.
Disclaimers: This Limited Warranty applies only if the system is installed, used and maintained in compliance with all instructions and
requirements enclosed with the system. This warranty will be void for failure to observe the following conditions:
The system is to be used with potable water from a municipal water system.
Feed water pressure to the unit is no less than 40 PSI and no greater than 80 PSI.
Feed water temperature to the unit must be no less than 40°F and no more than 100°F.
Turbidity must be less than 1.0 NTU.
SDI must be less than 5.
Do not use with water that is microbiologically unsafe or of unknown quality without adequate disinfection before or after the system.
The Manufacturer does not know the characteristics of your water supply. The quality of water supplies may vary seasonably or over a
period of time. Your water usage may vary as well. Water characteristics can also change if the drinking water appliance is moved to a new
location. The Manufacturer assumes no liability for the determination of the proper equipment necessary to meet your requirements, and
we do not authorize others to assume such obligation on our behalf.
This Limited Warranty does not cover any Manufacturer-supplied items that are defective as a result of the use of improper parts, equipment or materials. This warranty does not cover alterations or modifications of the unit, or failure of a unit caused by such alterations and
This Limited Warranty does not cover malfunctions of the unit due to tampering, misuse, alteration, lack of regular maintenance, misapplication, turbidity greater than 1.0 NTU, Silt Density Index (SDI) greater than 5.0 SDI. In addition, damage to the unit due to fire, accident,
negligence, act of God, or events beyond the control of the Manufacturer are not covered by this warranty.
Incidental and Consequential Damages Limitation: The Manufacturer will not be responsible for any incidental or consequential damages
as a result of the failure of this unit to comply with express or implied warranties or any defect in the unit, including but not limited to, lost
time, inconvenience, damage to personal property, loss of revenue, commercial losses, postage, travel, telephone expenditures, or other
losses of this nature. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so this exclusion may
not apply to you.
Owner’s Warranty Responsibilities: As a condition of this Limited Warranty, the owner must ensure periodic maintenance of the system
is performed as described in the literature enclosed with the system. Neglect, improper maintenance, abuse, modification or alteration of
the unit will invalidate this Warranty. Should your unit develop a defect or otherwise fail to perform in accordance with this warranty, you
should contact the retailer from whom the product was originally purchased.
Implied Warranties: The implied at-law warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose shall terminate on the date one
year after the date of purchase. Note: some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, so the above limitations
may not apply to you.
Other Rights: This Warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state.
Typical Installation Diagram
The following instructions outline a typical water treatment system installation. Consult local plumbing codes and building
regulations as they may pose different or additional requirements for the installation. The installer is responsible for ensuring that the installation is in compliance with all applicable state and local regulations.
Proper completion of this installation will require basic famil­iarity with standard sink plumbing and proper use of common
hand and power tools. Improperly installed systems could result in water damage due to leaks or flooding.
The connection parts kit supplied with the 3-Stage Drinking Water Filter includes components which repre­sent the most
common under-sink plumbing connections currently in use within the United States. If these components do not match the
type of connections installed at your location, contact a local hardware or plumbing supplier to obtain the correct fittings.
Do not use with water that is microbiologically unsafe or of unknownFEEDquality without adequate disinfection before or after
the system.
Typical Installation Diagram
Feed valve
Green feed water tubing
Blue product water tubing
GAC carbon filter
GAC carbon filter
Sediment pre-filter
(shown from back)
Feed Connection
1. Locate and turn off the angle stop valve on the cold water line feeding the sink. This valve
will usually be located under the sink on the pipe coming out of the wall.
2. When the angle stop valve is closed, relieve pressure in the line by momentarily opening
the cold water tap on the sink.
3. Disconnect the cold water faucet feed line at the angle stop valve.
Shut-off valve
4. Install the feed valve assembly into the angle stop.
5. Firmly press the green 1/4” tubing into the 1/4" connector on the feed valve assembly.
6. Connect the cold water faucet feed line into the feed valve assembly.
7. Make sure the small shut-off valve on the feed valve assembly is closed. Turn on the feed
water connection valve. Check for leaks.
