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E-ISG Asset Intelligence and Psion Teklogix
Partner to Deliver Mobile Asset Management
Solutions for the Public Sector
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E-ISG Asset Intelligence and Psion Teklogix Deliver a Complete
Government Solution for Your Mobile Asset Management Needs
Cost-Effective Control:
Track Assets Anytime, Anywhere
E-ISG Asset Intelligence and Psion Teklogix have partnered to
bring government agencies an asset tracking solution that meets
all the latest government requirements. There are challenges
associated with tracking varied assets, especially when your
organization has several mobile workers out in the field moving
items to several locations. Managing each item’s whereabouts is
painstakingly tedious and requires a lot of attention, especially
when new government restrictions or policies are developed.
Fortunately, we have the solution that not only meets the
government’s standards but also enables your organization to
streamline the asset management process.
There are many mandates associated with accurate asset
reporting. Below are some of the federal requirements:
1. All organizational elements shall use commercial and/or
government standards to account for personal property
through its life cycle.
2. Departments/agencies must establish physical control
to secure and safeguard vulnerable assets.
3. All items shall be tracked using bar code technology
and/or radio frequency identification (RFID), manufacturer
serial numbers and model numbers.
With such strict guidelines, your department needs a mobile
solution to not only meet the criteria the government demands
but also combat the challenges associated with tracking
varied assets.
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E-ISG Asset Intelligence and Psion Teklogix Deliver a Complete
Government Solution for Your Mobile Asset Management Needs
A Complete Solution: Asset Intelligence
Take control of your assets and know where they are, what you
have and how much it’s worth! In order to comply with the new
government standards, your organization needs a mobile asset
life-cycle management solution. With E-ISG Asset Intelligence’s
Visual Asset Manager Workbench software running on Psion
Teklogix handheld devices, your department will be equipped to
do business while meeting the new standards.
How Does Your Asset Management
Solution Measure Up?
When it comes to managing assets, many organizations track
items via spreadsheets or desktop database programs. With
E-ISG Asset Intelligence’s Visual Asset Manager software,
department managers can read a bar code, RFID tag or part
code, and update the data in real time using wireless or GPRS.
The Visual Asset Manager software enables companies to
streamline their asset management process with easy access
to locate goods. The data can be collected and cataloged
by location and sent to the central database in minutes with
information immediately available for use. Items that need to be
tracked are found quickly and reliably.
The Visual Asset Manager software enables your
organization to do the following:
•See all your assets and locations on an actual floor plan
(or other graphical representation), not just rows of data.
•Customize asset categories in terms that make sense to
departments such as finance, accounting, IT or facilities.
•Easily migrate data from legacy spreadsheets or other
databases with Visual Asset Manager Importer.
•Accurately and efficiently manage inventory and employee
or organization moves with handheld bar code scanning
•Manage mobile/loaner assets with an asset reservation
calendar that is exportable to MS Outlook.
•Create an asset movement work order that schedules
asset movement in advance with an approval to prevent
unauthorized movement.
•Create a property pass for checking assets in and out while
keeping a solid chain of custody audit trail. Create a digital
signature to lock the records and prevent modification.
•Create and maintain a DD1149 Property Transfer log to
automatically generate the DD1149 form and track and audit
all property transfers.
•Built-in reporting with Microsoft SQL Reporting Services.
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From Spreadsheets to a Centralized
Asset Management System in 40 Minutes
Access points
Wireless Controller
Workbench Software
Affordable and flexible access points provide 802.11a/b/
g/n wireless coverage for Psion Teklogix devices, and
other voice and video devices. Access Points are
available with multiple radio, antenna and enclosure
configurations to fit different deployment scenarios. All
access points can simultaneously multiple applications,
users, wireless rogue scanning and spectrum analysis.
E-ISG Asset Intelligence and Psion Teklogix have teamed with Aruba Networks to deliver secure and
reliable wireless backbone for a wide variety of mobile applications on from the manufacturing floor,
out in the yard, in the warehouse and in retail storefronts. Psion Teklogix mobile computers have been
certified interoperable on Aruba’s rugged 802.11a/b/g/n wireless LANs, and this combination is used
by numerous organizations to improve supply-chain efficiency.
The Asset Manager Workbench is an integrated
remote data-collection software running on
Psion Teklogix Workabout Pro-g, Ikôn and
NEO handheld devices. The software enables
mobile companies with field workers to audit
or enter new asset information while working
remotely. The software allows the real-time
information that is entered into the devices to
be sent to the company’s central location for
reporting. Organizations no longer have to wait
until the end of a shift to gather all the pertinent
information regarding their goods.
How It Works
Visual Asset Manager is a complete integration of
the asset management process including asset
identification and remote data collection using
Psion Teklogix Workabout Pro-g, NEO and
Ikôn mobile computers equipped with bar code
and RFID readers. The devices are synchronized
through WiFi or GPRS connectivity to the database
through the use of Sybase Mobilink Services.
The asset audit process utilizing Psion Teklogix
hardware lets the property manager physically
audit assets as they are moved from the depot
to the field as part of the workflow. This “FED-X”
approach enables the property manager to scan
the asset tag and the new location as the property
is delivered or moved through the WiFi or WWAN
connection and then updates the centralized
database in real time.