8. Attach the small feed valve warning tag from the parts bag to the feed valve.
9. Attach the Shutoff Warning label to the system so that it is directly visible. Fill out the
Date of Installation label and attach to the side of the system.
Angle stop
Fig. 1
Note: The feed valve
adapter may be
configured to fit either
a 3/8" or 1/2" angle
stop connection by
changing the location
of the adapter.
Faucet Installation
Determine the most practical under-the-sink location for
placement of the system. Ensure that the location allows
adequate access for cartridge re­placement.
The faucet installation instructions below are for a standard
non-airgap faucet with a quick-connection fitting.
1. Place the system in the selected location.
2. Place the metal escutcheon plate and rubber seal flush
against the base of the faucet.
3. Push the faucet stem down through the sink hole.
4. From underneath the sink countertop, thread the large
washer, the lock washer, and the lock nut onto the threaded
stem of the faucet.
5. Thread the faucet quick-connect adapter onto threads of
faucet stem. NOTE: This connection should be hand-tightened
only. Push end of 3/8" blue tubing (located on the system)
into the open end of adapter.
6. Position the faucet to the desired handle orientation.
Securely hand tighten the lock nut on the faucet stem.
Rubber seal
Lock washer
Lock nut
Faucet quick
connect adapter
Tubing Installation
1. Firmly insert the 3/8" blue tubing from the faucet assembly to the blue coded connector, marked FAUCET, on the top of
the system. Make sure the tubing is fully seated.
2. Take the 1/4" green tubing, already connected to the feed water valve, and firmly insert it into the green connec­tor marked
FEED. Make sure the tubing is fully seated.
3. The 3-Stage Drinking Water Filter is now connected and ready for system activation.
TUBING TIPS: Use a sharp knife or tubing cutter to cut the tubing
squarely, being sure to remove all burrs. Then insert the tubing
firmly until it stops. To remove the tubing, push against the collet
while pulling on the tubing.
Fig. 1
Fig. 2
Fig. 3
Fig. 4
System Activation and Checklist
System Activation and Inspection
1. Check all tubing connections to ensure they are firmly seated. CHECK TO SEE THAT THE CARTRIDGE RETAINER CLIPS ARE
long term, unattended operation of the system. Failure to keep the retaining clips in place could result in accidental
leaks and flooding.
2. Open the dispensing faucet at the sink. Open the feed water valve to the system. Observe all tubing and connections
for several minutes to detect any leaks. Allow the faucet to run for at least 3 minutes, then close the faucet. A small
amount of carbon fines may be seen in the initial flushing of the system.
3. Check fittings again for leaks after closing the faucet.
1. System is located where it will not be subject to physical impacts or rough contact by heavy objects.
Feed water pressure to the unit is no less than 40 psi and no greater than 80 PSI.
All cartridge plastic retainer clips are installed properly.
All tubing connections, especially push-in quick connections, are fully inserted.
Feed valve is open.
Cartridge Replacement
1. Close the feed water shut-off valve.
2. Open the dispensing faucet.
3. Pull the manifold unit from the installed location.
4. Remove the retaining clip at the front of the unit by pulling back the slide lock and squeezing and pulling to remove.
Pull the cartridge off the manifold evenly at top and bottom. Dispose of used cartridge.
5. Install the new cartridge, rocking gently from side to side as necessary until the cartridge tubes are properly engaged in
the manifold connectors. Install the retaining clip ensuring the slide locks snap into place in the slots. If the clip does
not snap easily into place through the slots it means the cartridge is not fully inserted into the connectors. Press top or
bottom of cartridge to engage connectors until it snaps into place properly.
6. Close the dispensing faucet. Turn on feed water valve. Observe system for any leaks, especially at newly re­placed cartridge.
7. If the replaced cartridge was a carbon filter, open the dispensing faucet and let water run for at least 3 minutes to flush
out any carbon fines.
Please fill out this form immediately after installation and retain for future reference.
Model Number
__ __ __ __ __
(On right side of frame below model number)
Install Date
Service Phone
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