This process satisfies both
Government Accountability
Office (GAO) and Department
of Homeland Security
requirements for control and
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An Asset Management Solution That Meets Industry and
Government Regulations Day In and Day Out
E-ISG Asset Intelligence chose Psion Teklogix
ruggedized mobile computers because assets
are located in all sorts of terrain. Organizations
need a device that is equipped for rain, dust,
drops and direct sunlight use. Psion Teklogix
devices are built for rugged environments and
withstand daily abuse day in and day out.
With the introduction of Visual Asset Manager 6, asset management no longer needs to be
difficult, expensive and time consuming. E-ISG Asset Intelligence simplified the process of
asset management and enables your company to continue working without losing any of the
functionality of other software with more demanding user interfaces. This process equates to
less time spent training employees on complicated asset management software and more
time working.
Visual Asset Manager 6 is a centralized asset database with simplicity of use,
ease of importing data and compliance with full government and industry
management standards.
What Visual Asset Manager Supports
Visual Asset Manager contains support for RFID
readers that track assets in motion on the floor plan.
Zones on the floor plan are shapes that denote
ranges of the Psion Teklogix family of RFID readers
and can track assets as they are moved in and
out of the building. There is no need for expensive
RFID middleware as Visual Asset Manager contains
everything you need.
Workabout Pro-g
Handheld Computer
Ikôn Rugged
PDA Handheld
Mobile Computer
8525 VehicleMount Computer
8515 VehicleMount Computer
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Handheld Computers Built for Rugged Mobile Computing
Workabout Pro-g
Works as hard as you do.
The needs of business are changing almost daily, creating a
demand for a fleet of handheld computers that can keep up. The
Workabout Pro-g, intelligent, rugged and most importantly
flexible, is a new breed of handheld computers that delivers
the choice of numerous add-ons, software applications and
upgrades, making it work as hard as you do.
The rugged PDA for the real world.
There are rugged handheld computers and there is Ikôn, the
most sophisticated mobile workforce automation device on the
planet. The Ikôn delivers efficiency at its best and packs incredible
functionality, class-leading ergonomics, aesthetics and sleek
design into a user-friendly system. Its ability to fully integrate
voice and data communication options into a single package
eliminates the need for multiple devices, effectively reducing
capital expenditures as well as substantial support costs.
The flexible, rugged handheld computer.
The warehouse is a frantic place. When things go wrong,
operations stall. Quickly. Which is why workers need the
toughest, most powerful tools they can get their hands on.
The 7535 G2 helps workers keep the warehouse in full
production. No log-jam of products. Just a build up of profit.
The compact vehicle-mount computer
Warehouses and ports. Manufacturing plants and airports.
Think tight deadlines and even tighter spaces, especially on
the forklifts and trucks themselves. Affixing a bulky computer
to these just isn’t an option.
Unless it’s the compact 8515. This rugged, lightweight
vehicle-mount computer gives you all the intelligence and
connectivity you need in a very small package.
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Tough Support for Tough Jobs
i-Serv Global Service
Harsh, unpredictable and punishing, the typical day in mobile computing demands rugged, reliable equipment.
A service plan that’s built for the job is just as important.
What is i-Serv?
i-Serv is the one global service plan for all Psion Teklogix devices, anywhere in the world. It is the one service plan that
enhances productivity as it lowers total cost of ownership. i-Serv’s informative, innovative, inclusive and interactive service
solutions lead the industry to keep your business moving.
Answers to service questions when they’re
needed: Immediately. Accurate, real-time
information from anywhere in the world is available
24/7 through i-Serv’s exclusive online tracking
system, Teknet. Do you need Return Material
Authorization (RMA), interactive tracking of your
products before and after repairs, and informative
answers to your service questions and concerns
anywhere in the world? Psion Teklogix’ Teknet
online tool does all of that and more!
Leading the industry to higher standards is
nothing new at Psion Teklogix. Unheard-of
service extras, like on-site pickup, timing guarantees
and one-on-one emergency support, put i-Serv,
and your service needs, up front. Have you ever
had an emergency service issue, but didn’t have
the time to deal with shipping the equipment back
to the depot?
With i-Serv, there’s always someone to listen
to you. Interactive help desk access assures you
of immediate answers and support from certified
service professionals. Are you tired of waiting
on hold talking to a computer instead of a live
person? With live, in-person help desk access, our
customer care service solution guarantees your
questions will not go unanswered. With eighthour, five-days-a-week or available 24/7 help desk
support, i-Serv has a level of service to meet your
needs. And if your service issues are too complex
for phone support, our help desk escalates your
problem by bringing your device into the depot or
dispatching a member of the Quick Action Group
immediately to your facility.
Enterprise mobile computing requires toughness—
and a service plan that’s just as tough. i-Serv’s
superior coverage, including abuse repair, delivers
optimum efficiency, less downtime and lower total
cost of ownership (TCO). Would you still purchase—
and rely on—an inferior data collector for your
operation if you knew its TCO would be double or
triple the sticker price? With i-Serv, Psion Teklogix
helps to keep your services operational and your
costs down, even repairing abused devices!
© 2010 Psion Teklogix Inc.
By purchasing i-Serv, we’ll pick up your equipment
without a hassle and guarantee our service lead time!
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